I knew something wasn’t right. I had trouble sleeping last night.

I woke up feeling uneasy.

And when I dropped the little one off at school, I felt extra emotional. I couldn’t figure out why. I drop her off every day, the same way.

I drove to work today trying to brush this feeling off and trying to figure out why I feel the way I do.

Until I looked at the calendar.


And it hit me. Hit me hard.

It’s been more than 10 years since you graced God with your presence in Heaven, yet every year, on this day, I remember you and remember that summer.

We were boys, growing up together, leaving childhood, becoming men (in years). Years I would never forget.

You introduced me to baseball which at the time seemed like such a sucker sport but it got me off the block. It served it’s purpose.

And your Mets?!?! HA! They choked this year but my Yankees are on the brink of elimination though.

Remember that time you took your mom’s car keys and you drove around the block just so we could front but when we came back around the way, someone took the parking spot and you just knew you’d get your butt whooped?

Remember trying to see whose flat-top could grow the highest?

Remember walking home from Parade Grounds just cause we spent our bus fare on junk food and the ice joints? (the old man with that big ass block of ice that he’d shave and add flavored syrup)

Remember that time we were on the B41 coming home from Grand Army Plaza with your cousin and that dude got mad because he tried to kick it your cousin but she wasn’t having it and it got loud and a “little” scuffle broke out and we got kicked off?

Remember that time we planned and had the hooky party and didn’t know half the people up in there. Remember the dark skin shorty with the short hair that I got in trouble with D for looking at her? A few years later, I bump into her at a college party. We became a couple then had a nasty breakup. Nah…for real son….

Everybody’s good. P still lives with his moms. *Chuckle* Can you believe that dude? MC moved for college. Never came back. Got him a southern girl just like he said he would. J is….well….J is J. You either love him or hate him. K got locked up…got out and then got locked up again….haven’t heard anything since and JC….*sigh*…JC didn’t make it past the summer. 2 weeks after you. As for me, I’m good. Can’t complain. Left the city, moved to MD. Needed a change you know? Got a beautiful family. I’m alive and breathing. What more can a man ask for?

The block’s changed too. It’s crazy. They got a Burger King over there now and Starbucks and Quiznos. No more Campus Corner for Lime Rickeys. They got Targets now. No more Consumers. And Ft. Greene and the Stuy? White people live there now. Gentrification son. That’s my word.

You’re missed man. Truly truly missed. Loved but not forgotten.

Rest in peace…….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 8, 2007.

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