Friday- What the fudge??!?!


1 – I’m waiting for the first rapper (and their sidekick) to put M.ichael V.ick in a rhyme……..

(bust yo’ rhyme son…..spit that hot shit)

“Yo yo yo yo yo son, yo I’m too sick wid it

I’m like Michael V.ick with it,

Funding operations

but claiming that I didn’t (ruff ruff mudda fuggas)

2 – Who knew tapping your foot in the bathroom was a symbol?!? Here I am thinking that dudes are struggling to get the shit out their ass and they really asking you if they can put their shit up your ass….Ewww….

3 – A new school season means one thing and one thing only…….yep, you guessed it….a new set of MILFs….LAAWWWD. Uh yeah, I’ll take the kid to school. Nooooooooooo problem…..

4- I read yesterday that the Diesel and his wife are getting a divorce….stating something like…he wants the court to make his wife give ”correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities (including bearer securities)” that she came into during the marriage.”

Let me translate that for you……..The dollars and cents are not adding up. 2+2 = 3? Huh? Yeah…exactly.

I can’t blame S.haq. Hell, I can’t blame his wifey either especially when your man is linked (in print) to S.uperhead, so she was probably putting away money for a rainy day. She’s probably been doing it for a minute. You know women usually stay a step ahead of men on average (well, the average is going down thanks to P.orter)

I can almost guarantee….no wait….GUA-RAN-TEE that this whole incident will have a direct effect on the amount of pre-nups. There will now be an increase in pre-nups and that’s even if dudes get married. I can see guys now talking to their boys…..”Man fugg that. I’ll be damn if she tries to take that $200 in my savings account”

5 – Mudda Fugg U – PEPCO. Damn power been out more in the last 2 days than it’s been on in my county and these fuggas wanna lally-gagg and take their time to fix shit. I’m tired of eating, shitting and showering in the dark AND I missed last night’s football game. Get your shit together!!!

6 – Yo, why come (yes I said it) my co-worker doesn’t brush his hair? He just gets out of bed and rolls to work and the only time his shit looks decent is when he gets a cut. Any other time he rocking the beedee-bees. Should I say something or is there a medical condition I need to know about called nobrushitis?!?!?

7 – Juanita Bynum filed for divorce but still loves her husband…………..and then said something like they’ve had altercations before but never to that degree. I’m saying…that’s proof that you may just never really know someone BUT more importantly it proves the theory I’ve been telling my boys for years……love and good dick/pussy is a powerful combination. That shit will have people staying in bad relationships, getting their eyeballs punched out, dealing with extra-marital affairs, extra baby mamas/daddies……..I’m saying can the combo cure world hunger, diseases, poverty?

I’m out. Y’all enjoy the weekend.



~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 7, 2007.

15 Responses to “Friday- What the fudge??!?!”

  1. CLASSIC!!!! yes.. football baby!!!

    don’t get in trouble with the GWES chicks LMAO..

    1st grade 🙂 lmao

  2. LMAO @ #2 — Ummm watch out there now LOL :-D.
    About S.haq and his wifey–I’m sad to hear it. *SIGH* And yet another black couple bites the dust!!!!

  3. #2 – *DEAD* LOL

  4. LMAOOOO @ no brushitis? Then again I should not laugh, cuz I sometimes suffer from no combitis, and am female.

    Kim Porter is sad, sad, sad.

    Thanks for he laughs in this post as usual.

  5. Yeah, I, was all in your head with them same riddles. Have a good one. Wait. Whats, “MILFs?”

  6. I am mad at it!! Especially number 2,6 & 7!! I always tell my friends you can’t come between two people that are f*kin! They will try to each other, then you and then go right back to f*kin!

  7. I meant to say they will try to KILL each other…almost five, my brain has shut down!

  8. loved this list. you are toooo funny!!!! 🙂

  9. you are LOOSE!! nobrushitis?? lmao. how do you tell someone grown their non-brushed head is not workin in this piece? “yo kid, i got the boars head in the back. holla at it.” domestic violence is that bull. he pissed me off when he blamed it on the devil. i bet he counsels mike v.ick. if i was shani i would’ve been puttin away the dollars, too. doubt i would’ve married shaq in the first place but WHATEVER! the senator had me ROLLIN on the wide stance. YOUR STANCE IS SO WIDE IN THE BATHROOM THAT YOU TOUCH OTHER PEOPLE’S FEET?!?!?! RIIIIIIIIIGHT. jeanne moos on cnn did this HILARIOUS piece on it and all the jokes.

  10. Oh no, not Michael Vick lyrics. His whole ordeal is heartbreaking. I am sorry but as an ASPCA member with a love for all felines and canines and hell ALL animals in general, I am sick over that situation.

    And I’m not being a drama queen either.

    Oh and that Juanita thing is a hot mess. I would have done the burning bed on his simple ass but that’s me.

    And I am so engrossed in the Shaunie/Shaq drama…WHAT WENT WRONG????

  11. I think Shaunie was stashing her $ fo sho. And I don’t blame her.

    This is a prime example of what women will stand for and what men won’t stand for. She KNEW about Steffans and God knows who else and stayed. He found out her money was funny and he filed. What’s wrong w/ this pic?

  12. I’m late to the party….no brushitis? LOL

    Shaunie was stacking her chips and hell, if I have to read about my man’s indiscretions in Supahead’s book? Yes, that will cost you.

    Shaq and Shaunie need to make up, it’s cheaper to keep her.

  13. I ain’t mad at Shaunie…she’da been a fuggin fool not to put some shyt under the mattress. But I will admit I am sad to hear about the break-up, I thought they made an awesome couple! Superhead is like herpes, catch her and it’s a wrap!

  14. Ok I was totally shocked by the whole Shaq divorce thing. I really didn’t see that coming.

  15. okay, this is officially the funniest blog on my blogroll. i mean i’m like cracking up out loud. HA! nobrushitis? you are stooopid for that! lol.

    2 – Who knew tapping your foot in the bathroom was a symbol?!? Here I am thinking that dudes are struggling to get the shit out their ass and they really asking you if they can put their shit up your ass….Ewww….

    ^^^ too silly.

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