News Flash!!!!

I’m going to put this as clear as possible.

B.arack O.bama is running for President of the United States of America.

Got it?

B.arack O.bama is running for President of the U.nited S.tates of A.merica.

He is not running for Black President of the United States of America. Nope.

He is not running for President of the United States of Black America. Nope.

So it bugs me out when I hear people talk about he’s going to be a sellout? Or when he gets criticized for not showing up to the S.tate of the B.lack Un.ion, which I sat down on Saturday and watched a good portion of it, (the other half was TiVo because I had my honey-do list to take care of) but excuse me if I felt like T.avis Sm.iley was trying to get the panel to indirectly agree with his criticism of OB.  You think Billary’s people weren’t all over that criticism and figured that it was the PERFECT opportunity to show up to gain some black vote? But do you really think if she was ahead in the polls, she would have been there? Hello people?!?! It’s not like OB just got the invite via email on Thursday and declined. He got the invite ahead of time and responded saying look dude, I’m gonna be knee deep in a campaign that I’m trying to win so I’m not going to be able to make it.

And then on talk radio, I hear people blasting dude saying that he doesn’t have the black community in his best interest. Yeah, you’re right. He doesn’t. He has the white, black, latino, asian, beige, purple, transparent – all of these communities to represent. I think some black people have it twisted. They think he’s  going to get in office and all of a sudden paint the house black, put spinnies on the whips, pose with two fingers in his pictures and have Ca.pri DJ his inaugural party. Reparation checks for everybody!!!!!!

This isn’t Je.sse J.ackson running for President. This isn’t A.l Sh.arpton either. We knew from the jump neither of those dudes had a chance. But OB…man, this is serious. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what Ta.vis is doing with that forum and the Cove.nant. But isn’t a fundamental part of the cove.nant change? Don’t you think we have to change the way we “think” too and wouldn’t part of that “thinking” include putting a stop to discrediting, demeaning and not uplifting our own? At some point I think we need to move away from all the intellectual rhetoric and move towards action. That’s what it’s about.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 25, 2008.

13 Responses to “News Flash!!!!”

  1. Dead @ “have Ca.pri DJ his inaugural party” That’s real talk though! I think Obama has the best interest of everyone in mind.

  2. “B” asked Tavis to allow him to send Michelle to represent him. Tavis said no…”B” then asked him to reconsider because he felt that no one more then his wife, knew, understood, and could best represent him as a person and as a presidential candidate and Tavis still said no. I was proud that “B” would send his wife, when have we ever had a potential first lady this immersed in the issues, this committed to the causes of the people and to HER HUSBAND…no hidden agenda *ehem Hillary* or secret aspirations beyond serving the people but more importantly serving her husband.

    Why must black folks thrive on being so divisive? Why can’t we escape all the crabs in the barrel? Tavis shocked me…he should know better.

  3. Tavis just wanted some ratings. For real.

  4. Or book sales!

  5. LET EM KNOW SON!! but don’t think there won’t be some luther in the white house should rocky get elected!!

  6. FYI — He’s already playing Kanye at his rallys … at least he did in NYC.

  7. Tavis is just pissed because B.arack is not going to let the so called black elite control him like a puppet. Tavis tried to pull that “hey brother” mess and Barack was busy about his business.

  8. resounding applause

  9. I am so with you. People will always come out of the side of their neck with some bullshit.

  10. Amen fresh! Why are ‘we’ our own worst enemy? Folk attacking him for not being ride or die, are you serious? Why can’t we support someone that will get the job done! It is especially discouraging when Black leaders are leading the attacks on another black man *SMH*

  11. Nobody I mean, nobody declines on Tavis Smiley. Got that?!

    I don’t appreciate the other Black leaders lack of support. But I can’t help but wonder if that’s helping his campaign.

  12. THIS IS REAL TALK.. and Roycee hit it on the head and echoed my sentiments..

  13. Yep! You said it!

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