May I take your order?

I have a friend that refuses to actually deal with people if at all possible. So if he has to order pizza, he’ll do it online instead of actually calling. He says it helps keep his sanity. I laugh at this dude all the time.

This morning I decided that I’m going to end my love affair with Directv and the NFL package (wait……a moment of silence please). Ok, so I call Verizon this morning to jump on the FiOS tv bandwagon. I already have the internet but with the prices of cable nowadays, I had to do something.

So I call – there’s a 10 minute hold time. I wait while I eat breakfast. When I finally get connected, I get Izelza and I have no idea what country she was from but it made for one difficult ass conversation.

Do you want Yeach-B-O? Yes, I want HBO.

How about Yeach-D? Yes, I want HD too.

Okay sir your “yotal” will be 99 cents and yeighty 2 dollars. You mean, 82.99? Jes sir so sorry.

This went on for a good 20 minutes and as I asked questions and couldn’t get answers, I realize that I just needed to hang up.

So I called my friend to tell him my experience and his response was simple.

Go order it online.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 16, 2008.

11 Responses to “May I take your order?”

  1. hahahaha. RIGHT!?! i’m SO much less likely to go to a restaurant/club/bar/establishment/add whatever else here unless they have a website and/or online reviews. this is 2008. if you don’t have it i’m lookin at you sideways.

  2. i was in wally world this evening and noticed that all of the soft lines i looked at were made in india, indonesia or china. so much for made in the USA huh? LOL i guess that’s why they had to get rid of that slogan

    i needed to call my cell phone provider but put it off for weeks because i did not want to have that experience you had. then i realized i could solve my issue on line.

    i HATE outsourcing and love the innernets

  3. ha. I don’t like calling and ordering much either… as far as stuff like DTV and at&t, but, damn… Pizza? Anyway… yah, the net is the way to go for me. hope they don’t hit up your email with hindu when you do that


  4. No more NFL package?

  5. You ripped the CSR up! I have a friend whose mother has a heavy accent and she would have me doubled over in laughter because she could impersonate her to a tee! Yours was right up there I must admit. (And, said friend was mixed with like fifty-eleven ethnicities, spoke all the languages and English very well.)

  6. take buddy’s advice

  7. Yeah. I’m web/automated everything. (And if your business website’s not interactive/contemporary – it’s a wrap.) The only time I call is if the $$$ looks funny…

  8. It’s sad, but the best customer service a person get these days is of the computerized variety. Who has time for folks AAs (Attitudes and Accents)? Not I. Not I!

  9. Your friend has a good point. Sometimes it is definitely easier to order online. I hate having to call various companies Customer Support people because they’ll have me connected to someone in Bangladesh or some ish…

  10. ROTFLMAO hahahaaaa I’m with ya boy.. I only call to COMPLAIN about shyt that ain’t right and sometimes I even do that through email LOL I’m still laughin at your experience though hahahaaaaa

    Welcome to FIOS.. It’s still not in MY neighborhood although its across the street.. what kind of SHAT is that??? by the way did you get the free tv too? 🙂 Call back and work on it if you didn’t! LOL

  11. SOOOO funny!!! I’m with your friend…I do everything online. I’m about to start grocery shopping on line. Sometimes dealing with Customer Service people is nervewrecking.

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