Work has taken over my life..

Do I want to blog?

Of course.

Do I have the time to blog?


I got this damn project to finish and it should be complete by Tuesday. Then I can return to my normally scheduled program. I should be back on my normal program now but after a conference call on Friday with Major Numbnuts (no offense to any of my military readers), I now have to deal with this shit another 2 days because they don’t get the shit.

You ever work with people like that?

No matter what you say do, show, dictate, specify, illustrate….these fuggas just don’t get it. Everyone else is on board. Everyone else got on the ship before it left the dock. But there’s always that one person who says they’re on board and as soon as the ship begins to sail away, they ask the dumb questions “So where are we going?” That’s what Major Numbnuts did.

The Major caused controversy. Big time controversy. Brought out the slick talking Brooklyn side of me. A side which I usually save until I’m outside of the office but if you push my buttons enough, it’ll come out. I don’t give two cows asses what your title is or how many damn stripes you have, step your ass off that military base and as far as I’m concerned we’re equals, which allows me to use my constitutional right to beat your ass.

So check back on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll have some stories.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 30, 2007.

11 Responses to “Work has taken over my life..”

  1. oh shyt.. did da BK Fresh come out?? *oooh waitin till tuesday*

  2. See, that is why working for the SELF is better than working for anyone else. People just don’t appreciate.

  3. We can all relate. Work is what pays the bills and keps you…well, Fresh. We will still be here when you get through.

    Call me if you need my taser.

  4. “there’s always that one person who says they’re on board and as soon as the ship begins to sail away, they ask the dumb questions” right???? GET IT TOGETHER!!! i’m famous for the looks & the sughs. its hilarious.

  5. Dez muthafuggas!!! I feel you Homie…trust me I do!

  6. why didn’t anybody tell me that beating ass was a constitutional right? i really need to brush up on my law!!

  7. it’s tuesday.

  8. Major Numbnuts, got to love it.

  9. man i know what you mean about not having time to blog…..geesh i hardly have time to sleep! lol.

  10. Ok today is Wednesday *ehem*

  11. still wednesday.

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