Back to school freshness

What happened to it?

I remember back in the day when I was going to school, I couldn’t wait for the first day/week of school.


So I could rock the freshness. The stuff that ma dukes bought me a few weeks back in the summer and told me I couldn’t wear because they were “school clothes”. The stuff we had on lay-away and we had to get out before the first week because if I didn’t rock it the first week, then the kids would probably assume it was on lay-away and I didn’t want them to know. I would cheese when she told me that we’re going school shopping. What?!? That was better than Christmas.

Some years I wouldn’t even go fresh on day one. I’d wait till like day 3 or 4 because everyone wears the new stuff on day 1 and then by day 3 or 4, they’re rocking old stuff. That’s when you hit’em with something new.

Yo son, you killin’ them with the new Air Max’s, Girbaud jeans, Hilfiger shirt and to make the cypher complete, what’s missing?!?!? C’mon you know…

The JANSPORT bookbag.


My mom would go all out…do her thing to make sure that I looked right…looked decent going back to school. Fresh haircut the weekend before. You know why? This is important so I’m going to put it in caps……because as parents…..


News flash for all of you slow pokes out there. For once today, I’m not going to call people out (except the parents who sent their kid to school with blonde extensions thinking that stuff is cute and she’s 5…..go head with that nonsense!) because I know everybody’s situation is different and some people are not as fortunate as others. But I’m telling you, your kids are sponges. They soak up everything about you (and others) but mainly you. So if you’re in your house pop-locking-and-dropping it, guess what they do when they go to school? Or if you have a bad ass mouth to your kids, guess what comes out their mouth?

Sometimes I see or hear craziness and I just want to smack the reproductive organs out of people. Like they don’t even deserve to have the honor of being called a parent. You know some kids are just straight up and down knuckleheads but a lot of the issues and problems kids have today can be cured if people stepped up their parenting.

This has been my public service announcement for the week.  We will return back to the regularly scheduled program tomorrow. 🙂


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on August 20, 2007.

25 Responses to “Back to school freshness”

  1. Wasn’t it always freezing outside on the first day of school?!

    And only Freshman wore new clothes on the first day of school!

    Kids today don’t seem to have “school clothes” or “play clothes” either.

  2. HAHAAA Son.. my kids had their outfits picked out like 2 weeks ago!!!! LOL my daughter was on her GRIND.. and walked to the damn dollar store to get some fresh fat laces for her shell toes that she walked to the mall to get.. LOL white shell toes with green fat laces.. seven jeans with a green and white lacoste top.. she was killin dem.. with a fresh doobie.. my son.. fresh cut with sean john ensemble.. LOL oh what a day!!! 😦 sad I missed seeing them but at least I remember what they were gonna wear!!!


    *so mad at the blonde extensions*

  3. I was so deep into being fresh for the first day of school, I didn’t use any of my new stuff, to include the toothbrush, deoderant, paper, pens, etc. and I prayed the old stuff would last till then. The early signs of OCD.

  4. I had to have a Jansport!! They were like 35 bucks…that was sooo expensive then. And I did use the lifetime guarantee, and they sent me a new one, too!

  5. I always had to have a new Jansport every year, no matter what. I used to love school shopping. My mum would go all out. i can’t wait to do that stuff with my daughter.

  6. ha! i remember this. i liked the clothes, but my thing was my hair. haaaad to have the hair freshly done for the first day of school. blond extensions?…my mom woulda beat my tail. lol. ahh, memories.

    “Sometimes I see or hear craziness and I just want to smack the reproductive organs out of people.”

    ^^^ hilarious.

  7. I rocked a pink Jansport….ahhhh, memories. And yes, although my boys will be in uniforms, those will be crisp as heck! Gotta look clean on the first day. Good post.

  8. oh man did i loooove back to school shopping!! i couldn’t wait tho. i had to wear my fly stuff the whole first week. i would try to wait but the new stuff would just jump on my back.

  9. @Opinionated – A lot has changed with kids today. It’s kinda crazy.

    @BK – Yo, she was stylin’…that’s fresh though.

    @MagnoliaPeach – Welcome. Early signs of OCD huh? LOL.

    @Everything – The Jansports wer the sh*t. I’m tryna tell people…

    @Bored – I’m sure you and the daughter will have fun although you might try and make it your trip! HA!

    @Muze – To each his own right? But I just don’t understand how you let someone leave the house looking like that.

    @Sixty – The pink Jansport with the Air Max’s!?!?!?

