Teenagers in Love

The back of my company’s office building faces a parking lot and an alley (white folks here call it a jogging trail. NO. It’s an alley. You just happen to run on it) Anyway, not too far from the office building is a high school. We’re not talking city high school. We’re talking ‘burbs where kids have i.Phones and crap like that. Every now and then, more in the warmer months than the winter, a boy and a girl will take an extended lunch (yes they let them out for lunch) and hideout in the alley.

What are they doing in the alley Fresh? What the hell do you think? They’re not bumping skins (at least I have yet to see that and don’t want to either), they’re just making out, swapping spit, tongue dancing, body rubbing….you get the point. The funny thing is they have NO idea that my building has a clear view to them.

There was a couple today. Kissing, laughing, hugging, even dry humping (she sat on him and was making the motions and he was too), just enjoying themselves. Usually someone breaks up the party. But not today. I guess people figured we’ll just let them be (cold).

But I drifted……Flashbacks…..Remember those days.

It was simple.

You liked me.

I liked you.

That’s all.

No worries about FICO scores and bills and whether this person was in it just for the ‘skins or who he was with or if he had any diseases or does he have a job or does she have kids or how many people had she slept with or marriage or divorce or does he have a car or does she have her own place. None of that.

It was notes of Yes, No or Maybe.

It was telling your girl that he’s cute and having that one big mouth friend going up to the person with a “My friend likes you” or “My friend wanna go with you”

That’s how it started. Genuine contact.

No internet. No My.Space. No instant messenger. No blogs.

And that feeling you got when he/she said that they liked you too but you always knew it because he always smiled at you when you passed each other in the halls.

Then you exchanged phone numbers.

And would talk all day and sometimes night and get yelled at by your parents or brothers and sisters because they wanted to use the phone.

But no matter how much you talked, you never ever ran out of things to talk about. Ever.

And then one day it became official.

That’s my girl. (the guys would say)

That’s my man. (the girls would say)

Everybody knew because during lunch or after school you two would walk holding hands or he would have his arm around you walking to the bus stop or train station while other people in your crew walked with you.


Everybody knew because you would get caught daydreaming in class twiddling your hair with one hand and writing stuff on the cover of your looseleaf with the other. “Fresh -n Stacy” with the heart around it and the arrow going through it.

And then you would try to see how compatible you were with your new mate.





Daydreaming. Of that kiss. Yes, the kiss. Pressure at first but second nature after that. Remember the first time you got some tongue? Remember the first time he felt you up and you didn’t slap his hand away?

She’d come over after school. We had 3 locks on our apartment door and I would lock them in a crazy combination. 1 and 2. then 1 and 3. then 2 and 3. That way I confused my mom so as she’s trying to figure out how to get in, we’d have time to stop doing what we were doing and put our clothes on. Clever huh?

But she was respectful. Said “Hi Ms. Fresh” everytime she saw ma dukes. Moms knew what time it was. Nothing she could do. Gotta let your kid live.

I’d walk her to the bus stop, train station, wait till it came, watch her get on and she’d call me as soon as she got home.

I’d get back on the around the block and get clowned. “Awww look at Fresh” ……”That’s you Fresh”….and the classic “You pop that cherry?!”

And you answer yes, even though you didn’t. But when you did, they knew. Everyone knew because your whole demeanor changed even though you thought you were the same. You had “I-just-got-some glow”. People still get it. Look around.

“Pop that cherry Fresh” – YUP. Got the jim hats from the older dude in the building. Had a cassette tape of slow jams I taped off Quiet Storm the night before. Got some incense because older dude told me pelvis bumping might leave an odor. Both of us, undressed and nervous. Locks 1 and 3 today just in case. Put the hat on. Found the entry with no problem. (I heard the horror stories) Looked into her eyes which told me that she trusted me and that this moment would never be forgotten, no matter what happened in the future.

Teenagers in Love.

You bought gifts for your teenage love. Christmas, birthday, whatever. You made it work no matter how much money you did or didn’t have. Downtown Brooklyn. Albee Square Mall. I got her some dookey earrings with her name in the middle in script or an airbrushed sweatshirt or I went to Consumers (who remembers that!?!?) and copped the tri-colored bracelet or the XOXOXO joint or maybe I’d hit Delancey street and cop a deal on some Jordache.

