Technology Blues

My last post was Thursday. I missed Friday. I missed Saturday. You can chalk up both to the technology blues.

You know how they say when it rains, it pours?

Well it was like damn thunderstorms.

First, the decides to drink milk from my cereal. Well after countless hours of letting it dry and even bringing it to the G.enius (that’s tech support in the A.pple store for you non-A.pple people), I was told the inevitable.

“There seems to be some remaining condensation on the fringes of the circuits for the USB ports” that’s what dude said trying to sound all fuggin’ intellectual. Translation was simple. My shit was fried and not covered by the warranty. Chi-ching. I’m at the crossroads right now because with the cost they quoted me I could damn sure go buy another laptop. So we’ll see. That was Thursday.

On Friday, the power supply wireless router in my house decides to take a damn vacation and after fighting with dude from Ve.rizon for a couple of minutes, he finally gave in to overnight my power supply (which I still haven’t received by the way). He’s so lucky that I’m an IT person because if I couldn’t get access to the internet, it would on.

To top it off on Friday, when I go to sync my crackberry, it doesn’t work. Well at least I thought it worked but when I went out yesterday and looked for the number of the person I needed to call and it wasn’t there, well…then I assumed we had a problem Houston.

So I gave up on technology for this weekend and strangely enough, it’s been peaceful.

Maybe I’m on to something.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 24, 2008.

8 Responses to “Technology Blues”

  1. Irony. An IT person who wants to leave technology alone.

    I couldn’t stand not being able to get on the net for a weekend. I’m one of them folks that get bored easily… yah, I would pretty much snap.

  2. No way man! You ain’t on to nothing!!!! Don’t make me brand you a technology traitor! I would hate to have to escort you to the Disentigration Booth from Star Trek.

    Really it ain’t too strange though.

  3. All these excuses, if you couldn’t keep up wih the daily posting…we would understand. 🙂

  4. I’m with 69. Sounds like a bunch of whiney excuses to me!

  5. LMAO @ Sixty & Babs calling you out.. you were better off saying you had quality time with family! LOL 🙂 more believable!

    I told you it was an excuse to pick up that mac air *whistling*

  6. Why y’all gotta call me out tho? Nah for real?!?!?

  7. sorry bout ur string of bad luck…sorta

  8. 2 days no post???…and I thought I was bad LMAO!!! Your so lame HA!

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