Wanna know why…

America’s youth has a weight problem….

Look at this crap. This is a kid’s meal from O.u.t.b.a.c.k


I checked their website and there is no nutritional information listed. I was just curious to see what exactly that thing consists of. It comes on the same size plate as the “adult” meal.

Needless to say while on travel this week, I had the luxury of grabbing a value meal from Mc Don’s aka the g.olden a.rches and I noticed they put nutritional info on their boxes.

So as Fresh is indulging in french fries (because they are the best), I noticed the nutritional content.

The thing read 20g of FAT. I lost my appetite.

Wanna know how nutritious your favorite meal is?…Check it out…http://app.mcdonalds.com/bagamcmeal?process=menuitems


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 20, 2007.

15 Responses to “Wanna know why…”

  1. I personally think that in part, McDonald’s started puttin nutritional info on its pacakging because of a documentary by Morgan Spurlock a few years back called Super Size Me…I guess after all the lawsuits from people claiming that McD’s made them fat (f**k outta here)& complaints from legislators, McD’s finally caved in…America’s youth have gotten fat because of the abundance of vending machines and fast foods served in schools and at home. My middle school didn’t get a snapple machine until I was in the 8th grade…and that was in ’99… so imagine what’s in there now…

  2. I stopped by MD’s and got two double cheese burgers from the dollar menu. I almost died when I realized that I ate 880 calories and 2300 grams of sodium in 10 minutes.

  3. When I was using We.ight Wat.chers point system to lose a few pounds I found out that a smoothie from Smoo.thie Ki.ng has the same amount of points as a steak and potato dinner!! What in the hell?!!!

  4. man. now y u gotta make a sistah feel guilty bout that big mac and fries? *hangs head in shame*

  5. It would be nice to know how “nutritional” my favorite fast food meal is, but I’d rather not. Sure, it could kill eventually, like Aids, but in this case the only one at harm is the big mac eater (where as in the other case you could potentionally put a LOT of other folk at risk in the long run). So, whenever I decide to indulge which usually isn’t THAT often, I don’t want it to spoil my appetite –like it did yours! Don’t be try’na take the fun out of fat comfort food. Just for this,m I’m stopping delivery on that Range Rover to your crib. You ain’t ready…

  6. Nah Pro. You can’t stop delivery on the Double R. Dems fightin’ words!!!!!

  7. So I guess this means we all need to resume OSAG in January?

    You know I cook so my kids only indulge in that mess one in a blue moon as a treat. The problem is when kids eat that stuff frequently and then sit on the couch and play video games. *sigh*

  8. YO, there will be an OSAG revolution in January!!!!! Get ready.

  9. I am ready. I will be tired of eaing by then….(right?)

  10. LOL OSAG.. yes..

    but that food is NASTY.. that’s a “treat” once in a blue moon cause I cook or now my daughter cooks… lol no time for that ish.. arteries just cloggin.. the kids I teach when I go through their food journals I’m like WTF and the parents say.. it was late I was short on time.. can you get them a healthier option? damn!

  11. I’ll read it at the start of the OSAG revolution. Til then…Supersize meh!

    Merry Christmas! (You do know that was downright evil to post nutritional values b4 the holidays, right?! 🙂 )

  12. I wish I could resist those fries! Hungry after watching Super Size Me, both my cousin and I immediately made a B-Line for the Golden Arches. Oh the perils of being a dollarmenuaire!

  13. I’m mad that Amaretto knows the slogan…Dollarmenuaire….HAHAHA…but for real, the fries are no joke. And the sweet tea…YEAH MAN..

    Hey Ms. Lee..I just want everyone to feel the pain as I do 🙂

    OSAG..The Revolution….It’s not a game.

  14. chile. i already know. i order from the kids menu a lot b/c that’s the size your portions are actually supposed to be. but sometimes i want some heat in my meal so i have to stray.

  15. Big Macs are my weakness…Unfortunately that’s who I’ll look like if I don’t stop eating them!

    BWDB http://thecwexperience.wordpress.com

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