Tuesday is Super…..

Do I have the right…..

to be pissed off if a person didn’t vote today? Ok maybe I don’t have to be pissed but I should be allowed to be visibly upset especially if their reason for not exercising their constitutional right is what I consider invalid?

Who has time for that? I’m headed to the Giants parade!

Can I slap the spit out of them for making statements like that.

Who cares about voting? Who I want to win won’t win anyway.

Sure there may be a conspiracy theory (ahem…electoral college) but is it really fair to those who fought for a right for our voices to count and be heard?

Nah I’m not voting. I don’t know where the candidates stand on issues.

It’s not like they just announced yesterday that O.bama and Billary are running for President. It’s not like you didn’t have enough time to watch any of the debates that aired or read any articles or as much time as you spend on the computer, you couldn’t type in c.n.n. dot com to come to a ground on which you could stand.

Pssssst. Please. No black man will ever be President in my lifetime.

With an attitude like that, you’re right. But I’m sure someone said no black man will ever fly a plane in combat. I’m sure someone said no black person will ever become a billionaire. I’m sure someone said nobody will use a straightening comb or no city will use the traffic light. And I’m sure someone is telling O.bama right now that he will never be President but do you think he’s listening?

I’m watching CNN right now. It’s 299-225 C.linton is up. My state doesn’t vote until next week but I can’t wait and I’ll damn sure be at the polls.

Now excuse me as I go beat down some of our ig’nant folk……


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 5, 2008.

9 Responses to “Tuesday is Super…..”

  1. Voting is Kool. I, likely, won’t though… don’t know why. I study heavy into politics, keep up with the latest happenings, but I probably won’t. guess I’m just ig’nant like that

    The star (Mr. P)

  2. You tell em fresh. I don’t see why people don’t vote. it only takes a few minutes and will affect you for atleast 4 years. There really isn’t a valid reason not to vote.

  3. nodding head in agreement

  4. Ok, you’ve just expressed exactly how I feel about this. Get your butts out and VOTE!!!! I do my damndest to vote in every election. One time I was going to be out of townn so I completed an absentee ballot right in the elections office. There are no excuses.

  5. The only one I can kind of understand is the Giants parade 🙂

  6. word!!!!!!!!!!! BARACK THE VOTE!!

  7. ::Nervously lookin’ from left to right:: Awwwww dayuuummmm!!!!

  8. A lot of people I know didn’t vote and they gave me a bunch of B.S. excuses.

  9. I feel ya. I am still mad at that BS they pulled here in Michigan in January. They pretty much took away the choice for a large portion of the population. But you can best believe November will be my time.

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