Square Peg. Round Hole.

My episode with Major Numbnuts has temporarily concluded and I’ll just say that it’s been one of the more adventurous projects I’ve ever been associated with.

Let me give you a little background without getting too technical.

Major Numbuts is one of the members spear heading a project for a branch of our beloved Armed Services. They’ve come up with a set of requirements for this project and need solutions. So they invited a bunch of companies to present their solutions and in turn, the Major will decide who best meets the needs for the project. Got it so far? Good.

The problem is (and where Fresh and the Major collided) is that the requirements were so vague and off that companies were struggling to present their solutions in the best way possible. So Fresh tells Major Numbnuts and other lead evaluators that the requirements were off, the tests which every company had to subject to were off and thus the final decision criteria are off.

It’s like someone telling you to make orange juice and giving you apples (and yes, that is exactly what I said to Major Numbnuts, Lt. Col. Asswipe and others)

Needless to say that it didn’t go over too well to the point where I purposely did things to spite them. They tell me to come at 9am, I got there at 10:30. They asked for one document. I gave them 5. I basically translated their requirements into something that made sense and presented my stuff. It wasn’t until the last day at the 11th hour that they realized that Fresh and others (I can’t take all the credit) was right and that they were unfairly judging companies because of an outdated set of requirements. Major Numbnuts wasn’t happy probably because it makes them look bad and unable to complete a task. Right?!?!?

What happened on this project (which is still ongoing but hopefully won’t take up too much of my time) is what I’ve seen a lot of lately.

Square Peg. Round Hole. They don’t match. They can’t fit.

But people will stand strong on their beliefs and try and force things. You can’t force the issue.

Not on projects with Numbnuts. Not in life.

You can’t force someone to be your man if he doesn’t want to be. You can’t force someone to love you if they don’t love themselves. You can’t force yourself into thinking that you are something that you’re really not.

But yet time and time again, I see people try to avoid change and never gain understanding. Those people have their own agendas instead of approaching situations with an open mind. If Major Numbnuts would have listened on Day 2, things would have been complete on Day 3 and not extended to Day 6-7. If you know dude is playing you but you figure if you wait around eventually he’ll change, you’re in for a surprise.

Everyone wants to be right. Everybody has to win. That’s how our society is. Hell, even I’m competitive but until you learn to step outside yourself and think outside the box, you’ll be that square peg looking for a round hole.

You can’t make orange juice from apples.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 3, 2007.

6 Responses to “Square Peg. Round Hole.”

  1. Or as My mom would say….You are trying to be wrong and strong.

    When it don’t fit, you must acquit….or something like that.

    Don’t force things.

    Gotcha…..hey man….I miss my BFF. Is work all done now????

  2. Or as My mom would say….You are trying to be wrong and strong.

    When it don’t fit, you must acquit….or something like that.

    Don’t force things.

    Gotcha…..hey man….I miss my BFF. Is work all done now????

  3. Whew! If that wasn’t a flashback to my past life at “Da Place”. I remember trying to very nicely tell a director and VP the same kind of thing. They kept getting louder and louder until finally I told say “louder doesn’t make you right – it makes you loud AND wrong”. So much for win-win. Glad you’re out of the mire.

  4. LOL.. well I’m sure major numbnuts and you will buck heads again.. he ain’t like the fact that you and your team were right LOL..

    Keep preachin here.. 🙂

  5. I am diggin on that! I find that ‘older’ bosses are like that – stuck in their thought pattern and their way is the right way or not at all! Until it blows up in their face and they looking at you for a solutions when they should have just listened from jump, and there wouldnt have been a problem to begin with! Wheew! That was a mouthful..lol.

    The same goes for relationships – I just got finished explaining that to my lil’ sis, no matter how much you cry, beg and whine over a dude — that will NOT change how he feels.

  6. good lessons home slice.

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