Exhale – Release -Let It Go

This is a dedication.

Not to anyone in particular but a certain group of people.

These people here – they just harbor their feelings and emotions. Something bad happens and they internalize it and this “thing” eventually eats them up one bite at a time. They never learn to let “it” go. You know when people call me for advice, this is probably one of the most common statements that come out of my mouth. Just let it go. I think I say this at least 75% of the time. Why bother?

But Fresh, I need closure. Closure. You know what? Get closure as soon as possible. Not 5-10-15 years later. And realize this. Sometimes, it’s not always talking to the person that did you wrong to bring closure. Closure begins with you. Yourself. Closure is accepting that you will no longer allow “it” to bother you and direct your life any longer. It will no longer consume your thoughts. That’s how closure begins. It has NOTHING to do with you picking up the phone and telling said person how you feel.

Do you let bad food stay in your body for 5-10-15 years? No. Your stomach says “aww hell nah, this isn’t good for me” and it comes out through some hole. So why let bad emotions linger? Next comes stress, next comes some self made ailment that really doesn’t exist but you’ve convinced your mind that your sick. Crazy right? Tell me it’s never happened though…..

He/she broke up with you? F*ck it. Their loss. Move on. Let it go.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on August 1, 2007.

11 Responses to “Exhale – Release -Let It Go”

  1. AMEN.. CLAPPING!!!! dats why you my mans and dem!!!! BEAUTIFULLY SAID!!!! exactly.. THEIR LOSS!!!!

  2. You know how you go to church (well, not you per se Fresh, but folks in general) and you feel like the Pastor is talking to you? That’s me. Preach, Rev. Fresh. Lettin’ it go.

  3. This is my mantra…..Relax Relate Release. AMEN Fresh Amen.

    And this song is my Jam….LOL

  4. LMAO @ BKDiva “My Mans and dem!” I havent’ heard that in so long LOL!!

    Luckily for me I pretty much can’t stand anyone so it’s easy to let “it” go…I usualy say my piece and then *two fingers* LOL!! No seriously though, you make a good point and sometimes we just gotta stop holding onto drama and stress and walk away from it for our own sanity and peace of mind!

  5. wow. thank you! i guess you told me! šŸ™‚

  6. PREACH!!! Can the church say AMEN!?

  7. Well said, leaving shit inside just make your insides stink like shit pun intended…when you gonna write that book or something?…I am asking for my discount early.

  8. Right on Brother Fresh! Hope all is well. I’ve been missing your sense of humor.

  9. So… that time on the rooftop isn’t gonna be included riiigghhhttt??? šŸ˜‰

  10. Nah Ms. Rebecca. I’ll save that for the next book šŸ˜‰

  11. word.

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