Monday Erratic Thoughts

It was a pretty good weekend….thanks to all for the birthday wishes….

Monday randomness….

1 – I don’t care what anyone says. White sunglasses are ugly especially if you’re real real chocolate almost burple. Why wear sunglasses that make your ass standout?

2 – I don’t care what anyone says about this one either but if it’s night time and we’re in a club, bar, etc, and you’re wearing sunglasses, I don’t think you’re a superstar. I think you’re an idiot or you’re rocking a black eye courtesy of your man/woman.

3 – I went out looking for running shoes this weekend. I go to Foot Locker. Makes sense right? So when I get there, I look around and don’t see one damn running shoe. So I ask if they have them. This dude says “What you need those for?” So I say “Ummmm…running”. Come to find out, they don’t sell them. (maybe just at that store). That’s when I realized. “We” rarely wear things for their purpose. “We” wear them for style and stores are only gonna sell what’s in. My bad. Excuse me for thinking I can actually buy running shoes at a sneaker store. What the f*ck was I thinking?!?!? Dumb ass referee shirt wearing mofos. Blow the whistle. Call a foul on the play!!!!

4 – 50 cent claims he’ll give up his solo career if Kanye sells more records (you can tell I’m old school — I said records) than him. Yo Fiddy, seriously, we all know this is a marketing ploy to actually get people to buy more of your CDs. Last time I checked iTunes, Kanyeezy was outselling Fiddy. Don’t do me any favors Fif. On the really real, I will buy 10 Kanye albums if Fiddy is serious. The way I see it, that’ll help filter the bullsh*t out the game.

5 – Mean Muggin’ bitterness. Some people wear that look so well. It fits them. It should be part of their outfits.

6 – I didn’t get a call from Beyonce on my bday. Ummm…..Roycee, BK, y’all got some explaining to do. Did you NOT give her my number? Why you blog-blocking?!?!? Haters…. 🙂

7 – I have had a friend who would go out of her way to remind you that it’s her birthday. Yet, for the past few years she’s either forgotten or been way off. Like 14 days later off and swearing she’s right. Guess who got removed from the Crackberry this weekend? It’s over yo. No need to try and save something that’s already been gone. (there were more incidents than just this one)

8 – I don’t care what anybody says. Skinny jeans on dudes is NOT a good look. Who the hell wants jeans that hug my ankles. Pure Fruitopia.  And since we’re on the topic, these damn t-shirts down to your ankles. WTF?? “Your white tee, well to me, looks like a night gown. Make your mama proud, take that shirts 2 sizes down”. Thank you Andre 3000.

9  – How the fudge is MTV gonna have Jim Jones as one of the hottest MC’s in the game and leave Nas off the list? Jim Jones?!?! This dude had one hot single and got punked by Jigga!!!!! What are they smoking?!?!?!

10 – They say B.arack’s wife isn’t black enough. Is there a black scale? From 1-10. 1 being like…I dunno…Malcolm X. 10 being like Bryant Gumbel. How is someone not black enough? Do you ever hear people saying L.aura B.ush isn’t white enough? You ever hear anyone saying someone isn’t white enough? Maybe who…Eminem…Justin Timberlake. That sh*t is nonsense……


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on August 13, 2007.

14 Responses to “Monday Erratic Thoughts”

  1. 3 – We black folk? LOL. A mess. I just LOL’s again , cause I remembered when the whole hockey jersey thing came about. YOU KNOW we don’t do hockey! But there were were, rcokin’ ’em hard! As for the pick of the litter Foot Locker employee…Sad. Stay in school kid. STAY in school.

    7 – Your friend? Prune the hedges, Freshie. New leaves grow in place of the old. Sometimes, better. Of course, if they grow a lil crooked, you can always prune again. ;o)

  2. This dude says “What you need those for?” So I say “Ummmm…running”. LMAO!!

    Jim Jones…Who????????!!! Stop playin!

    His WIFE is not running for president…some people will think of any damn excuse!

    I hate white sunglasses the way I HATE white sandals…burn them all!

  3. That MTV list was PURE GARBAGE. My husband got so mad watching it, especially when Weezy F was number one over Nas, Jay Z, etc..
    But I reminded him….it’s MTV. LOL

    And I hate when they say Barack or his wife aren’t black enough. C’mon, the man’s name is BARACK OBAMA. How much blacker can you get with that name alone…..unless you are Pookie Alize Jenkins…I mean really?

