My Man.

On my flight back from the Chi this morning, I sat next to an elderly caucasian man. Very friendly young man from the minute he sat down. You know sometimes when you’re on the plane, people can be rude as hell when they sit next to you. Looking over your shoulder, reading your magazine, jacking the armrest, not passing your peanuts over from the flight attendant….the list goes on. I started getting my normal  airplane routine in place, take out the book, iPod, start flipping through that damn Sky Mall magazine to see what crazy shit and just getting comfortable in my seat. I’m tired. Between meetings and the remnants of a cold, I’m beat and I’m really not in the mood to talk.But dude was persistent. He just had to have a conversation. It’s all good. Fresh can talk to anybody. Plus the flight was delayed (typical Chi shit) and my iPod battery was getting low.On this 1 hour and change flight, what do you think we talked about?

Politics? Noooooooo

Viagra and the impact its had on his life? Nooooooo

The Vioxx scandal? Nooooooooooooooo

Family? Noooooooooope

We spent the ENTIRE flight talking about……..

A.merican Gangster. Yes, A.merican Gangster the movie.


We covered everything from personal reviews of the movie to the social implicatons of a perceived glorification of the street pharmaceutical dealer to the love of gangsters in society to conspiracy theories.

Hell, I was upset the flight ended.

30+ year old black dude. 70+ year old white dude. (Ages not given to protect the identity:) talking like we boys from the BK.

So Thomas, enjoy your weekend with your family.  Holla at your boy!

My man.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 9, 2007.

8 Responses to “My Man.”

  1. Awwww….you made a friend. So cute. Maybe we can set up a play date 🙂

    Who says folks don’t have things in common?

  2. stop it.. you and ya man was talking bout AG??? Ha.. dats wassup..

    So can you give further insight on the talk.. I want details please.. I take it was a great convo since you mad it ended LOL

  3. Hold On….You came to Chicago and didn’t give me a ring…drop a line. (insert the loud sound of me sucking me teeth, like I am from the islands!)

    American Gangster…I likes. Yeah, it is cool to meet old white dudes that are cool as hell. Gotta love it!


  4. The movie was good and now I think I have an obsessions with learning about infamous gangsters and criminals. I’ve been reading all about Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes, and Bumpy Johnson, and all of them. I’ve been watching American Gangster reruns on BET. I don’t think the movie glorified that life….I think it showed what happens to a man who was on a chain gang at the age of 12, father and cousin lynched by police and has NO EDUCATION OR TRAINING, and whose only mentor is a gangster, too. but yet he was still intelligent, so how content was he supposed to me? He could have lead a fortune 500 company with his business sense. I’d also like to point out that Malcolm X could have ended up the same way, he was a hustler, drug pusher in Harlem as well but he was exposed to another way in jail. It don’t make it right at all and I didn’t grow up around anything like that but its an explanation. I wish the movie showed more about his daughter. I wish it would have show that his wife went to jail twice, too. This is his daughters website But hey a movie can’t show everything.

  5. that is so awesome. i guess Fresh CAN hold a conversation with anybody huh? lol.

  6. interesting. that movie is on everyone’s lips right now. haven’t seen it yet. i think thursday’s the day. i work hard to ignore people on planes. very very hard. ipod, a magazine and a book. body angled toward the window. i’ll even close my eyes if necessary.

  7. It always shocks me when I met a cool @ss older white person, always!

  8. That reminds me of the time I was on my way to New York on the train, and I struck up a convo with the coolest white dude ever. We talked about zodiacs…the whole way there. Cuz I’m a zodiac-type chick, as soon as he started talking about his wife (who was pregnant) and their interactions, I was like, “what sign are you? what sign is she?” I hated to see him get off at the Newark stop, where he was on his way to go see his newborn nephew. He gave me his card, and told me to “keep in touch…really. I’m so glad we got a chance to meet,” kinda thing.

    And then my CRS (can’t remember shit) kicked in, and I forgot about him, the convo, and the card. I found it about 6 months later, but by then…way too awkward to contact him. Ugh.

    So can I shout out my Tony? (Yeah, I still remember his name.)

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