The case of the BB…continued.

Continued from The Case of the BB…..

Here’s where we left Fresh…..

Foreplay. Get it going. Set the tone. Time to explore. Find the spots. Tongues flexing. Fingers moving. Hands caressing. Lip biting. Breathing heavy. Back arching. Take her there.

Dope Boy Fresh can’t wait no longer. Raincoat on cause we expect thunderstorms up in this piece. We stare at each other for a split second. I get my cue. Time to part the sea……


Inhale. Exhale

This damn girl says some shit like “Fresh, wait. Wait. I…I….I…don’t feel comfortable.”

“Comfortable. Huh? Why not? You need to put the pillow under your ass….wassup?”

“No. This. You. Me. It just don’t feel right. Feels like we’re rushing”.

“I’m rushing cause if you keep talking Dope Boy is gonna wonder why he’s suffocating for no reason”

“This is not me. I’m sorry”

“Hold up. Hold the fuck up. We both bukked nakked, done had the phone “action”, dancing, you rubbing all up on Dope Boy, you even gots yours and now you don’t feel comfortable. It’s a little too late for all of that”

“This is not me. I know it’ll happen. Just not tonight. I can’t. Not tonight”

Then it happened. Like some one took out a sledge hammer and start swinging. I started feeling it. No, not my heart. No pain in my heart. Pain in the vain. Dope Boy wasn’t feeling too Fresh.

I couldn’t stop it. One pain after the other. Shit had me bent over holding Dope Boy. What the hell is going on?

“Do something. Your hand, your mouth. Something. Don’t do this to him. Noooooooooooooooooooo” I shouted but she didn’t care. Dope Boy was a now a statistic.

A victim of the BB. Blue Balls. Oh you think they don’t exist. Look.

Shit hurt like a mudda fugga. I hated that chick. Despised her. She came to see me a few weeks later. Finally ready to give me some. I turned it down (the first night). Too traumatized. (okay the second night I gave in and went for self). I didn’t care. I cursed her (and her friend for hooking me up). To this day when I refer to her, she’s known as the “Blue Ballster”.

Ladies, that shit ain’t funny. Get a brotha all aroused and then wanna play hide and seek with the pu-pu. Damn Blue Ballsters.

Fellas beware. There are a lot of Blue Ballsters out there.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 5, 2007.

15 Responses to “The case of the BB…continued.”

  1. “You need to put the pillow under your ass….wassup?”

    Only you.

    And I agree, ladies, if you don’t intend on giving the man any….why the hell are you butt naked in a hotel room with him?

  2. “Blue Ballsters”?
    True – why even go there if you’re not gonna GO there? Mind games.


    you a damn nut!!! you need da pillow unda ya ass? LMAO hahahaaaaaaa

    you stoooopid!

  4. Bwwaaaaaahhaaaaaaaa @ the pillow!!!

  5. you are ridiculous! i see we’re all in agreement over the pillow. lolol

  6. that sucks! I know not to do that shyt, mess around with the wrong one and a dude will take it! HAHA!

  7. Read your story. This sounds like some borderline date rape ish. Didn’t your mama tell you that no means no. So what she got you all hot and bothered? Sexual attraction or not seems like you just met the chick and wanted the pus before you even got to truly know her. Instead of you and your D-I-C-K getting offended; you should have taken a mature pause and realized that there must be a reason why she couldn’t go any further. If your intentions were all about getting a notch on that belt you should’ve made that clear; cause it sounds like ole gurl wanted more than what you were willing to offer….maybe a love connection?

  8. hilarious…..why start something you can’t finish.

    too funny….

  9. ohnotheydidn’t say date rape? Date rape??!?! C’mon homie. Date rape is for punks. That’s not Fresh. What you have here is satire. Pure jokes at the fact that I caught a case of the blue balls. Nothing more. Nothing less. What you don’t have here is the rest of the story which shows me complying with her wishes because as you said, no in fact does means no. My mother taught me that early on. Sure my D-I-C-K got offended (whose D-I-C-K wouldn’t?!) but I was raised the right way, which is to give every woman the R-E-S-P-E-C-T they deserve, no matter how horny or hot and bothered both may be. For the record, we both discussed our intentions like mature adults should do both before the planned meeting and afterwards. This was more than just a notch on my belt, it turned into a year-long, long distance relationship. I still call her the Blue Ballster since we still talk at times and we both laugh about that whole ordeal. Don’t get me wrong, I thank you and appreciate your opinion and concern. Date rape is a serious issue not to be taken lightly.

  10. thanks for clearing that up fresh. I responded to what I read. Had I known it was anu actual relationship I would’nt have jumped the gun. I believe you’re a good guy…but clearly I did’nt pick up on the fact that your story was satire. Anyway…thanks for respecting my opinion.

  11. you are a FOOL. lol. i used to be a blue ballster. lol. but i’ve since learned that it is not funny. lol.

  12. I bet you gone get some personal emails after this one LMAO!!!

  13. WHOA WHOA WHOA…hold up…DUDE!!! Date rape??? WOW and HUNH? How one got that from this post is amazing particularly since you said you had “Blue Balls” therefore demonstrating that you STOPPED stroking even though your body told you to keep puttin in work. SON!!! Killin me…cats really are killin me!!!

  14. This was worth the weight….

    I am anti blue ball or blue brain for the ladies.


  15. LMAO @ do something. Your hand, your mouth. Something! LMAO.

    I’ve never been a blue ballster, but this one dude turned me off midway and I was done. Not sayin’ that’s what happened with BB, LOL.

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