Eh Yo Santa….You Forgot Sumthin’…

‘member when you asked me what I wanted…Huh?

Well, I told you this…..and I quote, taken right from my blog entry……………….

“This year, yeah, there are things I want….like one of these NV Homes or a Michael Harris joint…..with one of these in the driveway and rocking this IWC Portuguese joint or maybe I can have her, or her, or her, or her, or her, or all of them at the same time 🙂 (I used to have H.alle on the list but she knocked up son!)”

So I got up early in anticipation, ran downstairs just knowing that one of those would be gift-wrapped waiting for me.

And I didn’t see nuffin’….Not a damn thing that I asked for.

That’s a punk move S. Claus.

Watch your back homie.


Where’s my sh*t?

P.S. I still liked my gifts though. Next time, don’t half step.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 27, 2007.

19 Responses to “Eh Yo Santa….You Forgot Sumthin’…”

  1. I’m still waiting for my Range Rover so I guess we’re in the same boat.

  2. LMAO!!!

    So I take it I’m not the ONLY person who thinks Santa sucks hunh?!?!?
    [Welcome to the club bruh…Welcome to the club!!!!] 😀

    Oh and since when did being knocked up keep a brotha from tryn’a holla????

  3. Ms. B – I got morals homie.

    Sixty – I can see the Range. It’s just that other people are driving it and it’s not mines!!!!

  4. Yeah santa failed to leave a hot chocolatey man under the tree this year. He’s trippin!

  5. Babs, I think your list was sabotaged.

  6. ha. well i asked for a new car and i didn’t get it either. santa was seriously slacking this year!

  7. I think I need to write my list bigger next year because there were a few other things old Sants forgot for me, too. Blind mutha%$#&@!

  8. I take it all of us were naughty at some point this year since S. Claus (as fresh calls him) forgot all of us.

    I did not get my man, extra money, nothing.

    That damn S. Claus.

  9. Sign me up fo’ one of those NV homes next year, Fresh.

  10. I feel ya pay… let me know if you need someone to rise shotgun… to go and pull a drive by on the north pole…lol

  11. You did this to be funny, but damn if I didn’t feel like this as a kid when money was funny!!

  12. ROTFLMAO hahahaaa.. yeah S. Claus forogt about me too!!! Dammit to hell..

  13. LOL @ watch your back homie!! S. Claus didn’t forget me, however the most expensive thing on my list was an iron I don’t know if that meant my standards are too low or that S. Claus just handed me something he had around the house, hmmm, lol. However if we are going to hold him hostage for next year, I can definately revamp the list, lol.

  14. Cute, very cute!!!! I right with you with Santa, I didn’t get anything I wanted either. Maybe next year.

    Thanks for the laugh!!!!!

  15. hey atleast u got something
    im giving santa a few more days to get his shit 2gether
    afta that im headed to the north pole to beat his punk ass

  16. Happy New Year Fresh!

  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 😀

  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Santa was slacking like crazy this year! Don’t worry Santa…I got sonthing from you next year man!!!!

  19. Happy New Year Freshalthough…this post is getting so old that’s it kinda stale! hehehe 😀

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