Can I get uhhh..AMEN?

So I go on CNN to check the news and I see this…

All of you single people out there, time to close up shop for 30 days…..

All of you married people, time for some serious skin bumping……

Woooooo- hoooooooooooooo


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 19, 2008.

11 Responses to “Can I get uhhh..AMEN?”

  1. so u gon take his advice?
    if only marital problems could be solved that simply tho

  2. Nah man…that cuts into my nap time.

  3. Sixty – you got issues. It’s a crusade homie. Get on board!

  4. ha! i love it. guess i have to close up shop. dangit!

  5. Hmmmm…if I was married I think I’d be all up on this!! LOL…but since I’m single I’d have to abstain. I think it could be done…but I’m not makin no promises. LOL

  6. Can I just count the past 30 days since I’ve already been abstaining??? LOL

    Umm Fresh I ain’t babysittin homie.. I’m just letting you know!!! don’t go on no crusade and then you calling me asking for a babysitter!!! LOL

  7. I saw that on the news last night… I think it’s a great idea. Of course sex cannot cure all marital problems, but that intimate time is crucial to keeping the bond tight.

    I’m with BK on that retroactive count… Lol.

  8. I was never here and I did not read this post *you see ignorance is indeed Bliss*…PEACE!!!

  9. I dunno Fresh…
    Something tells me there are gonna be a WHOLE lot of cheaters in this here challenge. 😉

  10. There a present awaiting you on my page…at the very bottom of the last post. Hollatcha girl!

  11. 30 days abstinence? No sweat. LOL. *Easy for me to say*

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