I haven’t disappeared…..I’m back suckas…

Guess who’s bizack?!?!?

I know. I disappeared last week. I was maaaaaaaaad busy working last week at a geek conference and after 14+ hour days, the last thing I could think about was typing an entry. My brain was fried homies. Having to talk geek talk for that long is no jiz-oke.

Damn geek conferences. People asking me a million questions and to top it off, at a geek conference, there is rarely any eye candy. So all I did this weekend was be quiet and stare at asses (when the Mrs. wasn’t around 🙂 )

Ma dukes came in town too, helping out while wifey and I worked crazy schedules last week. (no, wifey and I don’t work together). So of course this weekend, I had to drive Mama Fresh around. It’s like Driving Miss Daisy – the ghetto version. Stop here. Stop there. What’s that store for? Where are we? How long till we get to such and such? We need to eat……

I realized yo, my moms has a comment for EVERYTHING. I love ma dukes to death but damn…..I think it was more obvious this weekend because I didn’t say much. A friend stops over the crib to see ma dukes. As soon as he leaves, here comes the comments. “Something wrong with him. He’s losing weight. He ain’t eating” Then here comes the assumptions “He must be having a hard time with his girlfriend or maybe his brother in trouble again”. The shit was hilarious and it went on with everything this weekend. The dog, my neighbors, my cell phone, you name it. And she damn near knows EVERYBODY in my neighborhood now. Real talk, I don’t know people in my neighborhood. I mean I’ll be courteous and speak or wave but damn, she knows their business. “Oh, that’s Ms. Johnson….did you know she caught her husband cheating blah blah blah”. I just sit there like how the hell?!?!?!?

Other randomness:

Yesterday I watched the Flavor of Love 3 casting show. All I have to say is why??!?!?!?!?!

Last night I’m watching the news and they say find out how M.ichael V.ick spent his Labor Day weekend…stay tuned.. So I stay tuned. When they get back on, they report that Mr. V spent his weekend in church. Church?!?!? That’s a story for the news. I thought they were going to say some shit like he volunteered at a P.E.TA rally??? They said church. What’s he gonna start now? Bad N.ews Ministries?!?!?

So I semi-fugged up with wifey this weekend and as my punishment, I had to watch the damn J.ustin Timber.lake shit last night on HBO. So I’m sitting there thinking…who’s blacker? JT or Emin.em?

You know how people can build an avatar of themselves on like Y.ahoo? How come people be lying man?!?! Got these skinny lookin’ avatars and in real life they’re thickly…..Stop frontin’…..

Holla at your boy…..

But now I’m back in the saddle.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 4, 2007.

11 Responses to “I haven’t disappeared…..I’m back suckas…”

  1. I am so glad you’re back. The blog world was lacking something while you were away. You know….that irreverant sense of comedy and foolishness that you provide. And leave Mama Fresh alone….you know you get it from yo Mama.

  2. You are my internet crush. I told all my friends about you aftet the Tarjay story. Then you disappear. dude!!! Can’t wait to see what post you got in you.

  3. In real life, they’re thickly.

    *scratching the word thickly on my notepad*

    Word of the day. Thank you very much.

    I missssed you! And how thickly you get into yo’ shit, when you gets into yo shee-it! LOL

  4. @Sixty – Yes I’s back homie. Foolishness and all.

    @Tonie – ooooooooh I’m telllllllllling. LOL.

    @Ms Lee – yeah umm thickly. Not sure where I pulled that one from.

  5. ROTFLMAO!!! did you say THICKLY hahahaaaa

    Well you been MISSED.. and errr did she say you her blog crush.. I’m tellin.. you gone get it!!! lol

    I missed you fo sho.. LOL @ dat messup and having to watch JT..

    But ummm Son don’t feel bad.. I lived here for 2 yrs before I moved my mom down here.. She get her and all of a sudden MOFOS knocking at the door like is Miss E. here.. WTF WHO ARE YOU??? lol and yes I KNOW everybody business on either side of my development now LMAO.. gotta love moms..

    *and if ya boy ain’t eating.. tellin to holla at BK catering.. $50 for a week of food.. plus groceries and tupperware*


  6. Man…i missed you like my play cousin….

  7. “Thickly”. That’s one for the books for sure.
    Musta been the weekend for hauling Mamas around – I call my version “Driving Mrs. Lazy”. My mom does that comment thing too. That’s when I pull the “Um.Wow.Really” on her cause I ain’t really listening. Shhhhh. Don’t tell her.

  8. you are so silly. im cracking up at your thickly. lol. and justin timberlake was tearing it up!

  9. Now, you know I was getting ready to send out the search team for real this time..lol.. Not the FOL3 casting! Dang my move..no cable till Sunday! I’m sure it was funny as hell

  10. I completely understand a break. Completely.

  11. Thanks for thickly…am gonna used that to describe myself.

    Leave Ma Dukes alone, LOL at her knowing everyone in the neighborhood, now she can give you all the scoop.

    welcome back.

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