Do you know what that means? I’m sure you will be able to guess by the end of the blog.

Fresh reads. Fresh likes to read. And for some reason when summer rolls around, Fresh reads more than usual.

Last 2 weeks, I’ve read three books. My trip to West Bubblefugg helped me but still. Now I need to hit up the bookstore for some more.

My books:

Ghetto Nation by Cora Daniels. I read her first book Black Power Inc. This one hear talks about us and our “ghetto” ways. Don’t expect a thesis on ghettoisms. It’s her opinion of what is considered ghetto. Plus check the book cover. You can’t go wrong with that. Uncle Sam wearing bling throwing up the peace sign!!!!! Classic.

Book number 2


Sleeping with Strangers by Eric Jerome Dickey. I’m probably biased here because I like most of his books but why dude had to hit me with the cliffhanger though?

Book Number 3


Evolution of a Revolutionary by Jasmine Guy basically speaking to Afeni Shakur.

You know what it is about reading? Not just books but this even applies to blogs. It’s the way the person writes. You gotta hook me. You gotta get my attention cause I get bored quick. The minute I sense it’s losing flavor, I’ll close the book and never open it again. Same goes with blogs. There are some blogs that are flat out boring to me so I don’t read them. I’m sure people don’t read my blog for one reason or another. It’s all good. It’s all about personal opinion.

I was in the bookstore yesterday trying to find something new to read but the shelves are covered with nothing but Street Literature or Urban Novels or whatever the hell they want to call them. I don’t knock those books or any of those authors but there are only so many sex, money and drugs book I can take in one sitting.

*Side note* I’m probably reading too deep into things but when music specifically hip hop shifted to focus on sex, money and drugs, so did the books.

Sister Souljah dropped Coldest Winter Ever (one of my favorites) and then it seemed like the scene exploded. Yeah I read a few. I read Chyna Black, G Spot and I forget the other one (black cover, red and white letters with dice on the cover) Anyway, after a while I couldn’t take it. Sounded like the same twisted storyline. I know the street novel started way before Sister Souljah. I read Donald Goines but this just feels different.

Anyway, I try to alternate between fiction and fact books. Maybe I’ll scoop the Audacity of Hope next seeing what O.bama is talking about.

Any other suggestions?!?!?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 13, 2007.

14 Responses to “R…I…F”

  1. Well I coulda saved you some loot on EJD šŸ™‚ I got that one.. and the cliffhanger is because the second part comes out next month!! LOL

    I need to get some books myself so that I can have on the cruise while I’m on the beach.. Barack’s book was enlightening..

    I’ll drop a recommendation list in your inbox.. I am goign home now

  2. Awwwwwwwww…I remember the Reading Is Fundamental program in school…do they still have it?

    I think that book was called “True to the Game” or something similar…they’re all the same now. I used to LOVE EJD…but he doesn’t write nearly as well as he used to and the same goes for Terry McMillan and Omar Tyree too.

    Now I read mostly biographies…just finished up Assata Shakur & Barak Obama’s, loved both especially Obama’s. Read Sista Souljah’s “No Disrespect”…loved that one too. I know I’m late reading these, but hey what can I say. šŸ™‚

    I wish Sista Souljah would come out with another one!!

  3. I am also an avid reader. I usually do three books and about 10 magazines per month. I just finished Gold Diggers by Tracie Howard. In the last month I’ve read Jokes my father never taught me by Rain Pryor & Criminal Minded by Tracey Brown. Criminal Minded is urban lit but it was good and kept me satisfied during a long train ride.

  4. Haven’t read fiction in a while for numerous reasons. But to me, the proliferation of street lit books is pure laziness and money grubbing. The grammar, the punctuation (lack of), the amateurish cover with girls in booty shorts, licking lollipops? F*ck outta here. To me, it makes it hard for an author that’s telling an urban story, not about drugs and money, to break thru because people are turned off. JMHO.

