Routinely Speaking

I get up. Brush my teeth. Eat something light. Head to the gym (OSAG nuggah what!?!?!?) Get on the treadmill behind the cutie on the stair machine. Workout. Come home. Shower. Wake the shorty up. Get her dressed. (notice I didn’t say do her hair).Bring her to school. Sit my ass in traffic and drive to work.

Basic stuff right. Let’s continue.

Get to work. Say Good morning to the receptionist. Say Good morning to the admin (gotta show the admin’s love….) Walked past a group of VP’s. Don’t say shit. Get to my desk. Fire up the laptop and…..

This is where it gets interesting…….

I open up email but I don’t read any. I quickly glance at my calendar but don’t stare at it but damnit if a brother doesn’t go right to the damn blogs!!!!!!

Blogs before email homie. Stick to the script!!! What my blog peeps have to say and what I have to type is more important than a damn email asking me to support a presentation! Damnit I’m trying to find out what 1969 is gonna do to the Puerto Rican chick!!!!!! I’m trying to find out who BK is putting on blast!!! I’m trying to see what you crazy asses wrote as comments on my joint!!!!!

Now I’m a spontaneous dude, don’t get it twisted but this shit right here is my coffee (since I don’t drink it) and you know what happens when an addicted coffee drinker doesn’t get their morning crack?!?! They lose it. They go nuts. They’re crabby. Pissy.

So how do you think I feel when my morning routine is interrupted by someone asking me some shit while I’m reading the damn blogs!!! I get pissed the hell off to the highest level. Damnit don’t you see what I’m doing? You don’t want to f*ck with me. You don’t want no problems…(problems….)

Please if you see someone entrenched in their computer reading blogs. Leave them alone. Let them finish.

This has been a public service announcement from the Fresh One.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 12, 2007.

12 Responses to “Routinely Speaking”

  1. LMAO!!! Funny thing is that use to be my routine until recently when I got hella busy at work. But Blogs before anything else was how I got down and quietly it helped me put my game face on to endure the BS of the day. The stories you guys share, even when its random shyt makes me realize that a little insanity in this world helps to keep us all sane!

    Real Talk…bloggin is my therapy!!

  2. Thank you Fresh, I need to put that on my cubicle wall. I don’t function right at work until I’ve read the blogs. Some people smoke cigarettes, I read blogs.

  3. I agree. I come in and write my blog as I drink my coffee. It’s my morning therapy. Throughout the day….I randomly check everyone’s stories out. Anytime I have a spare minute…I am reading blogs. Dammit, I care about you people. *sniff*

  4. ROTFLMAO man we need to make ALL employers understand this!! LOL cause that’s me!!! LOL and then why do we get mad at ya’ll for not updating fast enough?? LOL

    I don’t know what I’m gone do that week I’m basking in the sun on the various beaches and islands.. I’m gone miss ya’ll mofos

  5. LOL…this definitely made me laugh cause I do the exact same thing! Read blogs first…email second! It’s that addiction.

    I need help!

  6. You have hit the nail on the head! It’s mandatory that I do my prerequisite blogging before any work can commence.

  7. lol….i have been “caught” sooooo many times reading blogs and will ignore the hellll outta whoever it is until i finish……blogland is the greatest

  8. I am CRACKING up that you read blogs before your work emails!!!!!

    LOVES IT! šŸ™‚

  9. Man, here is my secret. *Don’t tell nobody Always*

    Since I am single and when I am not privileged enough to have some hot sexual chocolate laying next to me….I sleep with my laptop. I read blogs naked after a hot bubble bath. Yesh, I am leaving comments bucket naked! I hear you, I ignore my all my phones and send my Momma to voice mail when I am blogging. Its serious. I thought bloggers were strange people and thought blog rolling was for computer geeks. I change my mind….We are the fucking shit!

    This summer I will be exploring more blogs because I get to have more free time. Shit, blogging and checking Facebook is my time killer. What did our parents do for fun before the internet? Hell, what did I do before blogging?

    *Always, remember this is our secret. WINK*

  10. LMAO! don’t you get pissed when people want you to like WORK at WORK! its rude, right?! lololol. i’m on a computer all day, ALL DAY at work. but when i come home, what do you think i do? sit down for a few more hours. i don’t drink coffee either and i go to work between 11pm and 330am. so i guess the net is my coffee, too.

  11. Sounds like a Bloggers Anonymous chapter must be called to order! LOL.

  12. you are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I get pissed the hell off to the highest level.

    I am nodding my head and cracking up. true, true. you aint’ nevah lied.


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