How come?

How come when you’re taking a picture in a public place (i.e. restaurant, club, etc), there’s always a cheesy ass dude in the background?

How come I love when women know how to dress?

How come I love me some fall/winter time just because the knee-high boots and skirts/dresses come out and goooood lawwwwwddddd…..”cause I see some ladies tonight that should be having my baby…ba-by”

How come women’s purses are the size of freakin’ duffle bags now?

How come they don’t realize that the reason they can’t find shit in the purse when they’re looking for it is because it’s too damn big?

How come you RARELY see a woman in the 10 items or less line in Target?

How come H.ilary Clinton is stuck on this O.bama is nothing but words crap?

How come she played herself with that comment about “why you always call on me first” during the recent debates?

How come I watched BET for a good 2 hours and I didn’t recognize one song/video they’ve played?

How come I watched BET for a good 2 hours and I feel like my IQ has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY?!!?!?!

How come I just found some shit floating in my sweet tea that I bought from McDonalds?

How come Omar let little dude pop him in the convenience store? Damn son. You gotta watch yo’ back.

How come I don’t understand a damn word that comes out of Snoop (from the Wire)? I just know that if I see that chick in the alley, I’m out.

How come when I have to take a piss, the damn cleaning lady is in the bathroom and won’t let me in? I’m too old to pee on myself.

How come there are always some loud ass kids on the flight that I’m on?

How come it’s cold as shit out side?

How come people always compare something to a curse word? Like cold as shit or hot as fuck or sexy as a motherfucker?

How come as soon as the plane lands its like a damn mad-rush to see who get their bags down and out of their seat to clog up the aisle the fastest?

How come I always sit in front of the guy who has to use my chair as a leverage to stand up? That’s just fuckin’ rude.

How come the person in front of me wants to lean back in their chair so that their head is damn near in my chest. Guess what? That’s rude too.

How come when you’re waiting for the elevator, someone comes over and pushes the button again, knowing damn well, you pushed it already? Does that make the elevator come faster?

How come when I’m on the moving walkway or escalator and I’m on the “stand” side, someone gets pissed cause I’m not moving? Uhh, excuse me dumb ass, if I wanted to walk, I’d be on the walk side!

How come I need a vacation?

How come there are so many bloggers to read but so little time? I mean I could do it at work but then again, I like my paycheck.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 28, 2008.

20 Responses to “How come?”

  1. How come I am SO feelin’ you on this post??
    How come you got me over here crackin’ da hell up with all these “How come(s)”?? 🙂

  2. You’re only dodging Snoop in an ALLEY? I’m running from her EN-NEE-WHERE. Daytime, outside church, does not matter. I’m out.

    PS. Leave our can’t-find-jack duffle bags alone.

  3. lmao at “How come people always compare something to a curse word? Like cold as shit or hot as fuck or sexy as a motherfucker”

    Don’t forget fine as hell!

  4. Why am I guily of never standing in the ten items or less line at Tarjhay? *sigh*

  5. LMAO @ the mad-rush on the plane when it lands. That always pisses me the hell off! Folks be lined up, pushin & shovin, and the damn door ain’t even open yet.

  6. Love this post! My purses are growing by the week. I don’t know man, big bags are in! I’m sorry you had to spend that much time watching BET. I weep for you.

  7. I’ve always wondered why women carry bags that are oversized…I mean sure, you need to have certain items with you just in case, but when you’re carryin a bag that looks as if it could be a modern day version of noah’s ark, then I think its time to give it a rest. Ey Fresh, take a look inside one of those bags, some of these women are McGuyvers in training…lol

  8. I am so happy we have oversized bags now…I need all my things with me when I am out and about. Like my cell, two pairs of eye glasses and one pair of sunglasses, a hat (just in case), a scarf (just in case), my toothbrush and toothpaste, my notebook, my makeup case, my wallet, my perfume (in case I need to freshen up), my gum, my keys (both sets…car and house on seperate rings), my Ipod, my nail polish (in case i get a chip) and fingernail file, tampons (in case I get a surprise), a spare pair of earrings (in case I lose one), a granola bar, two pens (in case one doesnt work), hand sanitizer, hand lotion, a rubberband (in case I need to pin my hair up) and some bobby pins. I lie to you not this is everything I just pulled out of my “oversized bag”. My back will make me pay for it in another 10-15 years. My little bags get no burn these days!

  9. Roycee….I am so with you on that….LMAO!

  10. ROTFLMAO ahahahaaaa Roycee… Son you hit it on the head!!!!! and don’t forget a pair of flats in case your feet start to hurt from the fabulous heels you got on!!!!

  11. Ok.Roycee your purse is SERIOUS!? Anything else in these purses you women want to share? SOmething that requires batteries maybe?!?!? Ahemmm…

  12. How come I still read bloggers at work thinking to myself ‘F the man! Why come I didn’t know Mc D’s sold iced tea??

  13. How come I agree with you on so many things?

  14. he
    love this post
    and u shoulda known betta bout that BET mess
    How come you aint flipped the channel after the first 5 minutes?

  15. How come I didn’t even know Target had a 10 items or less line? Houston. We have a problem. billary is that wackness and doesn’t understand they are solidifying voters for the O man every time they do that. some of those fence riders are going to the o side b/c she STAYS making herself look like a whiner and/or nag. you know who i can’t stand on the moving escalators? the people who can’t read and STAND ON BOTH SIDES!! MOVE!!!!!!!!

  16. LMAO at this post! I hate when someone comes and pushes the elevator button!

  17. People do that (push the elevator button) all the time at work. I just look at them sideways, like doing that will make a difference. They just brought BET over to the UK, it’s been on for a week and I’m already tired of it. Maybe it’s because they just keep showing the same thing over and over. I don’t do big bags, it will just give me an excuse to load it with unneccessary stuff. In my bag right now is: my wallet, work keys, house keys, pens, pencil, marker, lipstick, lip balm, hand lotion, mirror and tissues. That’s all I need.

  18. LOL @ the big bags…that’s me…and no, I can never find ANYthing! Couldn’t live without it though!

    I’m mad you watched BET for two hours…were you multi tasking (on the phone, reading a book, etc.)?

    Don’t remind me about Omar getting popped by a friggin kid…still can’t believe it!

  19. How come you think March mean you don’t have to blog no more???

  20. How come it’s 3/11 and I’m still seeing a post dated 2/28??

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