    But Coldest Winter Ever was serious! I don’t think I’ve read anything that came close. Not even True to the Game. LOL @ dice on the cover. Can’t forget that!

    I’m on non-fiction. The Audacity of Hope is my next read.

  5. BTW, Ghetto Nation, with the peace sign? Priceless!

  6. OH MAN…I’m going to have to check out the gheto nation and evolution to revolution…that right up my alley…lol.

  7. I’m reading Audacity of Hope; It’s Just a Damn Date; The Artist Way; and Che right now. (I’m a reading junkie!) Like you if a book doesn’t grab me early I put it down…so far so good with the three I’m on although the dayum Date book is a little predictable and I feel like telling the author “no fukin Duh!” I’ve read Che before but I am a revolutionary junkie as much as I am a book junkie so I always have a book about the struggle in rotation even if it is a re-read!

    Dreams of my Father (B. Obama) and A Long way Gone (Ishmeal Beah) were both great books that I recently finished…good ones for the library. Coldest Winter Ever is one of my all time favorite fiction books (whatever happened to the movie?!?!) but I agree with you…the street stories after that leave much to be desired.

    On your recommendation alone I am going to pick up E. Dickey’s latest. I used to follow his work back in the day but got burnt out on the so and so lives in Cali stories although I think he is a talented storyteller.

  8. @BK – When I went on a cruise last year, I read like 3 books. I know EJD has the sequel coming. Waking with Enemies or something right?

    @Opinionated – That’s right!!! You got it. Reading is Fundamental. Damn girl, you really are old school…..LOL…I read No Disrespect. That was good. I need to get Assata’s. I have Obama’s. And thank you for giving me the title. True to the Game. At least I know I gave a good description.

    @Rebirth – LAWD. 3 books and 10 magazines?!?!?!?

    @Ms. Lee – I feel you on that. After reading those books I took a long break from fiction. In fact, the EJD book was the first one I read since one of those street lits like 2 years ago and that book had typo’s and everything wrong. I got a space in the blog waiting for you. Now if those publishers would just get off their ass!!!

    @Justme – Evolution was a good book. It was like listening to two women sit down and talk about life. I read that joint on the plane ride to Miami and back. I was done. Let me know what you think when you get it.

  9. @Roycee – Someone told me about Long Way Gone. I’ll put that on the list. And I’m all for a Che book. The two things I hate the most. I hate when stories are predictable. That’s probably why I really don’t mess with fiction anymore. And I hate when books read like a 2nd grader wrote it. BOOO-RING.

  10. The Kite Runner was the best book I read last year. If you haven’t read it, go get it immediately.

  11. Reading is fundamental. šŸ™‚

    I’m currently reading the VOW

    I’m struggling through it because I have a toddler and my life is crazy right now but, I try to read something of enjoyment when i can. thanks for the reminder šŸ™‚

  12. i read like a fiend, too. i couldn’t get into audacity of hope . its all about his political beliefs. i heard dreams from my father was better. a bit more autobiographical. i read kite runner, too. it’s good. mama day by gloria naylor is good. ejd is hit or miss for me so i’m a bit afraid to read that one. for non-fiction, “the color of water” is a good read.

  13. My suggestions; SuperSex, Bisexual Politics, and Kickboxing Geishas: How Modern Japanese Women are Changing Their Nation.

  14. I’ve heard good thinga about Ghetto Nation so it’s on my list. Sista Souljah is supposed to be working on another book to be released soon so I heard. Have you read “Measure of a Man” (Sidney Poitier’s story)? I read a lot too – and I read across genres but I don’t read much if any street/urban lit. Try Colin Channer, Brandon Massey, Jenonye Adams – I love their writing styles (all fiction). Um…I gave my brother Hill Harper’s book, and “40 Million Dollar Slave” (can’t remember the author’s name at the moment) – both are nonfiction. I speed read so this “vacation” has given me time to catch up on my reading.
    And you’re right, “Reading IS Fundamental”

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