I’d like to consider myself a people person. I mean, I get out and mingle and what not at times. I don’t get over paranoid with crowds but if there is one thing that pisses me off more than anything else when I’m out in public…….it’s when people “play me close”

I’ve always been like this. I don’t like when people I don’t know are all up on me. Matter of fact, there’s very few people I do know that I like all up on me anyway. It annoys me. Maybe I am paranoid. Maybe it was those years of riding the iron horse in NYC that made me this way.

I think people should keep their distance. Go THAT way. Stand over THERE. Not all up on me.

If I feel you breathing on my neck, mudda fugga you’re too damn close. Plain and simple. Arms distance. Move.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Happy Hour and saw a former co-worker and some other peeps I know. Generally, good peoples you know? Yeah I know the co-worker. We cool and all but we never really hung out when we worked together. We just happened to bump into each other. But the co-worker is the type that gets up all in your mug when talking. I mean all up in the grill like I was about to get a dental exam. Chill shorty.

Then this weekend I’m standing on line, for what I can’t remember, but this dude is on his cell phone behind me and I can just feel his breath. So I step to the side and turn around and I’m like WTF? I wanted to *ahem* accidentally elbow dude and I was about 2 seconds from turning around and being like yo, can you stand the fugg back? Seriously I’m on line somewhere, I give the people ahead of me like arms distance. I don’t need to be all up on someone. To me it’s an invasion of my space.

In the words of the great rap group Onyx, BACDAFUCUP.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on July 17, 2007.

16 Responses to “Bacdafucup”

  1. Dude I can definitely relate. One time about 4 years ago my Best Friend and I were in this small azz club here in DC (Republic Gardens). So I’m sitting on this little azz ottoman and this chick sits on the other side…ALL UP AGAINST MY BACK AND SHYT!!! First of all, I’m already sitting down so why the fugg would you think your azz can sit on the same shyt I’m sitting on?!?! I know I’m little but dayum! Then to make matters worse, the hoe elbowed me because she’s being all animated and extra while talking with about 6 other girls. So I got up and tapped her azz HARD, she turned around and I said…”you sat the fugg down on a chair that was already taken and then you gone elbow me…get the fugg up, YOU CANT SIT HERE!” Her girls were like “WTF?” And I was like “Yeah, exactly…WTF?!?” No beef…they got to stepping and I continued sippin my drink. People kill me…especially Ofays, they have no concept of personal space…NONE!

    Oh I forgot to mention…I AM FIRST 🙂

  2. I have that issue too. It definitely comes from being a New Yorker and riding the subway, dollar vans or buses. BACK UP HOMIE.

  3. I uh Tagged You! My blog for details…*sorry*

  4. Beige people are notorious for that! I just pick up my fat ass foot and take on huge and HARD STOMP backwards…and throw an elbow with my metal studded purse as a bat. (That’a over two hundred pounds of black woman anger crushing their Croc sandals in the CVS line!)

    Then, I say, “Ooops I am so sorry. I didn’t know you were that close to me.” Then I turn my head and grin and laugh.


  5. don’t go to europe. THEY GET TOO CLOSE!! i mean EVERYBODY is an inch from you. i don’t like people near me but i can usually stay mostly calm. partially b/c my friends in college are notorious space invaders so i had to get rid of my space bubble around them so we could even become friends. there was a dude in college i just had to tell he was a personal space invader. he actually smiled and said i know… please tell him what he needs to hear: BACDA… you finish it.

  6. @Roycee – Yo, Republic Gardens used to be the spot but damn if that joint wasn’t a box.

    @1969 – I figured that NYC had something to do with it.

    @Divine – crushing their Croc sandals?!?!?! hilarious……

    @Jameil – You know what’s funny. My job has an office in Europe and when the Europeans come over to that States, I gotta tell them to ease back.

  7. I sitting on a bench waiting for the train and this white chick sat down next to me when there were 3 other empty benches!!! I’m like do I know you? either you want to have an intimite convo or you about to rob me!!

  8. What about the ones that don’t even let you put your wallet in your pocketbook before they put their shit on the counter? And it’s usually the same ones that are damn near getting a free feel. I need that space. I get skeeved out when people get too close.

  9. Don’t get me started. I hate when people do that shit, stop staying on my as.s like that.
    At my part-time gig people do it all the time, they do not let the person ahead of them finish the transaction before coming up.
    Hellloooooo if that person is signing for the purchases that means they are not done. Wait your damn turn, I always give them the evil look. The worst is when they start talking to you without saying excuse me or anything.

    When am online I simply say ‘excuse do you mind?’

  10. LMAO. Yo…[on the real] this is one of the only blogs where I can relate to just about EVERYTHING you post.

    I can’t stand for somebody to be all up on me.

    Damn…lol–I forgot all about Onyx too. Take heed people–Oh and if this applies to you SIMON SAYS BACDAFUCUP!! 🙂

  11. It’s not just an NYC thing cause that nonsense works my nerves too. Last year I was standing in line and this guy was all up on me. I moved up a bit to give him space, dayum if he didn’t move forward. Finally I turned around and said, “if you get any closer to me, you’ll need a condom”. I mean dayum!

  12. MsJayy – you are officially a nut….If you get any closer, you’ll need a condom?!?!?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    @Ms.Behaving – Seriously yo…It works my nerves.

    @Everything – You know I didn’t even cover that one when I was eating at Panera Bread at lunch and this dude sat right next to me when the whole section was open. FUGGA.

    @Tired – So you’re the one that cuts people evil looks when I’m waiting in line?!?!?

  13. Uh….I am anxiously awaiting your 8 confessions.

  14. definitely an NYC thing!!! cause I’m like that too.. don’t be up on me all close like dat!!!!

  15. Eww I hate when someone is standing behind me and their hot breath is making contact with my skin. Goddamn that is gross.

  16. I am not from NYC but I get like that too. I am from Detroit. We got a lot more open space. There is no excuse for that!!!!

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