What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!?!

I never took to the whole November blog a day for the whole month thingy. I can’t keep up with this stuff especially with everything that I have going on. It never fails. I start the week off saying some crap in my head like….I’m gonna blog every day this week. Next thing I know it’s Friday and I haven’t done half the shit I set out to do. So with that, I spit randomness.


It’s that time of year. The time when I stay the f*ck out of the malls. People lose their damn mind around this time of year. Fighting for E.lmos and shit. Lose their manners. So I generally stay away from malls on the weekends until the 2nd weekend in January. That’s when it’s somewhat safe. Trust me, I will smack the gift wrap off somebody trying to take my parking spot. Rude bastards.

Speaking of Xmas shopping, I’m doing it right from the same place I’m doing it now. My couch. http://www.onlinexmasshoppingfo’datass.com. Gift wrap that for me. Stank you very much.

I’ve been seeing a lot of….how I can say this nicely…..ummm….different couples – almost odd. Like when you see them, something seems off a bit but it goes to show you that love can come in many ways, shapes or form or people just give really good head.

Why is it that when you get 2 hours of sleep because you couldn’t sleep, you’re tired as shit the next day. But when you get 2 hours of sleep because you got some ass, you got a pep in your step and you good?

You see this shit? http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/baltimore_city/bal-md.ci.brawl14nov14,0,3204697.story 22 girls arrested at a high school game in B-more. 22 girls?!?!?! Girls fightin is not cool unless it involves baby oil and g-strings.

If your Grandpa asked for the blue pill for Christmas, make sure you also give him some condoms. The CDC is reporting an increase in HIV cases among those in their 60’s and 70’s. Say word, grandpa is strokin’…..

Every commercial I’ve seen tonight has got a black person dancing in it. WTF?!?! Health insurance, cell phones and even get this one…a bad credit debt relief commercial…we’re dancing…..ya killin’ me.

Can you stop using your jobs digital camera to take pictures of yourself? It’s not cute when your boss needs the camera and sees you posing with your ass sticking out…..Yes someone at my job did that. Sad thing is I don’t think she even knows she forgot to delete it from the camera, so of course, her boss tells me in a “will you look at this shit?” voice….I told him to send out a company wide email and attach the picture telling people don’t use the work cameras….

WTF is up with these celebrities serving minutes in jail? 84 minutes for a drunk driving charge….Seems a little strange me…..What if it wasn’t L.indsay L.ohan? What if it was ummm F.oxy B.rown (well she can’t drive from jail) so how about ummm L.il K.im? 84 minutes or 84 days?!?!

I’m out. Have a good weekend.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 16, 2007.

16 Responses to “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!?!”

  1. I told him to send out a company wide email and attach the picture telling people don’t use the work cameras

    ^We have done this before. Needless to say it was hilarious. LMAO!!!

    I missed you blogging. Welcome back man.

  2. “But when you get 2 hours of sleep because you got some ass, you got a pep in your step and you good?”

    Sooo true!!! Lol. Red Bull ain’t got nothin on some good lovin. It will put an extra pep in your step everytime.

  3. As usual gut busting and thought provoking at the same time. And I definitely agree with you on not keeping up with the blogging. I been seeing some strange folk around lately. I think a certain Diva may have put a hit out on me. In fact I better get outta here and post something before I catch a case of anonymous beatdown as a “message”.

  4. Ok, your post has me cracking up. You are a serious trip!

  5. I had to stop reading mid-way thru this. You are just too damn funny for your own good…LOL! Now everybody near my desk is wondering what the hell is so damn funny and I know they KNOW this isn’t work related!

    be back later

  6. don’t play second sixty-eight!

  7. You have a way with thoughts and words. I liken power naps before going out for the evening to that sexual rejuvenation you describe, but a power-dose-off when the alarm is set to chime in an hour is HELL on earth. I’m a woman and I hate the malls and crowds around this time of year. I’m Black and that’s all you will get out of me come Friday-day-after-Thanksgiving. There will be no 3:00 am trip to stand in line at Toys-R-Us for some hot new American Girl doll or Game Station shyts. Stankyouverymuch, mane!

  8. The internet has become the best Christmas invention ever. Shopping on a Tues and Wednesday has also proven to be a good crowd-avoider as well.

    LMAO @ the post-ass nap. Too funny!

  9. I wonder if the actors in those dayum commercials have any idea what they are contributing too on the final cut. It sad. You know those fucking midday commericals are even worst. You know the ones between all that day time court shows and Cheaters. They got that daytime audience down packed. Its targets unemployeed, undereducated, and drowning in debt.

    (Sorry I am writing a post.)

    Holiday shopping- don’t do that shit any more. Fuck that bullshit. Internet and free delivery is the way to go.

  10. {SMH}..nuts! all of it, simply bananas..lol

  11. cracking up. lol.

    don’t you know that good sex before ANY amount of sleep=waking up with a smile? duh.

    i’m doing the ebay thing for christmas…must say it’s been most enjoyable not having to wait in those long arse lines.

    gross @ grampa getting HIV…and at people using the company camera to take unsavory pics…lol. geesh.

  12. Hilarious..the whole lot of it.

    And I totally advocate sending out an email to the company with that woman’s picture in it.

  13. b/c they don’t want the w.g.’s to get beat up. i can’t STAND the malls this time of year. CAN’T STAND!! i’m used to going during the week and being there by myself or with 2 people per store max at 10 a.m. no school? i’m dodgin brats all over creation!!!! makes me wanna scream!! can i do my 1030am shopping w/o you all in my space?!?! lmao @ you and the co. email abt the pics. HUHlarious!! you are loose.

  14. LMAO.. you can’t be so busy.. we need this type of comic relief daily!!!

    Did you say send it out company wide? LMAO… *it’s called use your own damn memory card!* LOL

  15. LMAO @ this post.

    No you didn’t suggest that her bossman send out a company wide email AND attach the picture telling people don’t use the work cameras…


  16. LMAO, you are off the chain with it.
    My fam almost got stabbed over a parking space once, that was the end of my holiday shopping experience, lol.

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