The case of the BB…

As soon as I saw her picture, I was on the prowl. She was posing with the rest of the girls. My co-worker was showing me pictures from a weekend trip with her peoples.

“Yo, you got to hook me with that cutie right there!!!!” And she did. Sent my picture to her, got the okay from her girl, exchanged numbers and it was on!

The first phone convo lasted hours. It started off with the general tell me about you crap that new people go through and turned into regular talk like we had known each other for years. Distance played a major role though so it wasn’t like we could just hook up that weekend. There were miles that separated us…A lot of miles….like over 500 so a visit had to be planned and at the rate we were going, it was approaching quickly.

Her southern hospitality had me hooked. The Brooklyn swag usually works like a charm. The phone convo’s were good but started to get even better, more intense, even led to a late night “phone taps” if you know what I mean.

So when I found out that I would be less than 100 miles from her for a function, I took the opportunity to arrange a meeting. Booked the hotel. Had it all planned out. We’d spend the weekend together. I couldn’t wait. I drove with anticipation. All of those pictures she sent me in those outfits…lawd…I was replaying that stuff in my head. Hey, I’m a man. Wha do you expect?

When I arrived she was looking RIGHT. You hear me?!?! RIGHT. We grabbed a bite to eat. You could tell there was some nervous energy but it was all good. It quickly subsided. We hung out a little more than night. Hit a small club for some dancing. Sensual yet romantic. Time to head back to the room.

We didn’t even get out of the elevator before the kisses were exchanged. No pecks on the cheeks. Deep, tongue dancing. The kind that leaves you staring at the person like “damn, I wanna eat them up” . The type of kiss that just leaves both of you quiet staring at each other. (y’all know what I’m talking about)

In the room, change, shower, freshen up. Out comes the Goddess in the sheer black robe showing the silhouette of a body that ran track in high school. The same robe I told her was sexy during one of our convos. Damn she really listened. In my head, typical man thoughts. “I’m gonna *&^%$ the &^%$@ out of her”

Foreplay. Get it going. Set the tone. Time to explore. Find the spots. Tongues flexing. Fingers moving. Hands caressing. Lip biting. Breathing heavy. Back arching. Take her there.

Dope Boy Fresh can’t wait no longer. Raincoat on cause we expect thunderstorms up in this piece. We stare at each other for a split second. I get my cue. Time to part the sea……

(to be continued)


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “The case of the BB…”

  1. to be continued>>>>>>

    What in the fuckery is this?

    *turning and stomping away, mad as hell!*

    I will be back, you better tell me something tomorrow! You had better!

  2. Ummm. Cliffhanger…Bad.

  3. dammit you know I’m on a plane in about 36 hours.. you betta finish this fo I leave mang!

  4. Fresh getting physical? WTF? AND A DAMN CLIFFHANGER……hurry up Dude. We need details.

  5. Wow. Good thing I came late, I don’t have to be pissed at you for leaving us hangin! On to part two!

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