Have fun at school….

I read this story in the local paper this week…


Long story short, students in the 5th grade thought they were about to watch Star Wars but actually saw about 10 seconds of porn. Yup, porn. Can you imagine that shit?

Here you are thinking you’re going to hear the Star Wars theme and you hear some boom-chicka-boom-boom music.

You think you’re going to see Darth Vader and instead you see Dick Vader

Princess Leah …… nah man, Princess Lay-her.

C-3PO is now Cee Missy Blow. HA!

I could go on. The silly side of me is coming on a Friday. Can you imagine picking your kid up from school and asking you questions?

Daddy, what’s a cock?

HUH…WHAT?!?!? Nah, that’s another word for a bird. It’s a type of bird.

That sure wasn’t no bird in the movie we saw today in class.

*Shaking my head*

I don’t know if it was a male or female teacher……and in fact after reading the article again, it sounds like it was images, not a movie. You know it was probably a male teacher though. Dude needed a fix the night before, downloaded some images, got off and fell asleep without hitting the “delete” button…….

Crazy. Have a good weekend…….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 14, 2007.

8 Responses to “Have fun at school….”

  1. I heard about this. I would be hella pissed if my kid told me some freaky teacher was shouwing him or her some porn.

  2. LMAO.. I read that too!!! but errr Ummm wondering if you got the same issue of the gazette I did and you saw my daughter in the paper LOL

    either way the story is CRAZY.. this is the 1st time they got caught though.. it has happened before.. just another teacher saw it before it was shown to kids.. *sigh*..

  3. I have no real comment, I am too busy laughing at Dick Vader

  4. You are hilarious!!! I’m sure it wouldn’t be as funny to me if this happened at my daughter’s school….

  5. Dick Vader.

    (faints and dies)

  6. mad about it! you are so ridiculous.

  7. A mess!! I hate it..lol.. That must have been traumatic, because I remember the first time I saw porn at the ripe old age of 12 and I will never forget!

  8. This is why i shouldn’t have kids. I leave porn in the DVD player by accident, my vibrator is always out in PLAIN SIGHT next to my fucking bed, I have all kinds of “adult shit” around here.

    But then again, my children would know all about sex because I don’t believe in sheltering them. Hell they’d be teaching their friends about fellatio, cunnilingus, etc.

    I’d make a great parent huh. 😉

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