Do YOU Believe?

The G-men.

I tell ya.

Just goes to show you. It doesn’t matter how great you are for a period of time. It’s all about momentum. The Patriots will now be remembered as the team who won 18 straight games and lost the big one. Don’t mean shit if you can’t win the big one.  I said it during a phone convo with my BFF on Friday. It could happen. And damnit, the G-Men showed up.

They believed in themselves. Real talk. Every doubted them, but they believed in themselves. That’s all that really matters.

You can have the whole world against you in your every day endeavors but if you wake up, look in the mirror and believe in your self, any damn thing can happen.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “Do YOU Believe?”

  1. Did we call it or what?

    The entire season, all we’ve heard about was the Patriots. Well they went 18 and 1.

    Tenacity baby.


  2. Being a new football fan (err only since last night – who knew it was so much fun!), I have to say The Giants did their thing! The score stayed the same for so long, I thought they were sure to lose, but they came through when it really counted…in the end!

    As 1969 put it, that’s “tenacity baby“!

  3. Hmmm…

    Something tells me that my comment won’t be welcome here. [LOL]

  4. Go Giants! I am glad they won. And so are my pockets… LOL

  5. Ey Fresh, How bout them Giants? Most people doubted them from day one, but they came back at the end and showed them how to play football. The patriots were good last nite, but they weren’t good enough. Maybe they’ve started to get cocky cuz they’ve won 290 superbowls….who knows…

  6. Thumbs up for the underdog!

  7. All I gotta say is cheaters never win… so I knew the PATS were going down… if they did win that game a couple years ago because of spygate… that ish came back on them last night… when it really mattered… when they could have changed history… but God dont like ugly… and thats why the G-men came out on top…

    I am partying all week long… dont you wish you were back in the big city right now… I know you do!

  8. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. (i don’t care abt the giants. i just can’t stand the pats.)

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