Meme this!!!!

See what had happened was, I was reading blogs right and ROY-SEE right, tagged me right and now I gotta tell the peoples 8 off-the-wall random habitual truths about me.


1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Riggedy Bow….let’s get it started.

1. I have officially entered the “it’s-time-to-get-the-hell-out-off-this-plantation” mode with my job. After years of sitting in Beltway traffic and fighting the micro-management regime, I’m done. It gets rough around this time of year all the time. We have a conference coming up and everybody has deadline and people walking around this piece trying to show who has the bigger bra and jock straps. I’m not interested. This year was a tipping point for me. So go go job search…ACTIVATE!!!

2. Lately I’ve mastered the art of procrastination. I’m not on the ball with certain things like I used to be so I need to figure out a way to reverse that. The weekends come and I’m lazy. I don’t feel like doing shit. And some things that use to excite me are now a bore. Hence the reason why a two wheel vehicle that you go fast on and makes lots of noise is sitting in my garage with dust on it.

3. If I was single, I’d use this blog shit as one of my ass-getting mechanisms. Nah for real though, there are some bad mutha-SHUT YO’ MOUTH..I’m just talking about the bloggers. Some of y’all are laughing right now because that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing!!!! I’d write all this cute flowery shiggedy (where the f*ck are my violins!?!?!?!) to hook’em, get’em to the crib, dick’em down, blog about it and move on…….LMAOOOOOOOOOO…….You fluffy mudda fuggas……(copyright protected by 1969)

4. It’s bad enough I have a strand of EBD (you know Eric Benet Disease. If you have the full blown disease you fuck everything in sight. If you have the strand – which is my case – you WANT to fuck everything in sight, you just don’t do it). Anyway, like I was saying, it’s bad enough I have a strand but this OSAG shit is taking it to another level. YO!!!!! This working out stuff is bru-tal. A knee-grow stay horny on the regular but with OSAG, DAMN. I’m about to be like dogs and just Jump on chicks legs and dry hump’em.

5. I think over 85% of the people are wack. (it used to be 90% but I met some cool ass people lately). Everyone is wack until proven cool. And the crazy part is, they could do the littlest things and I’ll put them in the category. Like make a crazy statement during a discussion and it’s like, oh you’re wack and they forever fall into the world of wackdom.

6. I have a crazy imagination. Let me give you an example. Earlier, I was talking to the receptionist about her vacation but in a 30 second span I peeped her outfit, day drifted and let my mind think that I was really tapping that azz on the copy machine after hours……Do you know how many people I have imaga-fucked in my day?

7. I have a serious selective photographic memory. Notice I said selective. But I remember the craziest things. Like I can tell you things like what you wore the first time we met, down to the T. I recently scared the be-gee-sus out of one of my friends when I told her the exact outfit she wore when we met over 10 years ago. Nuts huh? Combine that with the fact that I’m crazy analytical at times and it’s a deadly combination. I’m like Inspector Gadget and shit. Start noticing trends. I notice a lot. I just don’t speak on it unless it’s called for….

Me: “Wait a minute, this is a different condom”

Her: Huh? What are you talking about?

Me: This condom. It’s different.

Her: You’re bugging (laughin’). It’s the same one we always use.

Me: The brand is the same. That’s about it.

Her: Yo, You’re really bugging out.

Me: *Checking the condom package*. This is different. The expiration date different. The ones we used expired in 2000. This date says 2003. You must’ve used all the 2000 ones when you was cheatin’ on me.

Her: *Stunned*

I think part of it comes from being raised by a woman. You know women got that extra off the planet seventh sense for every detail. Y’all know I’m right…..

8. I’d love to share more in depth personal stuff with the blogworld and slowly but surely I think I will before I announce my blog-tirement. But the world is small and the internet makes the shit even smaller. It’s a small world after all…Its a small world after all….

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 18, 2007.

12 Responses to “Meme this!!!!”

  1. YO I AM LMFAO!!! *crying* OHMYGAWD…not Eric Benet disease…not fuggin the receptionist on the copy machine…not dry humping cats legs WHOA!!! But wait, I too agree with the 85% thing. Cats are wack…PERIOD! you wanna be cool you gotta prove yourself and honestly I aint an easy sis to fool. I can spot the corny dude in disguise from a mile a way…and chicks…nah none of them gets a pass from me. They gotta show me their credentials.

    Ok why did I read this again and I now have to go pee…Whew you ain’t got no sense man. This right here made my day!

  2. You used my phrase? LMAO….but for real, ther are some Blog Pimps out there for real. I think half the men are just writing stuff they think the women will like and waiting to swoop down for the kill. You know acting all fluffy but once you meet them, they probably rock prison tatts.

    OSAG makes you horny? Hell….you should have said that to folks in the first place… they will all start exercising. HA HA.

    You better not be dry humping legs in the office….Imma hafta call Mrs. Fresh and she don’t play dat. Save the humping for the Mrs.

    Oh and your behind is still crazy.

  3. LMAO…why did Sixty just tell me what OSAG is…*DEAD*

  4. My side hurts…You are crazyyyy…

    I do think dudes are straight up on the booty blog tip. I mean because it is reallly strange when a dude is always talking about love and shit…and being single….and only have female bloggers and shit. I mean, that is straight up lame! It took me a while to peep them….then you know..I had to get up out of there.

    I have EB…but I love my illness…and da cure. Thick, chocolate…uhmm YEASSIR!


  5. @Roycee – See this all your fault. Got me wrecking my brain for 8 things. I hit a rock at 4 too!!!!! Oh yeah OSAG nugguh!!!!!

    @1960 + 9 = Yo, that’s a classic line right there. “Fluffy” –hilarious. Add that to the list. Do you adore fluffy mudda fuggas who evolve?!?!?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    @ Divine – I know you have it and I know what your cure is Dr. Freakalicious…

  6. Ok you are hilarious!!!!

  7. oh my stars!!! FRESH I NEED YOU TO REPORT TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE RIGHT NOW!!! Son you are a damn fool!!!!! you damn nut!!! LMAO hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Not imaga-fucked!!! lawd begeeeesus..




  8. Oh wow, I really needed this laugh today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eric Benet disease? Bwahahahahahaha

  9. I came back this morning to read this again *crying* OHMYGOD!

  10. Fresh, you too, can be the Discriminating Blogger who doesn’t REALLY fuck with the guys who come around, but pretends so that his mission is not that obvious. It’d work!!

    LMFAO at the EBD strand! I’ve got it and exercising does not make it any better. Shame I’ve still got no one to work it out with. Heading out to fluffy blogland to see what I can find…

  11. I am officially DEAD after reading this. Fresh, you are too much!

  12. “I think over 85% of the people are wack”=Me too

    Why are you retiring?

    You have Eric Binet disease, hey I knew there is somethind special about you. I could sence your freakyness through the computer screen.

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