OSAG…the remix (eh eh eh eh)

I noticed once I stopped posting OSAG updates, OSAG seemed to die.

OSAG can’t die. OSAG is a movement damnit….

*Pause* We have some new readers to the blog and I know some of you are sitting there now like what the hell is an OSAG. OSAG stands for Operation Shrink-A-Gut. Long story short, one day after eating lunch I saw my reflection in a car window and your boy Fresh gut had expanded. Granted I had a mini-gut but it was trying to maximize itself. So, in an effort to reduce the gut (read: get my ass in shape), I started Operation Shrink-A-Gut. OSAG for short. I need to trademark that joint.

For those that were around from the jump….OSAG dropped my body fat 7%, and dropped a little over an inch off the belly. Could I have done more? Sure but I’m happy with my gains because it was more than that. I had energy, I slept better, I felt better all around. I didn’t get as stressed so it was more than just the physical rewards. And to think, along the way, I even managed to inspire a few of you (http://calimckoys.blogspot.com/2007/08/operation-sag.html)

So it’s back…OSAG….the remix (eh eh eh eh) <—that’s my Diddy impersonation.

This time we’re shrinking the gut even more and then toning that bad boy up. Can we get a six pack?! Me dunno but what I do know is my Christmas present to myself with be a flat (spell it…f-l-a-t) stomach. The hell if my kid gonna think I’m Santa Claus!!!!!!

I’m thinking about launching another blog just to track progress and all that other good stuff but the thought of keeping two blogs up to date is a killer. I barely can do one. (you know I got the name reserved just in case though).

Whatcha think? Ready for the remix??????


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 5, 2007.

13 Responses to “OSAG…the remix (eh eh eh eh)”

  1. No doubt!!!! my girl paid for me to join weight watchers with her for 3 months LOL.. so I find the tools there very helpful.. she got way more to lose than I.. but its all good.. Journey to 140 has not STOPPED and OSAG is in FULL EFFECT.. *scratchin remix*..


    act like u know and come visit LOL I got 15 more to go

  2. oh and I take that challenge to have a flat gut by christmas.. SO ARE WE DOING BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS OR WHAT?

  3. You go Tanyetta. I have stayed on my grind. I am up to running the four miles, once a week on Saturdays or Sundays. Still doing my daily workouts every morning.

    Thought I told you that I won’t stop?

  4. DON’T DO MORE THAN ONE BLOG!! its too damn tiring. the other one just gets kicked to the curb anyway. i’ve been working on my body since nov. so the baby gut is shrunken but i’m down for OKAGS. (keep a gut shrank)

  5. OSAG! Genius…its like blogger fit club! i’m down

  6. I’m down! I’ve lost 5 pds, 15 more to go!!

  7. well i don’t really have a ‘gut’ per se, but i’m down to tone up! you need to put some progress photos up so we can see OSAG in action!

  8. Sorry Sensei…..OSAG hasn’t died. I have lost only 12 of my 30lbs I originally wanted to lose but I have gone from a size 12 to a size 10 and I am still losing.

    I have less fatback…lol….and when I am down to my size 8 I will be happy and stop. Unfortunately, my 10yr old son reminds me daily how “squishy” my tummy is (thanks to him, yes I am still blaming him for that) but I am still doing my crunches.

    Thanks Fresh keep motivating us…

  9. That was me this summer (getting ready for carnival) but now I’m back to ELAP – that stands for eating like a pig!..lol

  10. Good luck, mang! Ju can doooo iiiiiit!

  11. Congratulations! I know how hard it is to lose those extra pounds. I might just join your OSAG!

  12. yeahhh!!!!!!! that’s what i’m talking about!!!!!!!!! 😉

    p.s. be sure to mention that working out is great for your sexual appetite as well. yummm 🙂

  13. Aww if you lived in Phoenix I would totally be your trainer and kick your ass into high gear.

    I now work out so much I’m like the Black Denise Austin…

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