Hot in heerrree…

It’s hot. Like upper 90’s hot. But I’m not complaining. I’m a summer baby. This comes naturally for me πŸ™‚
I did what 2 posts this week? Me slacking…Nah but I was on the road in Bubblefuck, West Virginia and Cleveland.

Cleveland was cool except when their team was getting stomped out by the Spurs. It made the bar scene real quiet. I’m saying though, LeBron is nice but the Spurs just a fundamentally sound good team. Can’t really beat that. (watch me eat my words).

West Virginia….well…like I said…Bubblefuck. I’m talking not one bit of scenery with the drive or the crowd. First of all, we drove from Cleveland to West Virginia. I’m geographically illiterate – who the f*ck knew they were so close? Like 2 hours. Secondly when we drive, don’t just pull over in Catch-a-brother county to get gas. That stuff makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know this place. It’s not well lit and frankly, I get paranoid. Start looking over my shoulder for any oddities…..

The ill part about my trip. I met this dude working for another company. We get to talking about life and sports and all of a sudden this dude goes, yeah, there were 200 people in my high school. 50 in my senior class.

I was like damn….there were like 200 people in my senior class…hell maybe more…who knows. There were like 50 people in a class. Damn sure seemed like it.

Dude got married at 19. Had his first kid at 20. Another damn moment. 19?!?!? Do you know what (rather who) I was doing at 19?!?! I wasn’t even thinking about marriage. I was thinking about one thing and it starts with a “P” and rhymes with “mushy”.

Moments like this make me respect life more. Two different people. One white. One black. Two different walks of life. Growing up in the city for me with that many people was a big game of survival but when you’re living it and going through it, you don’t think like that. You just do it and you don’t realize that you live in a small snippet of the world. Same goes for him. It’s not until you leave, get out and explore that you recognize what you have, what you’ve gone through, what you’ve become. I like hearing stories about how people come up. It exposes me to things that I would have never imagined. Next time you go on vacation to the fancy island, take a trip to the other part of town. See how they’re living. You’ll come back with a whole new appreciation for life. Trust me on that.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 8, 2007.

17 Responses to “Hot in heerrree…”

  1. You really impress me.

  2. It’s so nice to see someone appreciate and respect a lifestyle that’s different from their own, rather than bash it because it’s different.

    I think I got the best of both worlds growing up. My senior class had 30 people in it, but I lived in the heart of the hood. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn how to deal with different types of people early on.

  3. true.

  4. I see you trying to act all grown and mature. LOL

    Stepping oustide of one’s world is a good thing every now and then. I think of it often while watching “My Super Sweet Sixteen”. I say….”Damn, these kids need to live in Brooklyn!”

    Have a great weekend Fresh πŸ™‚

  5. See.. that’s why I try to explain to the knuckleheads on my block that it’s easier to give up and say hustlin’ is all they can do. Because to deal with corporate america and the variety of people there takes so much restraint and introspective thinking I am completely exhausted from not giving out verbal beat downs all.

    I can’t just give a tongue lashing to some idiot but I have to think in terms of “damn, i might lose my job” and then I also have to think about what that person may be going through to cause them to be the jackholes that they are today.

    Everyone needs to think in terms of the world is much bigger than me or my situation……be global thinking…


  6. LOL.. damn fresh you was IN DA STICKS FOR REAL!!!

    Whew.. I feel you on respecting your background and others.. never know what another man has done until you walk in his shoes!!!

  7. stopping by to say hi πŸ™‚

  8. lol. i live in pittsburgh which is 1/2 an hour from wv and about 2 hours from cleveland. more things you don’t know until you move there. when i moved from charlotte to pittsburgh i was like why do i have to drive through wv to get there?!?! the scenery was def. gorgeous, but i too was hurrying up when pumping the gas while looking over my shoulder, made sure to call my sister before i stopped so someone knew where i was in case i got snatched.

  9. Jameil!! I found you in blogger land!! (Guess who) I hate driving through WV to get to Pittsburgh. I don’t want to stop for anything…hunger, bladder, nothing. It’s one of the poorest states in the country. That movie We are Marshall is set in WV, very good movie if you have a chance to rent it.

  10. I luv seeing how other people live. It’s that nosey gene that I inherited from my momma! Really makes you think about the choices people make and the circumstances creating those choices.

    Now about this statement…I was thinking about one thing and it starts with a β€œP” and rhymes with β€œmushy”…why am I NOT surprised!

  11. @DivaThoughts – Thank you.

    @Bella – So many people don’t know how to handle people from different walks of life. It’s a shame.

    @HF – Holla.

    @1969 – I be trying to act grown right?!?! LOL

    @Aklah – That’s such a good point. Everyone needs to think and see the bigger picture.

    @BK – sticks wasn’t the word.

    @Tanyetta – Sup homie! LOL.

    @Jameil – Welcome. By the way, as soon as we stopped on our journey, I called someone. I was thinking exactly the same thing as you.

    @Everything – You stalking Jameil!?!?!?!?

    @Opinionated – What’s wrong with my statement? C’mon at 19, what were YOU thinking about???

  12. Wow. I thought my high school was small. Always good to see the world from another person’s perspective.

  13. EEEEEEEEEAAAASY…I was seriously kidding

  14. @Ms Jayy – It was an eye opener.

    @Opinionated – C’mon…you know I’m joking…..but what were you thinking about???

  15. Let’s see @ 19…I had my own place. Let’s just say there were three things on my mind…partying, bills & trying to make this living on my own thing work.

  16. At 19, I know what was on my mind! LOL. And it sure wasn’t marriage. Then again, maybe it was. You know how girls sometimes think the one they’re ‘with’ is the one they’re gonna marry. Ahhh. To be that young again.

    I can appreciate all walks of life. It gives you perspective.

    Great post.

  17. I’m a bazillion days late…Eh! so what!!! The point is I’m here getting caught up LOL!! Anyway, wanted to say that I travel quite a bit and no matter where I am or what country I am in I ALWAYS make it a point to get down and dirty with the locals. Seriously, that is how you really gain perspective; learn the true culture; get a feeling for the vibe and the energy of the land. I tend to steer clear of touristy stuff (although I might check out a little this and that) but where I get the most from the experience is blending in, eating at the local spots and trying to learn the languages, how the people think, grew up, how they live.

    Ok that was my 2 cents…I know you’re like SO!!! LMAO!!

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