Craziest shiggedy I saw this week…

So I come out of my meeting downtown D.C. at a 3 letter government agency (hint Bureau is in the name) and I’m walking to my car looking at the phatty’s, I see this dude on the corner. Well-shaven, clean cut guy dressed in a suit holding this sign. From afar I can see the sign has a stop sign and then something about Raping my Wife. So I’m like WTF?

Me being the nosy dude I am walks over to said corner (Pennsylvania and 10th NW – I think) to get a closer view and see that the sign is calling out a special agent and saying to Stop Raping My Wife. The bottom of the sign is calling to Outlaw Attorney General Gonzalez. Man, I wanted to take a picture of this joint so bad but my gut said anybody holding a sign like that outside the Bureau might have some mental issues. So instead I called the wife. Here’s a picture of dude I found on the net when he was in NYC. Click the thumbnail.


For some reason though, it stuck with me and I did a Google Search on the name and found that this dude has been in Chicago and NYC over the past year or so. Check it out. Apparently he’s going through a nasty divorce….

I don’t know if it’s a publicity stunt or if he’s really going through it but just think this dude is really trying to put someone on blast here! Damn, from getting your dils cut off Bobbitt style to releasing homemade sex tapes to slashing tires. Man. There is no limit to revenge when someone f*cks you over huh?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 20, 2007.

8 Responses to “Craziest shiggedy I saw this week…”

  1. i always wore my bureau t=shirt when i knew i could be around people who may or may not be partcipating in activities which are or are not considered illegal in some areas of the nation/world.

  2. He’s pissed if he is taking his act on the road in different states. WOW. Can you say FATAL ATTRACTION?

  3. I will have to scribble that method in my Super Slueth Bitch snitch notebook. That is some straight up craziness but hilarious. Everyone has their different coping methods but hey, that made me chuckle. I got to send this to Daddy Divine!

  4. Wow. All is fair, eh?

  5. I’M DONE!!!! soo done!!!! daaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  6. Um…OMG is all I can say.

    I’ve always wanted to visit D.C. but everyone says it’s really ghetto and dangerous…is that true?

  7. All I’m saying is…the shit must be serious if he’s got a sign outside the damn FBI.

    @Mistress – Ghetto and dangerous? Sure it has it’s parts but I think every city has a ghetto and dangerous part though right? Just do your research and hit some peeps (like me and any other DC area bloggers) before you come. We’ll make sure you don’t stray to the g-hetto!

  8. It seams like this dude is off his rocker. You see fools with all types of signs now days. I once saw a guy with a sign that said Aliens had come from Mars and kidnapped his family and that he needed money to travel to space to go get them.

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