The Broke remix

I’m saying….didn’t I call it?

Didn’t I say a rapper was gonna put M.ichael V.ick’s name in a song….. Jigga man does it. Listen here…..

Tekumba…this is your job. You slackin’ yo….

But I’m pissed though. Why ain’t Fif call me to get on the remix? I had my rhyme ready and everything…….but I definitely would have brought down the total net worth in that song.

Yo spit that hot shit son……


I get money, money I need

My wife likes to shop

and my daughter gotta eat

I’m not trying to greedy mang, I’m just trying to get mine

cause the damn gas prices are like 2.99

and to fill up my tank, it’s gonna crack my bank

how am I supposed to ball, when uncle sam takes it all?

y’all be up in the club with your bling and crist

while i’m home looking at my bank account mad and shit

watching damn videos, drinking my boones

and when the bill collectors call,

i say you’ll get your money soon

tryna get some new stuff son, a house, car and more

but my loans get denied due to my FICO score.

banks be like

nooooooo waaaaaaaaay (but i i need it)

noooooooo waaaaaaaaay (i i need it)

i get money, money i need (i left new york)……..

From the forthcoming album……..Leftback Nation……

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 21, 2007.

13 Responses to “The Broke remix”

  1. That’s hot son….that’s hot!

  2. Add a hot beat to it and put it on youtube and you could be the next Soulja Boy!! LOL.

  3. Create a silly ass dance to it and you could DEFINITELY have a hit there! LOL!

  4. LMAO.. Well Tekumba said she had it but didn’t listen to the song so she didn’t know it had the Michael Vick reference..

    She said find her a damn date.. you and 1969 and she will bring you more of the good stuff..

    but that joint right dere is fire.. LOL @ denied cause of your FICO score.

    *do you realize how many don’t know what that is?* LMAO

  5. you are so nuts.

  6. I rip and I rhyme! I rhyme and I rip! I spit the hot fires!!

  7. yo yo son that song is bananas…..let me cop dat and get Swizz to put you on….lol…

  8. where can i get the mixtape from? rhyming is clearly your calling.

  9. Ha Ha I was listenin’ to that on the radio today and I peeped Jay talking about Vic. I was like damn that was quick. I don’t know why they didn’t pick U, I’m going to have to hear you spit one time…


  10. you are silly. i think you need a record deal of some sort though…i’ll try some of my connects. lol.

  11. You the reason why ni.cca’s should have computerahs and internet connections.

    You better stop!


  12. Yeah Yeah Yeah…now raise your hands in the air and wave em’ like you just don’t care and if you think Fresh got mad skillz somebody scream Oh Yeah!

    Da Hell you smokin dude LMAO!

  13. hahahaha…now that was alright.

    good looking out, son!

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