Just remember

We checked out of the hotel on Sept 10.

We spent the whole weekend in NYC. First chance for everyone to see the baby. First chance we had a moment to ourselves.

We visited my friends and former co-workers in One World Trade and Seven World Trade.

Ma dukes worked in Seven World Trade. Spent that day – the 10th – showing off her grand-daughter.

We ate lunch at Sbarros because we wanted to get on the road, beat the rush, come back to Maryland.

Everything was business as usual until the next morning.

I remember the phone call from my boy telling me to turn on the tv, asking me if I spoke to my mom. I remember busy signals – dialing every number and extension I knew. I remember going down the list, checking for friends, family, uncle in One World Trade, cousin nearby. My neighbor working at the Pentagon. I remember hours going by and still not hearing a word from anyone except cuz. That dude has a way of just surfacing. Damn busy signals. 11:30pm – finally heard mom’s voice. Deep breathe and said a prayer to Thank Him. I remember going to Ground Zero weeks later by myself. Had to do it by myself. Had to see it by myself. I got off the train at Fulton St and start shaking. Nervous. Afraid of seeing a picture on the wall of someone I knew. I walked up and down Broadway in a daze. Stopped at that Church on Church St and just stared.

I remember actually like our P.resident for like 2 seconds when he sent those planes over there and started shooting everything up. The rebel in me was glad. 6 years later we still can’t find dude but yet he drops a video tape every year like it’s a new album. Some things just don’t make any sense.

By today, I remember those innocent souls and bravehearts…..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “Just remember”

  1. Amen. Rest in Peace. I too made that trek to Ground Zero shortly afterwards. It brough tears to my eyes.

  2. Great post. The innocent souls and bravehearts WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. 9/11 is proof that we should never take anything for granted. For it is TRUE what they say… tomorrow is promised to no one. God Bless!

  3. I will never forget.

  4. We will never forget the ones lost on that day.

  5. Great post Fresh..definitely bought me back to the moment and gave me chills.

  6. word.

  7. nice post. my brother was there that day in tower II. luckily he got out. whew.

  8. Beautiful.

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