    @Jameil – just jump on your back huh? LMAOOOOO

  10. *raising my hand* I ummmmm went to ummmmm Catholic School *sigh* My uniform was tight though, freshly pressed and ready to roll….URGH!! I did always get new penny loafers (blue and burgundy). The only thing I could relate to (seeing as how I am not even a parent) was the JANSPORT book bag…wow, I’m pretty pathetic!

  11. Don’t feel bad, Roycee. From 1st thru 8th I was a starched up, penny loafin’ girl, too.

    But come high school. I was hyped! I never waited, I always wore the new stuff ASAP!

    Had to get a perm the day before. All of that. I always had a hard time falling asleep the night before!

  12. HOLD UP…Wait a minute!!!

    Jansport?? Airmax?? Girbraud?? & Hilfiger??

    If my mother were alive, she’d be getting a call from me right now cuz I sure as hell wasn’t rockin’ any of that [lol]

    Guess I wasn’t one of the “in” kids huh??. Think my children will fall for that when I take em’ school shopping this weekend???


  13. Man, you got me rolling on the floor with the slapping of reproductive organs and JANSPORT! Holla, that was some seriousness right there. I can’t get with you on the clothes though 😦 I went to a catholic school most of the time – so the most excitement I got was getting so fresh new, shiny black shoes!

  14. So ummm…this catholic school thing… it true what they say? Sha? Roycee? Ms. Lee? care to weigh in on the topic?

  15. That we sing freek a leek and drop it when nobody’s looking? No. I don’t know what you’re talking about…*whispering* Who told you that?!

  16. My mom came correct with the back to school clothes shopping, but for some reason she never delivered with the school supplies. In grade school I never had the trapper keeper, lisa frank folders, furry pens,or even the 64 box of Crayolas! I’m still slightly bitter…

  17. @Ms Lee – LMAO. Little birdies told me that you, Roycee and Sha were pop-locking-and dropping it….Well back in the day, you were probably doing something else.

    @The Narcist – Welcome now ummm…..why mom front on the 64 box of Crayola with the sharpener?!?! What you rock? the 8 box? I see you’re still bitter…HA!!!

  18. I am no Communist or Socialist at all. (That’s my disclaimer). In this country there are some pretty important milestones/test/exams/standards that you must meet and exceed to;
    *Earn a driver’s license
    *Get Married
    *Buy a Home
    *Buy/Rent a Car
    *Rent a Hotel room (even the hourly rate ones!)
    *Get an interview and accept a job at McDonalds
    *Get a Passport
    *Give and receive blood, plasma, bone marrow

    For heavens sakes, any one and CLEARLY everyone can hump and reproduce without any sanction, consequence, course, approval, etc, etc. I am a womanist so I don’t want the government or anyone to muddle with my ovaries-YET, people that procreate idiots need some government sanctions. I am sick of these tired as parents of all colors….being called parents without any natural instincts or care to learn good parents skills (their are classes for people….Generally “parents” are state mandated to attend and complete a parenting class only after they beat the snot out of their kids.

    I don’t understand. It has nothing to do with me either being a parent or not. I am just saying….plenty so I must stop.

    Thanks AFF.

  19. Catholic school irls are as pure as the undriven snow…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it LMAO! *sosososososo whadidyahear?*

  20. LMAO @ the catholic girls LOL

    but ya’ll remember the penny loafers from bakers yo!!!! the burgundy or navy blue joints.. or wait the tassle loafers.. ah… with the acid wash denim skirt.. *singin in my beenie man voice* Memories…

  21. I always wore uniform, but on the first day of school you had your shoes brand new and shine as hell.

  22. Roycee, I was right there with you in the uniform. I spent 12 years in an all-girl private school, uniformed to the hilt. *Sigh*. We did the Jansport bags for a while, then moved on to the LL Bean bags. I guess we were a lil *ahem* boughie or something.

    But I still got new “play” clothes every school year. I had to be fresh after school too, LOL.

  23. Dammit I went to private school so I had to wear a variation of the same shit everyfuckingdayoftheweek.

    But we did get to dress down occasionally and I was among the best dressed OF COURSE.

    Oh but I totally had a JANSPORT backpack!!!!!!

  24. Being one of MANY kids, name brands weren’t plentiful ’round our house but neva the less, mom’s hooked us up so when you went out, you looked like you belonged to somebody. Brand-name or not, you best believe you took that stuff off soon as you hit the door in the afternoon.

  25. I remember those days. I will make sure that my baby boy rocks the new stuff the week of school.

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