Well I was gonna wait till tomorrow to post an update but ehhh, why wait?

OSAG update time homies!!!! Where ya at?

The bad: I slacked a lil sumthin’ last week. Man when I have a lot of stuffage going on, everything takes the back seat. I did manage to get out and run and even made it to a mile without stopping, hands on knees, panting like someone stole the last piece of oxygen on the planet. I thought it was a fluke though. Mrs. Fresh pissed me off that day πŸ™‚ In the midst of all of that I ate like crap. For the first time in the past 3 months, I had McDonalds. Twice. Not in the same day but in the same week. I’m saying, the fries were calling me…Late night…nothing opened….c’mon?!?!?!?

The good: There is a difference. I mean fo’ real so much of a difference that even I noticed. You know you’re usually the last person to notice that you’re losing weight. And after so many comments, I went to the scale and broke out the measuring tape. I took measurements of the gut before and I have one of those scales that look at body fat. I won’t give exact details until it’s all said and done but let’s just say 1 inch gone from the belly and 5% less body fat. HOLY FRIED COW NUTS BATMAN!!!!!!!! And to prove that it wasn’t just adrenaline, I ran a mile again. I’ve increased the weights I lift and damnit, I can increase again. More numbers. When I started, I could leg press 180 lbs. I’ve doubled it. 360 lbs of leg press. Y’all don’t hear me though…….These numbers….I’m not bragging but as a person who has a hard time staying motivated at times, I’m simply telling you where I’ve come to let you know that it is possible….

Wanna know what I’ve done: For eating: Limit the whites…hehehehe…that sounds funny. But nah serious. Limit or eliminated bread, rice, pasta, pizza…you know all the good tasting stuff. If I eat bread, it’s whole grain or whole wheat. It’s brown rice. I can’t lie, that pizza joint hard tho’. Limit sugars especially HFCS. High fructose corn syrup. Read up on that stuff. It’s a damn killer. Chemically manufactured – your body has no idea what to do with it so it stores it as fat. It’s a sweetener and it’s very inexpensive for food companies to put in their products so as a result, it is in EVERYTHING. Check the labels for the stuff you eat. Watch. You can’t eliminate it, you just have to control the quantity you consume.

After this week, I have 6 weeks left. I’m a bit behind schedule but the fact that I’m still working out is a plus. So many people fell off with OSAG (in real life, not blogland) for crazy reasons. One person who was losing weight just stopped because her man said something to her. Something negative. Not encouraging. Look punk, get your low self esteem ass of the couch and walk with her, lard ass. (I can say that because they don’t read my blog πŸ™‚ ) It may take a while to see progress but trust me the first sign you see, it will become inspiration to you. You just have to be patient. Take it one workout at a time. I started planning my workout days ahead of time. I look at my work calendar and say okay, I’m gonna hit the gym on Tuesday, Thursday, Sat and Sun and run on Mon and Wed. And then I hold myself accountable. Also, don’t deny yourself if you have cravings. One chocolate chip cookie won’t make a difference. A whole bag will. Just maintain……..

OSAG is just the beginning. Gotta shrink the gut first. You know what comes next……OTAG nugguh!!!!!! Operation Tone A Gut (actually it won’t be a gut anymore so maybe OTAS…..or OSP..Operation Six Pack….ahhh helll…..

Where you at?!?!?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 26, 2007.

21 Responses to “OSAG….What?!?!?”

  1. Not doing too well…This heat deters me from working out…when I get home, the last thing I want to do is sweat more. I’ve been keeping a food journal and its down right embarressing, but I swear I’ve been eating out of hunger, not emotion. Hunger like I will run a red light to get to the KFC drive through hunger.

  2. ^^^LMAO @ running the light!

    I am glad you’re staying at it, Fresh. If I wasn’t motivated by winning, I may have slacked a whole lot.

    Progress? Well, the week after I won, I went carb-wild! Cake, cookies, name it, I had it. But when the flour dust settled, I got back on a decent eating regimen, still indulging a bit every now and then. Still in the gym.

    Six pack is still light, and I’m not pushing as hard.

    I’m pulling for ya! U can doooo iiiiiit!

  3. Ok, other people are noticing a difference more than me. I have kept up with working out and no longer rely on the calls from my trainer, “How are you doing today? What kind workout did you do? What have you been eating?” You know the guilty workouts are the worst!

    I’ve really been more motivated with my workouts and I get up in the morning and do 15minutes and then workout on the job at the company gym. It’s been great but the other people in my weight loss crew have fell off hard. It’s to the point where on Saturdays when I call no one picks up because that’s when I am working with the training and they know I am gonna ask their fat arses to join me…..lol

    As far as my diet, I have not had any binge moments which is great for me because late night cravings are the hardest but then again, I don’t keep cookies/cakes/ice cream at my house at all even with my 10 year old. He loves fruit and when I do get the junk food it’s only one serving for him to have and none for me to sneak later. I know what I do love are the salads in the bag which make lunch/dinner so much easier when I’m on the go.

