Barack Obama wins the Iowa Caucus.

Did you hear me?


Listen man, this right here is monumental. An African American wins in IOWA. 97% white Iowa. This is one of those proud moments especially as a black man.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 3, 2008.

15 Responses to “His.Story.”

  1. hell yeah!!!!

  2. I am sitting here right now with a big, goofy, proud smile. Go Barack. RRRUUUNNNNN!!! He is doing the darn thing.

  3. oh yeah! why did i start clapping and screaming like my brother had just won it or something? lol. it all seems more ‘real’ to me now that he may have a chance of winning. yay!

  4. I am so proud of Iowa!!!!

  5. Why come I still feel slightly paranoid? I’m just thinking that Iowa really aren’t into female lesbians or something… Cause what has triggered this? Then I keep thinkin’ bout Martin and Malcolm. I’m just ‘noid right now. I’ma get there, nonetheless, I’m ecstatic for one of our own. You know Ofay’s love them some Denzel, they probably want to look at a “lighter skin” version. *LOL*

  6. I had anxiety about voters saying one thing and voting another, however,now that an African American male has won over “white as snow” Iowa, I’m a believer. No where to go but up from here!!!


  8. I’m with Pro in regards to the paranoia. However I must admit that when I got the news last night, I started clapping and cheering and texting folks. Then reality set in and the little voice in my head said “the electoral college will set y’all uppity negroes straight.”

  9. Definitely is HISTORY man…and I am so proud!

  10. @Pro – Don’t feel bad. I still feel the paranoia too but this eases it a bit. I don’t think his counterparts really took him serious and on the real, I don’t think a lot of America – even black America – took him serious or thought he had a shot. But last night was a clear message from him to all that he’s in this to win.

    @Dark & Stormy – The electoral vote versus the public vote is bull. But in our land of checks and balances, it’s constitutionally necessary right? *making a screwface*

  11. OH YEAH!!! I am so proud!!!

    btw…don’t be trynna use me for my BR discount…lol. Nah I gotcha buddy!!

  12. Do you think he rolled a phatty and had some Patron shots last night?

  13. It was definitely a proud moment for us.

    Damn that damn electoral college. Hope we won’t have another president select.

  14. I still go back and re-read all the stories…Who won in IA? Obama did…although we are all celebrating now just remember…he’s won one battle, but the war is far from over.

  15. This shocked the living daylights out of me…I was talking to the folks at work about it and they really don’t understand the magnitude of it. Granted, they’re not Black so I shouldn’t expect them to but in any case, this was my proudest moment of 2008. I read Obama’s book last year and LOVED IT.

    I guess I still have a lack of faith in America as a whole though…after his win, I couldn’t help but wonder if any racist nutcases out there are plotting his demise. I hate saying it out loud but that is what scares me the most about his candidacy. 😦

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