This week’s observations….

#1 – I’m spent waaaaaay to much time reading blogs this week and waaaaay to little time doing work. I had a project due today and I did what I do best. Pro-cras-tin-ate. Throw a day off in the mix. It was nuts. When I have a lot going on at work and at home, the blog takes a backseat.

#2 – I had a chance to sit down and watch some music videos yesterday. In a 30 minute time span, there was nothing of substance and I didn’t see NOT ONE dark skin woman in a video. NOT ONE. Hell, brown skin was a stretch.

#3 – I’m not hating on light skin people. I’m just saying I know there quite a few attractive dark skin and brown skin women out there. So why brainwash us with this nonsense…..

#4- I bought Chrisette Michelle’s CD from Target. I could have downloaded it from iTunes but I bought the CD because I wanted to see her pictures. (Hey I’m telling the truth). And get this….all they had were face shots. Face shots?!?! Who wants that?!?! I want full body pics. I know she might be carrying a few extra pizz-ounds but so what. That’s okay with me. You think they’ll only show Beyonce’s face, or Kelly Rowland’s or Amerie’s….Nope….Conspiracy……(side note: B’s France swimsuit pics was a’ight tho’)

#5 – This white dude at my job plays hip hop music but when he sees me coming, he turns it down. I’m saying…do you son….that don’t bother me…just make sure you don’t come out your ass with a crazy statement….

#6 – Common Elevator Etiquette – Wait for people to get off the damn elevator before you get on. This happened twice already. Next one gets smacked!

#7 – Somebody want to explain this…… 

#8 – If you’re constantly pulling down your shorts or skirts, it probably means it’s too small in the first place. This is dedicated to the girl in the Chinese restaurant who had on some shorts that could have damn near passed for boy shorts. She kept getting pissed at the Jiffy Lube dudes who kept hawking her. What you expect? Small shorts, long legs, and high heels and you think dudes are gonna be quiet?!?!?!

#9 – I gotta have a talk with some of the youngin’s at my job. I mean they’re good, smart peoples but rockin’ a big ass cubic zirconia to a meeting isn’t cool. Tight ass Seven jeans and shirts aren’t cool. And arguing with your man on the phone is not cool either.

#10 – OSAG update next week. Everyone get their asses on the scale and let me know what’s good……

Have a great weekend………….

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 22, 2007.

11 Responses to “This week’s observations….”

  1. LMAO!!

    I love this post. It’s so hilarious AND so true.

    Hope you and the fam have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Um,Fresh? How is the dayum CD man??? Sheesh! You feening for a Right On! type poster & what not. Last video I saw was Fabolous/NeYo – love the song but again, no Brown skin ladies. LOL@ #5 – you should start sneaking up on him outta nowhere. LOL He might wanna get headsets ‘fo he gives himself carpal tunnel. Enjoy ya weekend!

  3. Hell…most of the video chicks are now Latina’s or Euro’s. Brother’s can’t be seen with sistas anymore. We aren’t cool enough. LOL
    Now they want something new….

  4. @MsBee – You have a great weekend too….

    @MsJayy – It’s a conspiracy. C-O-N-SPIRACY. You know damn well I wanted a Right On! size poster. (Did you just show your age with that or what?!?!?)

    @1969 – You ARE hilarious….

  5. Is Chrisette Michelle even that big?
    Shoot I know I had some Fresh and Word Up posters and I know yall older than me.

  6. fab. did you like the cd tho? folk on the elevators drive me insane. the coach tho? disgusting!! i’m so sick of the child molestors in schools. wth is that?!?! and whyyyyyy the hell did her parents sign the consent. she’s not talking to us ain’t a good enough reason to me. you know how black parents are. “you ain’t GOT to talk to me! i’m not ya friend!!” one of the interns wore a mohawk the other day. nonsense.

  7. I’ve been meaning to pick up Chrissette’s CD…is it worth it? I noticed you don’t see that much of her in the video either. Hmmmm…maybe you should send her some instructions for OSAG.

  8. I no longer have cable so I don’t watch channels like BET and stuff that show music videos. Guess am not missing anything.

  9. She definitely dated herself with the Right On! comment! And I could not explain an a million years about marrying a 16 year old. Not even if I was 16.

  10. #6 – Common Elevator Etiquette – Wait for people to get off the damn elevator before you get on. This happened twice already. Next one gets smacked! – Ok, that burns me up too!!!

  11. off topic question: what’s the link to the OSG? i want to read what the requirements are to join. if you got some off the wall stuff like i gotta run 8 miles in one week and stop eating my choc chip cookies, imma cuss you out. just kidding 🙂

    please send the link. i need some motivation and accountability. not sure where to start so, looks like your blog is a good place huh?????

    what’s the link????????

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