What’s wrong with this dude?




What’s wrong with this dude? Somebody please explain.


I’m sitting here listening to the so-called audio of Orange Juice running up in the hotel demanding his shit back. Okay, granted let me give him some benefit of the doubt. Guilty until proven innocent or is it the other way around?!? I forget. This is America.


Let me side with Orange Juice for a second. If somebody stole my shit and I ask for it back and they say no, then yeah, I’m probably coming after them too but it will be a little more tactful than what he did.


I’m not sure if he got the memo but he’s a marked man. Let’s be real. Half (maybe more) of the country consider dude a murder. So Johnny boy gets him off, then there’s the civil trial, then ass bucket decides to write a book saying how he would have did it, then this. He got knocked in the helmet one too many times if you ask me OR…..maybe…just maybe….he really didn’t do it and that whole situation fucked his head up.


You know what O needs? I’ma tell you what O needs. O needs some good p*ssy from a black woman. Yeah I said. We need to get O some black ass. I’ve seen many a dude, rough on the edges, mentally fucked up, just on the bad side….I’ve seen them straighten up after getting some good ass. Now the only reason why I said black and not white is because he had the white before and obviously things didn’t quite work out for him. (yeah yeah I know his first wife was black and notice he was sane then right?) It’s more than just the ass though. She’ll make him fly straight off of attitude alone. LOL. You know he would have called her up right before hitting the hotel to explain the shituation and all he would have heard was “Ahhh hell naw….negro don’t you know they tryna set you up?!?!? I’ma go up there myself. Let me get my vaseline. It’s about to be on. I’ll be damn they mess with my man’s shit…..”


Where’s Malikaya Alize Sheniqua when you need her?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 18, 2007.

11 Responses to “What’s wrong with this dude?”

  1. He deifinitely has some issues. There is no way he should have run up in that hotel room all gangsta and whatnot. He should have never done that.

  2. “Shituation.” So-fork-in-me-done. Yeah, I can see where you may have a point about him needing to get back to his Black roots. Between the shade of Black from his past and his damn DNA and the touch of white from the late missus, his ass is seeing grey. He confroosed den a mugg! And I thought “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” They lie like Urnge Juice himself….

  3. can’t stand you!!!! i’m dyin laughin here!! did you see his girlfriend tho? a BROKE white girl. i was thinking if i was a white woman i would not be caught anywhere near him. just sayin. even if he didn’t kill them…

  4. LOL…I believe in power of the punanny…but OJ is a lost cause. That’s hardly going to save him now!

  5. Dare I say…..You may be on to something.

  6. yeah you would think he would have gotten a clue by now…but no such luck. lol. oj needs to go somewhere and sit his arse down, for real. geesh. i think they’re going to get him now. he’s gotten one pass too many.

  7. DEAD

  8. ROTFLMAO!!!!! But wait a second now…you might actually be on to somethin’ [Hmmmm]

  9. Who gonna save Orenthal James now?? They done killed Johnny in hopes that this day would come…tsk..tsk..And I mad at it! “he need some black pussy’..LOL, you need to stop!

  10. Look…OJ is just as crazy as an average Nicca.

    You took his shit. OJ got a nice new following of murders and women beaters and shit. He got a crew, I guess.

    I am not sure if that man killed that woman. He could have. You know, she is gone and so is her lover.

    Now, what Nicca gets arrested and shit from breaking and entering? B&E???

    I mean where are these police officers when Lil’ Shit Face muggs me and steals my maxed out credit card. OJ wasn’t the only man robbing someone.

    White folks want OJ is to be hanged and burned on a Faggot. Just as many Black folks will NOT let happen.

    Leave Goof Ball Man alone.

    Funny post though….I don’t fuck murders!

  11. I think I just pissed my pants…*DEAD*

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