Cry over Spilled Milk


There’s the work laptop where I do my…umm…work on. About a year ago, I decided that I needed to split personal and business so I acquired a new laptop (actually wifey copped a for Christmas….me lubs her)

My is like…my cell phone. Well, maybe not that serious but damnit as an internet fiend, it be callin’ me man.

Since I didn’t catch the end of the All-Star game, I figured I’d read about it online while I eat some cereal.

Only thing is…the milk in the cereal had it’s own agenda. It desperately wanted to meet my and it planned the perfect escape from the bowl. Although the plan foiled and it didn’t land directly on the keyboard, it found the side entrance by the USB ports.


I acted fast. Performed laptop CPR (it was already off, remove the battery and quickly turned it on the side). Now we’re in the sit and wait period while the laptop is in coma. I’m sitting by its side anxiously waiting for any sign of life (a light, a noise, something).

We’ll wait 24 hours and see what’s up. My quest to blog more frequently (daily) may have just been spoiled.

Beep. Beep. Beep


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 18, 2008.

10 Responses to “Cry over Spilled Milk”

  1. Lawd ,my laptops adapter went out and I felt like my world had come to an end.

    Me needs it like I needs air.

  2. Your a MAC user? Boo.

  3. *Pacing for you in the waiting room.*

    ” Lawd….why? She was so young and full of life!”

  4. Yikes.. but maybe that’s the perfect excuse to pick up the the new thinner mac air? *whistling before wifey knocks me over the head for suggesting such a thing* lol

  5. That doesn’t sound as bad as what I do. I call myself using my ibook in bed. and ill fall asleep, and strangly enough, itll be on the floor the next morning. Thank god it still works cuz i’ve done that at least 3 times…I know exactly how your feeling rite now Fresh

  6. Umm, that’s not an excuse to give up your daily posts, man!

  7. I am thinking about getting a Mac Book but people keep telling me that Macs arent a good loook that they are pretty but thats about it. Me being computer dumb I dont know…what say you???

  8. LOL.
    You’re just itchin’ for a way out it aren’tcha??

  9. noooooooo! *tear!* on your behalf.

  10. Aww! I feel your pain! I survived cord/battery malfunction a few months back and then my wireless was dead! It’s back, but I’ve still got the shakes!

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