Him and Her

It’s that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when things just don’t seem right. There you are out in public, around people who know you, maybe your significant other, yet, you feel like a stranger. You feel lonely. And then there’s this sense of nervousness that makes you dash your eyes quickly from side to side to find out who is causing this uneasiness.

And when you finally lock your sights on who it could be, you frown because now, your brain suddenly shifts from it’s current function of identifying the source of this feeling to the process of now sifting through your mental rolodex to take a face that you have set your eyes on and figure out where you’ve seen this person before.

Deja vu maybe or has this person actually existed in your lifetime at some point before.

That’s what happened with him and her.

He had this feeling so he looks around the store while attempting to maintain his cool because He didn’t want anyone He was with to ask him any questions.

And when Her eyes immediately saw that He was there, Her eyes dropped to the floor. She had to pull herself together.

Same place, same time. Destiny remixed.

He sized her up. He remembers. The touch, the smile, the way the hips swayed. Not much has changed on Her except a few extra pounds and a new haircut. Childbirth redefined Her. Elevated her sexiness.

Her composure restored. Her eyes locked, then dashed, the locked, then dashed again taking in quick glimpses of what He has now become. The thoughts comes in flurries. His touch, his grip, his words, the way he worked his.

Long before they met their significant others and rocked rings on their left hands……..

They rocked each other.

Pure pleasure and ecstasy. He took Her to places she’d never been to and would never re-visit

But it was nothing but good times.

They knew they would never be together. Ever. Something called Reason, Season, Lifetime.

They chose Reason.

He was unsure about Life. Seemed to have that black cloud over his head constantly. Till He met Her. Her Sunshine broke his misery.

Her faith in love was lost. Really couldn’t breathe, laugh or live. Till He came along and things were restored.

He made Her better and ready for who she was with now. She did the same for him.

They left it at that and when they parted, it was amicably. No love lost. An appreciation for time and what they shared but moments they would both take to their grave.

But on this day, their paths would cross again.

He stares at Her.

A smirk from Her.

He smiles.

He winks.

Her smile. So radiant.

They both drift off to that place where they were, mentally embracing it.

It’s a memory they will never forget, never let go of.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 11, 2007.

15 Responses to “Him and Her”

  1. very well written indeed. made me think fondly back on my Season…

  2. What a Fresh side to you! I can dig it. . .

  3. That was so beautifully written that I was in totally awe. My mouth agape and totally speachless. Wow!

  4. what a wonderfully written post. you never cease to amaze. i felt like i was there! in fact, i have been HER on one occasion. ah….memories.

  5. Okay….where is Fresh? No comedy? A real, deep post? Who knew you had it in you? Nice job Midwood, nice job.

  6. Fresh? Who’s that?!?!? Nah, no alter egos here. Just expressions. I actually have a few of these deep posts in my drafts. Just never published them.

  7. Very nice!!

  8. I really was waiting for the comedic twist, but am still pleasantly surprised. That was a sweet read, Fresh.

  9. Very poetic.

  10. Ok I get to the end like *no joke* LOL son amazing.. lemme find out lol SO

    who is she?

  11. Who is she? That’s easy.

    She is HER.

  12. LOL at the above comment. Well, I say pull ’em out the crates then! “Tailor Made” ain’t dead, Buddhas just scared! Gosh I can’t believe I’ve become a I Heart NY ho! Ho ho ho… (Thanks, Mel, This Christmas, for that line.)

  13. Crates containing your ‘senti-fresh-mental’ drafts…

  14. Nice read Fresh!

  15. word. snatch em out.

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