C’mon New Hampshire….

you gonna let some crying change your minds?!?!?!?

All you heard on the radio and talk shows was oooooh it’s apparent she’s emotional….

You don’t think that joint was calculated?

Sending Wil.liam out to campaign and speak for her? C’mon…..

Politicians are actors too you know.

Boo hoo bastards. Boo fuggin’ hoo.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 8, 2008.

10 Responses to “C’mon New Hampshire….”

  1. i was thinkin it was a campaign ploy too

  2. She only won by 2% in a state that we knew would be her stronghold. It’s a real race now.

  3. it just made it a real race.. I’m waiting to see what happens on super tuesday and down in south cackalack

  4. I hate to say it, but all she succeeded in doing is giving those who believe a woman shouldn’t be president ammunition. Crying??? Like, who the f*ck does that?

  5. omg yo!! i said the same thing!!! calculated!! those tears were so wack. i don’t want no crybaby MALE OR FEMALE leadin my country. super tuesday or bust. OBAMA!! show em what set you claimin son. show em!!!!

  6. Come on y’all she’s a clinton, you ain’t think she was goin down that easy. she learned from the best. Obama got a tough fight ahead of him.

  7. She deserves an award..but being that Hollyweird is on strike, maybe next year.

  8. man i was so mad about that. she was soooo crying on cue. for real. that’s okay, obama is still the winner. and man, doesn’t BJ bill look OLD??? soo not feeling him speaking for hillary. boo to both the clintons.

  9. Gloves are off!

  10. Its a real race. I was a Hillarian. She is smart but really connected. Then again, white women just about never have us black folks back….unless they are bending their back to take a black “Richard” aka Dick.

    I am switching teams….Obama. If folks in Iowa-white folk and young folk are putting their money where their mouth is….I am too. I mean, he can’t fudge up any more than Bush, Sir Clinton, Old Man Bush, Regan Devil…so bring it on!


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