  4. Did you get yourself a nice pair of Air Shox or what?

  5. Lookie here…I gave her your number and she took it, looked at it, said “Fresh as in Always Funky?” I responded affirmative and she broke out into a fit of laughter. I can’t call it Son? LMAO!!! Maybe she’ll call you when she wants another good laugh…keep the line clear LOL!!

    Happy Belated Birthday…I honestly forgot but we just became homies so I should get like a pass in year one right? I’ll do better next year…don’t write me off like ole’ girl!

    LMAO @ this entire list…but I’ll go one further, really light people shouldnt wear white sun glasses either. They look like the fuggin abominal snowman!

    Jim Jones looks like a human garbage pail to me…his breath has to smell like shyt…has too!!! Ewwwwwwww he is so gross.

  6. P.S. WTF happened to Mos?

  7. @Ms. Lee – the hedges are pruned homie. Snip. Done.

    @Opinionated Diva – I hate white sandals too. Burn’em all!!!!!

    @1969 – Me and your hubby turned off the damn TV. How you gonna not have Nas on there. Nonsense. And nah, I didn’t get any Shox. I only went to one store and they frustrated me.

    @Roycee – I think what happened was Jay-Z checked her phone and saw my number and got nervous. Yeah, that’s more like it 🙂 Thanks for the Bday wish (belated) You’re excused. No worries.

    And they dissed the Mighty M-O-S. Nonsense.

  8. Son i told you to hit up finish line.. they have ALL running shoes and even will FIT you to them.. or you can take it a step further and hit up a runner’s store.. but holla at me offline and we’ll discuss..

    Now umm see what happened wit B.. I think Roycee got to her before me and figured that she had all the info she needed.. but I think her daddy’s delayed flight got in and it slipped her mind.. I’ll have my people call her people so that she can call you.. AIGHT LOVE….

    Now Jim Jones as one of the hottest MC’s.. *whatever*.. leavin Nas off dat list is ludacris *in my mike tyson speech*.. da hell dey thinkin!!!!! dats why I only watch it to watch Makin da Band.. teeheheee

  9. oooooooh. i got extra pissed w/michelle obama! wth?!?! clearly she LOOKS like THE black mama. like one of those lil girls get out of line she will give them a look and if they miss the look a quick pinch to the back of the arm while smiling and waving at the crowd. yeah right. i LOVE her.

    lmao @ Blow the whistle. Call a foul on the play! too funny. mtv made me vomit w/that whole list. andre too low. jeezy and jim jones should’ve been left out. that list was that garbage. at hampton, i used to call this dude “dress boy” b/c his “whiteys” as he called them were to his knees. fix immediately. tres unsexy. as are the tight jeans. lmao @ frutopia!!

  10. I have not seeing the list but Sway and a bunch of people were on Power 105.1 in NYC explaining the list. They said it was the hottest emceess in the last 6 months. The list will be updated again soon. People were still calling in pissed as hell.

    What you need those for? WTH?? running shoes for, I don’t know swimming or some shit. Gimme a break!! He needed to blow more than a whistle, more like a bullhorn.

  11. Happy Bee-lated.

    Yeah the black enough meter is fucked up. Who made it? Can you move up and down on the meter? Do you earn or lose points? Who does the assessment? I mean do they want Keisha Cole or Lil Mo as the First Lady? This election is going to be ugly and oh so freak predictable.

    Later..and you still a crazy Mo-Fo

  12. Why is it that folk always gotta be challenging someone’s blackness? And the MINUTE she goes DEEP into the “blackness”, they’ll have something to say about that too. Stick to the issues people! I’m with you on buying Kanye’s CDs in bulk. LOL@ the Footlocker incident.

    Happy Belated your Freshness!

  13. Happy belated birthday bruh 😀

    WTF @ the footlocker incident. [They really are as dumb as they look huh??]
    I am so with you on your thoughts about dudes and skinny jeans [SMH]
    Now about fiddy….that’s my boo right there lol.

  14. I am with you on #2! I will never get that crackhead-ish!! Sunglasses in the club, you are not a star! Stop the madness, I insist!

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