Yu wanna romp wit me…..

This past weekend was a’ight. Somewhat eventful. I mean there were meetings and dinners and get togethers which of course give me reasons to blog. Let’s see, I went to the movies twice. Can’t remember the last time I did that. I saw A.merican G.angster and W.hy Did I Get M.arried? The first night was a me and wifey thang. The second movie was a “we-have-relatives-in-town-but-don’t-have-shit-to-do-with-them” type of thang. I won’t review either movie. I’m no S.iskel.

Needless to say though, both movies brought about their fair share of discussions and as I have said before on this blog and I’ll say it again, this time in big fuggin’ letters on it’s own separate line……


All we’re doing is talking. It’s words and as long as I don’t say anything about your mama having eight nipples, then all you have to do is take my words and roll. It’s simple. Either you agree or disagree. Yet I find people have this fascination with just arguing. Raising their voice to get a useless point across and wasting my bumba clot time.

I don’t argue. I hate arguing unless it’s for a cause, something important. Otherwise, I state my point. I let the person state theirs and I actually listen to it and then decide if it’s worth continuing the discussion.

But people just want to win. They want to yell and that shit irritates me. Why are you so animated?!?! Fall back and calm the fuck down.

I actually went to the a movie theater to see A.merican G.angster. But other people this weekend apparently saw the shit on bootleg and online. Whatever. That’s you. That’s your business. I don’t care how you saw the movie but of course there were people yapping “why you go to the movies? I got the shit on bootleg” or “I ain’t going to no movie paying $20 for tickets”. WHO CARES?!?!? Excuse me for wanting to actually take wifey out of the house on a date for a nice dinner and a movie……I could have been mean and said the reason why they saw it on bootleg is because no one wants to take they ass out on a date but Fresh has sense, so Fresh was nice and kept his mouth shut……

Of course there was the T.yler P.erry. Look mang. I respect and appreciate this dude’s hustle especially in an industry that has misrepresented the African American community for ages but in my opinion, his films are decent at best. Not fantastic. Not great and damn sure not O.scar worthy. But ehh, they’re okay. I think his story lines are borderline wack. I think they’re predictable. And as I expressed that this weekend, some people went on the defensive and attacked. Someone said it was better than B.est M.an. I laughed and told them to say no to c.rack because that’s what they were smoking with that statement. They said I was hatin’.  No I’m just simply expressing my opinion.

Lastly and probably more specifically is trying to discuss a dude’s favorite sports team. Guys will argue with you down to the damn bone marrow over their favorite team or athlete. They wear the jersey’s on game day, have everything with their teams logo and the minute you say some shit, oooooh boy, you better be ready but yet if they get into it with their lady it’s more like “man, f*ck that chick”. Are you the damn GM of the R.edskins? Relax bruh-man. It’s really not that serious.

That’s it. That’s the key. Next time you get into it with someone and you feel yourself raising your voice and you feel your temperature boiling, ask yourself….



~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “Yu wanna romp wit me…..”

  1. The whole T.P. statement…I SOOOOOOOO agree, I thought I was the only one. People praise T.P. like he is really ALLADAT. Whew…thought I was the only one. His movies are so Lifetime predictable and about the same thing to me.

    Good Post Fresh!!!

    Thanks for the comment, nice to see someone checks on me

  2. hahahaha right??? you know you right on t.p. people keep comin at me crazy over him, too. i’m like but why?!?! are we talking about the same person?? same movie??? confused. i loooooove duke bball. i’m a panthers fan. but i don’t ride or die for them b/c like you said, neither one is putting money in my pocket. i give people the blank look when they get all crunk over nothing. i am NOT going to argue with you or even gather the energy to look at you w/the screw face. blank. that’s all you get.

  3. Completely agree…I usually have to laugh it off, but SOME people just have to go on and on. It’s not good enough that YOU have let it go. They want you to agree with them and mean it…psychos! LOL!

    I so agree with you on Tyler Perry. I respect his hustle and I’m happy that OTHER people love him to pieces. I’m just not one of them.

  4. R.I.P. Best Man. Ain’t been one to come close like it in a monf of Sundays. And I ain’t heard, “Mang,” in just as long. Laughed out loud, real talk, on that line. ‘K. . .Slowly, falling back and calming the fuck down. I loves me some gangsta! *LOL*

  5. LMAO @ you.. well glad you got to see AG.. I will check it out tomorrow after work IN THE THEATRE.. anywhoo. TP movie was NOT better than the Best Man.. DATS MY OPINION!!!!

    Anywhoo.. glad you and wifey got a date in.. I know its nice to actually get out LOL and not be running errands together!

  6. Tyler Perry has found a succesful formula and it works. He is making movies and making money. I can’t hate on a brother. I am overall not a huge fan of his movies as far as the writing goes. But hey, I support black film unless it’s Soul Plane or Get Rich or Die Trying 🙂

    As for the sports arguments….what’s up? You got beef? You hating on my squad? WHAT!>!>!>! Oh yeah, it’s not that serious!

    Good post dawg. Uh….and it’s BUMBA CLAAAAT

  7. I enjoyed the TP movie. A lot. But it was no Best Man. Matter of fact adding that to my netflix queue today!

    I agree with you completely- I do not argue. It is NEVER that serious. Unless you talking ’bout my momma or something like that.

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