In this day and age….

I was ready to start typing about my T-Giving weekend but it takes a backseat now.

I went to bed early last night. The dentist sucker punched my ass and had me in la-la land earlier than usual.

But I woke up this morning to 2 sad stories.

First S.ean T.aylor passed away after being shot in his home. You don’t have to be a R.edskins fan or a fan of football. Just know that another black man died due to a senseless act of violence. 24 years old. Fiancee and 18 month old daughter in the home at the time of the invasion. There are so many pieces to this story that don’t make sense but I’m not in law nor am I in law enforcement for me to speculate or comment on the details. But home invasion? They do this while he’s sleeping. At home. Isn’t home supposed to be the safest place for you? Other athletes have been victims of home invasions, tied up while the intruders take what they can. And these are just the people we hear about. There are tons of other home invasions that don’t make the news. (SIDE NOTE: So here’s a guy S.ean T.aylor that dies and yet some news programs on TV and news websites have the most …….unappealing picture of the dude….that’s the best word I could use to describe it. He’s cleaned up, nice cut all neat but yet these media outlets found him without a shave, unruly afro, hair locked up….I mean c’mon). My neighbor is a military person. He has a gun and from the psyche of this dude, he will not hesitate to let’em fly if someone comes in his house. But does that mean we all have to go out and exercise our constitutional right to bear arms?

Granted these types of crimes can happen at any time but it’s holiday season now so please be careful.

Story #2 – Look at this graphic


*photo courtesy of The Washington Post

On the real, please protect yourself. Those statistics are no joke and that’s just in the District of Columbia. Ladies, don’t fall for the “I don’t like the way condoms feel” excuse. Fellas, don’t fall for the “I’m on the pill” excuse. The pill doesn’t protect against STDs. My co-worker said that she had a talk with her 11 year old daughter about oral sex. 11 years old?!?! Why? Because apparently one of the girl’s friends engaged in it at a party or whatever with a boy of same age WHILE THE PARENTS WERE HOME but downstairs. Wasn’t it just last week that two 8 year old boys were accused of raping an 11 year old girl? They just get younger and younger.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 27, 2007.

8 Responses to “In this day and age….”

  1. I’m not mad at your coworker for the whole knowledge empowerment to her minor, however, I’m just not ready. No excuses though. (Am I pardoned because my kids are so sheltered and tell me most everything still?) Don’t answer that. I heard the news about Sean. He went to ‘da U’ (how we Floridians slang it; Univ. of Miami). I was blown away this mornin’ after hearing/seeing the news. I applaud your thoughts to the raggedy ass picture they’re using to depict him. Maybe cause o’fays can’t even be seen once they ass kick the bucket; they’ just hatin’…

  2. Yo this world is starting to freak me out…like seriously, shyt is awful out here and just seems to be getting progressively worse!

  3. Not only do the youngins have oral at home, they do it at school…i.e. bathroom breaks. It’s a way for them to keep their “virginity.”

    If you all aren’t talking to your kids, best believe some little boy or little girl is.

  4. It was crazy what happened to Sean Taylor. I also agree about all the images of him in the media, but that is never going to change.

    Over 805 of new AIDS case are in african americans. That is extrememly depressing

  5. Those HIV / AIDS statistics are crazy.

    I believe in the right to bear arms in your own home. A man’s home is his castle. Therefore, if someone invades, I say shoot first and ask questions later.

  6. I feel your coworker.. I had to have that convo with my daughter as well as the intercourse convo.. too many of them are PG right now.. hell I had to put 2 kids out of her damn party for simulating sex on the dance floor!!

  7. Sean Taylor passing is indeed sad. No matter what he did in the past, he is another dead black man. When will it end?

    As for the AIDS stats, check yourself before you wreck yourself…(c) Das Efx.

  8. Both stories equally sad.

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