It’s Monday and I’m Random

1 – I have a serious issue when parents have on more clothes than a baby. As I’m typing, I’m looking right at a mother with a big ass bubble coat on, gloves and a hat. Her baby – no more than let’s say 18 months – has on a thin jacket and no hat. The kid’s face is red probably because its so cold outside.

2 – I still haven’t started Christmas shopping and to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not really stressing it either.

3 – Why do some people ALWAYS have to have a comment? And it seems like the ones who do are always the LOUDEST ones in the group. This week I’m just going to tell people to shut up…..

4- How come people take so long at an ATM machine? You put in your card, you type in your code, you select your transaction and roll the hell out. I should not be sitting in my car for minutes waiting for you to read every single word and figure out what you want to do.

5 – Some people are just allergic to providing good customer service. I don’t want to call “us” out but in some places, we’re not exactly the best.

6 – Do you have people at your job who you just don’t like to work with? I mean, maybe they’re annoying. Maybe they have good intentions but something about them just gets to you and when you see your phone ring with their extension or you see their name in your inbox, you just get pissed like “Damn…what does he/she want?”

7 – Your boys got smacked by the D.olphins. The Doll-fins son?!?! Even my team beat the Dol-fins and we beat them TWICE!!! And speaking of my team, we covered the spread so ummmm……..I’m looking forward to those greenbacks. I need them. See #2.

8 – The one good thing about my company’s holiday party is the black folk represented. Almost brought a tear to my eye. They showed up dressed to the T. Suits, ties, dresses, the clothes matched. None of them gave any reason for any one to talk about them other than the “Wow, he/she looks good”. If there were going to be any rumors that night, it wasn’t going to deal with how we were dressed. I’m telling you. I had a good feeling. But then again, the g.hetto folks at my job didn’t show up.

9 – So on this S.upaman dat hoe thing…..I’m trying to figure out how you actually pull that off….do you ask for permission? “Excuse me umm, can I S.upaman you? Or do you just do move mad fast after you bust trying to find the nearest sheet and be like AH HA GOT YA…..(someone tell me why this is even a thought in my head….)

10 – You ever see someone and make assumptions about their personal hygiene? Like you see a girl, she might look good but something about her makes you and your boys hold back. Then someone says something like “she look like her badussy stinks” or “it looks like her breath stinks”……


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 17, 2007.

19 Responses to “It’s Monday and I’m Random”

  1. Ok…I am so with you on #5.

    Why did #9 have me cracking da hell up!? You are a fool!

  2. Amen to #1! I see neighboorhood kids every morning waiting for the school bus that are underdressed and it makes me want to follow them home and kick their parents’ a**! This morning it was 36 degrees out… a little girl had on a skirt w/no tights, a coat but no hat, gloves, or scarf. ** Shaking my head**

    #4- LMAO. So true.

  3. I think the trick to supamanning that hoe, and I’m just speculating here, is to do it whilst she sleeps.

    I’m mad that you are proud of our people for matching. Shouldn’t that be a given? What kinda people you work with Fresh?

  4. @Babs – Just speculating huh? and you know sometimes you work with folk that are color blind or just throw stuff on…..

  5. This weekend in the mall, the baby was still dressed but they took off the child’s sock. I do not care that you are indoors keep them dressed properly. if you think it is so warm why do you still have your hat and scarf on.

    You are right on the money with #10. I look at people all the time and think that way. Here are some famous ones.

    Jazy looks like his breath kicks.

    New York look like she needs some Summer’s Eve

    Flavor Flav needs a steel brush and some bleach.

  6. I like the parents that have their kids in strollers and while waiting for the light to change…..the stroller is in the street and they are nice and safe on the sidewalk. LOL

    Or the ones smoking in their cars with the kids in thebackseat with the windows rolled up. NICE.

    I think you Supaman when they fall asleep.

  7. I haven’t done my shopping yet either, but i’m not too bothered about it. i see #1 happening all the time here. i feel like slapping them parents in the teeth. #9 had me laughing a bit too loud at work.

  8. #1-I see that ALL the time and its upsetting. Those parents need their butts whooped for that!!
    #2-I havent started either…I’m probably going Thursday since I’m off that day.
    #9-HILARIOUS that you are thinking about that…but uh, I was wondering the same thing!! LOL!!
    #10-I do that all the time…like to me Jermaine Dupri looks like his breath stinks…and Jim Jones looks like he’s musty…lol

  9. I completed my Christmas shopping as I entered Walmacy’s hell last night!!! I will never do that again!!!

    From what I heard and this is just hear say, you Superman when she has went to sleep and left you handling business alone. You both go to sleep and when she wakes up and gets out of bed….dadda dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    And I totally agree with #1. It’s cold as hell and the baby don’t have on nothing but a windbreaker and socks, that’s bad a$$ parenting.

  10. I the parent y’all want to slap. Getting my kids to bundle up properly is not a battle I’m always willing to fight. I will say “Put your hat back on.” about 5 times before it changes to, “Fine, just freeze.”

  11. Ebony…that’s a little different then an infant who clearly never had a hat, gloves or scarf on to begin with and it shows because their little face and hands ares bright because their THAT cold.

    #3…I think about this everyday on the MTA. Those damn loud ass kids know JUST how to work my nerves…and the grammar they use…just HORRIBLE! I literally want to manually force their mouths closed for good!

    Ummm, I wont even speculate on the Supaman issue.

  12. thank you for getting me through this webinar.. LMAO hahahaaaa

    I’m mad you wondering bout supaman dat ho LOL

    oh and I’m still laughing at you being married to a black woman LOL so lemme find out LOL

  13. #5 is my eternal pet peeve. Quit already. You suck at this.

    #10…yup, she’s supposed to be asleep. I googled it. LOL. Really! LOL

  14. I’m with you on #1. I can’t stand to see that mess. I want to choke parents that let their kids run around cold like that. Then they wonder why lil’ man has pneumonia.

    And #9–I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been wondering the same thing

  15. #1 i see all the time…i’ll never understand that thinking. i hate to see the mother’s hair done and the baby looking a mess too.

  16. I agree with Miss B…instead of the line ‘Ballin!’ in We Fly High, dude shoulda said ‘Washin!’….cuz dude looks like he hasn’t bathed since ’01…And as far as supamannin dat hoe goes…u wait til after she’s sleep..then u do the deed…

  17. Hell yeah on #10…

  18. her initals are NA

    when she is in my inbox, i have to pray to Allah, Muhammed, Jesus, Krishna, and shake some dry chicken bones for good measure.

    i am so glad that i turned on my vacation message until next year. let her eat that one.

  19. ihate to see a parent that has on more close than a child or a parent who is fresh as shit and than their child got on some dirty ass shit or some shit that is to small and your hair and nails are done and you got on a brand new outfit adn shoes. thats one of my pet peeves

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