And when I got my new chain with a pendant, she rocked it. That’s my girl yo.

And when I got my varsity jacket. She rocked it. Even though she went to a different high school. Cause that’s my girl yo.

She wanted to buy me some British Knights or Travel Fox but her mom told her that I’d walk out her life. So instead I got the Geo.rgetown Starter jacket with the matching hat. Serious.

It was simple.

Was it really love? I don’t know. I don’t care to know. I know it was fun. That’s all that mattered.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 18, 2008.

23 Responses to “Teenagers in Love”

  1. The death of romance. *sigh*

    No drama, no problems. It just was what it was. I think it’s possible again…it’s just that teenagers are so jaded. Damned if he’s going to buy her a bracelet. Damned if she’s going to stay because he DIDN’T buy her a bracelet.

    How did it all change?

  2. Fresh,
    I read your blog all the time but it’s my first time to comment! This reminds me so much of me & my hubby. We dated in high school, went our separate ways for college but eventually worked it out. So tonight I will smile and remember how cute his high top fade was and how he had the flyest Jordans…and not that he forgets we are responsible for the basketball team snacks and to rake the leaves!

  3. Good stuff Fresh, good stuff!

  4. Great post, Fresh. Luv your style

  5. I think this is one of my favorites. I too remember locking the door in crazy combinations, Consumers (you are a fool) and my sweatshirts came from the Glenwood Flea Market.

    It was all so simple then.

    Great post.

  6. Why am I over here tearing up? Probably because it wasn’t that long ago that he’d walk me home, we’d go out for pizza after his games, he bought me that dolphin promise ring and it was still innocent. I remember when it used to be so simple. I want to go back to those days. Sigh…

  7. For a minute there, I got lost in your post. It brings back so many memories. There’s nothing like reflecting back on life when it was carefree πŸ™‚

    Great post Fresh.

  8. Great Post Fresh!!!
    I remember dude writing me letters and poems; Talking on the phone while my mom was at work; Sneaking kisses behind locker doors.
    I was so simple then.

  9. I think this may be my first time commenting but I had to give you props on this one right here. Although my experiences were different you definitely got me over here reminiscing about the good old days when life and relationships were simple. Stuff gets so complicated the older you get.

  10. Lovely post Brother Fresh! Got me feelin all sentimental and stuff rolling down memory lane. I love Teenage Love Affair by Alicia Keys. It perfectly embodies the feelings you described.

  11. OMG….you are taking me wayyyyyyy back. Thanks…I needed that flashback. Wasn’t allowed to have boys in the house but when we got to the skating rink all hugged up in the dark corner it was so on…then the boy\girl skate would come up and holding hands and stuff..awwwwww

  12. Simpler times, yes. Times I was raised in, no. I wish it were that simple nowadays… but young love, I, sadly, never truly experienced like you, Mr. Fresh. Maybe that’s why I’m such a romanticist now (???).

  13. damned if this didn’t bring back so many memories
    and im mad @ u for that lock combo switchin thing
    aah the days of taping onto cassettes

  14. That was a time when it was simpler for everyone…

  15. Wow, Fresh. That was serious. And I miss those simple feelings so much!

  16. awww man. teenage love!

  17. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Man oh man I haven’t been to Albee square mall in like 15 years.

  18. Travel Fox!

    OMG…why do I feel like I’m in TL right now. Wow, I’m 14 again. *daydreaming* πŸ™‚
    Fantastic, Fresh!

  19. lmao… stop watching them kids!

    You know you did the same damn thing when you were their age.

  20. I see this made a lot of you reminisce except Eb who’s hardcore and thinks I was just getting my look-on! HA! Silly rabbit….

  21. Yes fresH!! What happened to that simple, easy like Sunday morning love? *sigh*

  22. Consumers, Fresh? That’s crazy! Remember you filled out the ticket? You really have me trippin right now! LOL

    No shoe buying – yup, AND no watches for gifts because it’d be a matter of time before he left…Ha.

    You really killed it. Great post, Fresh.

  23. Great job Sir, You are bringing me to tears. I am so sentimental. I will cime again. Thank ya.

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