    Thanks Fresh and blogland for the motivation.

  4. 1969 is still doing well with OSAG!!!! OSAG WHAT!

    I can run a mile now too. That is huge for me cause I am NOT a runner at all. I need to step up and into a pilates class. I want a long lean body…not bulky.

    I am so proud of your Fresh. I know Mrs. Fresh is liking it!!!

  5. leg pressing from 180 to 360? Running a mile without keeling over? limiting the whites? Sounds like you are doing the damn thing! Wont be long before you’re in OSP mode!!

    I live for the day when I can run a mile without passing out and landing myself in the hospital!

    I’m still taking classes four days of the week – Definitions to work all muscles on Mondays. Extreme Workout, a military style training on Tuesdays. Bootcamp, a cardio and strength training workout on Wednesdays. Thursday is my day off and then Fridays I take another cardio class.

    It’s been two months and I am really seeing some definition and weightloss. My sister saw me on Tuesday and immediately noticed the gut shrinkage…yay!…so I’m going to keep it up!

    The hardest part is staying away from the whites…:-|

  6. @Everything – I know it’s rough at times. I think part of the purpose of the food journal is exactly what you’re saying. It’s to highlight what you’re eating and hopefully it gets so embarrassing that you won’t touch it.

    @Ms.Lee – As hard as you worked, you deserve a little binge!!!!!

    @Akilah – No cookies/ice cream/cake in the house with a 10 year old?!?!? Well damn…..You have boot camp at the crib?!?!? LOL..I’m glad you’re doing well. You are more than welcome for the motivation. Keep doing it!!!!!

    @1969 – Only 4 more miles left to the 5K!!!!!

    @Opinionated – Well diggedy damn!!!! 4 days a week. Do that homie!!!!

  7. Wow! I am so proud of your motivation! Keep it up!

  8. I ain’t in the contest. I did ride some delicious chocolate “bars” *wink* for a total of about 18 hours this week. I eat plenty of fruit, veggies and Propel water.

    Sex counts in my world, man….I works the men OUT! Anything that requires I turn on both air conditioners and the fan on high….some calories are being BURNT.


  9. i’m on a mission myself. πŸ™‚

    i love your motivation. i am going to come back and read more. it’s taking me about 45 minutes to run 3 miles. damn shame i know!!!!!!! 😦 i posted about my situation right now with the weight loss thing too. i understand about your friend who stopped cuz her man made a lame ass remark. my huz said, damn 45 minutes for 3 miiles i can walk faster than that. needless to say i cut his ass with a butter knife. don’t be tryin to steal my job. i will put you on check right then and there! πŸ™‚

    HFCS ain’t NO joke. my toddler is off that. no wonder he was bouncin off every wall after a damn capri sun. milk, 100% juice–i always cut it with water. if he doesn’t like it then oh well….but, for the most part water! i am going to take lav’s advice on replenishing with fruit so i can get my freak game back up. LOL πŸ™‚

  10. joy.

  11. Lav is the residential freak doc. Gotta luv it πŸ™‚

  12. *Waving to the crowd, and jiggling my jiggly ass!*


  13. Did Lav say for 18 hours? YOU GO GIRL….That’s a major workout. LOL

  14. OSAG! I love that name…lol.

    I have been walking about 3-3 1/2 miles nearly everyday for about a month and my husband said that I’ve had to have lost at least 10lbs (and my favorite clothes no longer fit).

    Congrats for trying to stay motivated and for creatively educating people about the “white” foods. I’ve noticed a huge change in my eating habits – no fast food, no pizza delivery, no daily Starbucks and no McGriddles for breakfast have mad a helluva difference! Too bad I can’t seem to shake my weekly craving for a helping of mint chocolate chip ice cream… *sigh*

    Such is life…

  15. Sounds like you’re doin’ the daggone thang!!! That’s great…may your motivation become contagious πŸ˜€

  16. Only *2* more miles ’til the 5K. You workin’ too hard. 5K is ONLY 3 miles. And for the record, you are one funny dude or maybe I smile everytime I see your Avator.

  17. Where’s the list mayne?

  18. 18 hours? Dayum! I am (almost) glad it wasn’t me that wasn’t getting rode! Can’t have tha jimmy raw!

    Lav you are one freeky insatiable greedy nympho! And I mean that in a good way…

  19. I take it, literally, as a compliment. It wasn’t a constant 18 hours…we two too naps over the 24 hour period. Ate some cherries, pineapples, and drank plenty of Propel Water. I love supermen like that….they turn me into a groupie! LOVE.

    That is my workout plan.
    *Hey, wetness never dries to create soreness. Wink*

    Dr. Always.Fresh.Freak.

  20. *took*

  21. High fructose corn syrup is crack bro. I’m glad to see that youare laying off the stuff.I’m also very happy that you are taking care of your health and body. I guess you remeber that Eddie Van Halen post I wrote a while ago.

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