Release the wackness…

I’ve heard two stories this weekend involving dating and the single life.

First, as I’m on my way home on Friday, I get a call from my home girl who was supposed to go out on a date with a new guy this weekend. She tells me it’s canceled. I ask why. He seemed legit. Job, benefits, no kids, the whole nine. Well apparently he was so excited to go out on a date with her that he sent her a picture of himself……..ummmm…….excited. So of course I ask if she requested the pic because you know, different strokes for different folks (no pun intended). She tells me no. He sent it out the blue with a note saying “We can’t wait to meet you” Hmmmm…..You know I went all out on the jokes right? “That’s nuts” ….”You sure it didn’t say can’t wait to “meat” you”….”He’s got some balls”….

Ummm….yeah…….ummmm……I’m trying to not curse here but ummm…who does that? Now if it was decided that this is going to be a freak you down mission, then yeah, genital snapshots are acceptable. But first-date-I’d-like-to-get-to-know-you-better? Am I missing something?

And this isn’t the first. I’ve heard story upon story upon story of dudes (and some females) doing some crazy wack moves in an effort to what? Impress a potential mate? Sending genitals. Borrowing cars, houses, even clothes. Is it really that serious? I know first impressions last long and mean a lot, so when you grab Dope Boy Fresh on the first date (yes this happened before) to see “what I’m working with”, my first impression goes from potential wifey to immediate jumpoff. That’s just me. I’m sure other people have different views. But if we agree that we just gonna bump skins, grab Dope Boy all you want. 🙂

Go back to basics people. Release the wackness.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 4, 2007.

15 Responses to “Release the wackness…”

  1. He sent her a picture of his WHAT? That’s gives D*ck in a box a whole new meaning….LOL

    First of all, even if it was strictly about the physical…..that move is not smooth, is not classy and it says exactly what you think of ME. Worse, it shows that you have limited imagination.

  2. He only did what “Wolf” (I Heart NY2) wanted to do for the beloved “Tiffany” from the jump. Maybe Wolf would still be a house guest if he would have sent her a photo opp of his package vs. telling a telling tale of his stature. Your responses to old girl were priceless. Only you would “cum” up with shyt like that to say…*LOL*

  3. But Pro…..apparently…..that was all that WOLF had going for him and alas… still wasn’t enough.

  4. Date night:

    Her: So what do you like to do?
    Him: Uh…..em…..”Wanna see my d***?”
    Her: Do you have any kids?
    Him: Uh…..em…..”Wanna see my d***?”
    Her: Do you like to travel?
    Him: Uh…..em…..”Wanna see my d***?”

    see where this is going?

  5. sigh. RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jami.e Fo.xx has issues in this area too. When out on a date (at the dinner table no less) he pulls his jank out. I mean without warning just whips it out and smiles to see what reaction he will get. Ask me how I know *eyebrows raised* Yeah its a lot of clown azz dudes walking about out here which is part of the reason I am still single. I see the first side of stupidity and I cut you no breaks…OUT!!!

  7. P.S. You know me…I hate to put a cat on blast like that but I still laugh whenever this story comes up

  8. That shit is funny though. I would have sent it back with a note that read, “Thanks for letting me know before I met you that you weren’t packing. Now we can just concentrate on our friendship!” Bwwwwwwwwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Send me a pick of your dick, eh? Oh yeah. I got jokes without CEASE for dat ass.

  9. dating really is wack!

  10. Ugh…I hate over eager men. It’s so unattractive…so desperate and such a turn off.

    Just SMH in disgust. Please tell me this was some really young dude who really just didn’t know better.

  11. Ok-great, because I really thought I was the only person that got genital shots!! Twice in one month..I was like dang! I aint even say nothing

  12. LMAO @ you with the jokes!

  13. Had this thing with this guy phone talk so far. Funny, semi-intelligent, good ole boy. So one morning he calls we chat he says I’ll call ya right back. Here comes the D@$# picture that I didn’t ask for. Well since it was voluntary I had every right to give my honest opinion. He didn’t like it!!! I wasn’t impressed. Gentlemen if your stupid enough to do that, please be impressive at least!!

  14. come on now…dont blame it on us young dudes. That sounds like something a desperate immature cornball *REGARDLESS OF AGE* would do. Although…if yall are on those one night stand/lemme beat it up rite quick type deals, and she asks for a pic of it…then hey? whats the big deal?

  15. Yea I feel you on this one. It’s frustrating for us women who have to constantly run into boys before getting to the men. And then by that point, some of us are so fed up that we mistaken the men as boys cause of all the wack shit boys did in the past. And it doesn’t help that I look so young so I stay having some boys try to holla from 18 to way too old to even say.

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