Vibing out…

Here you go Sixty. This one is for you.

and to my other old schoolers, Tekumba, OCD and LL….

and with this, I’m shutting it DOWN…………


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 9, 2007.

19 Responses to “Vibing out…”

  1. First let me say this…I think Inspectah Deck was the dopest lyrically of all of Wu. Now I been debating this for years and I dont give a shyt what nobody says I still stand firm in that statement.

    As for my dedication…good choice cause you know how I feels about Lyte. We go back like tape recorders and dancing on air, like pickles and bazooka bubble gum, like leather bombers and snakeskin Ek’s, we go back like members only and that old azz BK button…SON! We go back…but FRESH you gone stop calling me OCD, you I’m fuggin sensitive LMAO!!! Ok lemme listen again *I aint done not nare bit of muthafuggin work today*

  2. YEAH baby!!!!

    “Shame on you when you stepped through to
    The Ol Dirty Bastard straight from the Brooklyn Zoo…”

    Whatchu know about the WU TANG, WU TANG?

    and Roycee…

    Raekwon kills it with this verse…

    “Rae got it goin on pal, call me the rap assassinator
    Rhymes rugged and built like Schwarzenegger
    And I’ma get mad deep like a threat, blow up your project
    Then take all your assets
    Cause I came to shake the frame in half
    With the thoughts that bomb, shit like math!”

  3. And Lyte? C’mon people…..Brooklyn’s Finest baby.

    “Cause I hate when one attempts to analyze.
    That I despize those who even try
    To look into my eyes to see what I am

    That dream is over you gotta sink it.
    And I tell all of you like I told all of them
    What you say to me is just paper thin”

    Hit the road Sam. LOL

    And this video features my boy Ced as SAM and Audio Two (Brooklyn Tech alumni) so I can totally relate to Lyte, my Brooklyn homie from around the corner on Rutland Road!!!! BK STAND UP.

  4. and where’s Miss Lee….Lyte is her GIRL.

  5. @Roycee – Stop frontin’ like you work on Fridays. You gubment….But yo, Inspectah Deck is SICK lyrically. But they were all killin’ it in this song….

    “n*ggas got short arms and deep pockets”….that’s CRAZY

    oh yeah, U GOD, exit stage left, you ARE the WEAKEST LINK. HAAAAAAAAA

    Did anyone else catch Lyte bunned up with D-Nice in the video?!?!

  6. Uh Fresh….I love Lyte like grits and cheese but she ain’t neva been bunned up with anybody male 🙂

  7. ROTFLMAO hahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaa I gotta wait till later to see the actual dedication BUT ERRRR sixty stop it!!!! you know that is Tichina’s woman! I mean errr LOL

  8. LMAO @ Fresh….U God = Waste of Wax

  9. *SCCCRRREEEEEECCCCCHHHHH* I’m not saying in real life. I’m saying the vid.

    Lyte play for the other team though? BK, Tichina who? Pam from Martin?!??!

  10. LOL ya’ll gone leae Lyte alone but errrrrruhhhh yeah I knew Pam was hittin dat or uhhhh errrraaahhh maybe she was hitting Pam…not sure how it works LOL!!


  11. Where is Miss Lee???

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Pam and Lyte…..I just can’t deal.

    I’m gonna go to the stall and watch my Superlative video….

  13. It..It…It’s Kid and Play…..doing my best Kid and Play dance with my imaginary partner….

  14. LMAO @ bunned up! yeah, she ain’t checkin’ for the D. D-Nice, or otherwise! LOL. But she rips it EVERYTIME!

    U God IS terreeeblay! LOL.

  15. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Ok game over…Fresh you win! Not Kid & Play this joint was so FRESH…get it….FRESH LMAO! ok that was wack but still LOL!!!

  16. HOnestly, Kid & Play had everybody wantin’ to have a block party so they could do that kick joint, tho!

  17. They were the best…..if I could find “Last night changed it all…” Man….

  18. hahahaaaaa why lil BK is doing the jump ova her foot thing in her dance??? hahahaaa watching house party 1-3 like they going outta style LOL

    but errr yes PAM from Martin LOL where u been fresh? LOL

    and errr definitely shut it down with kid n play LOL

  19. lmao @ your rollin out the wu for 69!! the hilarity.

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