OSAG – Update

OSAG – that’s one of my nicknames for Operation Shrink A Gut….OSAG get it? (I hope y’all are not that slow). You know how rappers have like 8 different names..Jay-Z – HOVA- Jigga. Well, so will OSAG aka Gutless aka ahhhh I can’t think of anything else right now…..

So here’s my update….

The last couple of weeks was basically an introductory period for me. Body meets Exercise. Exercise meets Body. See exercise and body had this real crazy love/hate relationship. In the past they didn’t get a long too well. So I had to play Cupid. Hook them up. I told them to start slow. Get to know one other. Establish a foundation. Develop lines of communication. And that’s what they did.

I also introduced Body to Diet. You know Diet. She’s funny. Real picky. Doesn’t like to go by her real name so she’d prefer I call her Eat Right (get your mind out the gutter!) Body and Eat Right. Yeah. Eat Right’s cousin Poison has been in Body’s life for some time now. Poison got that crazy body but no ambition. She’s not wifey material. Just something you “hit” when you need it. Problem is Poison has been known to get around. Everybody knows her. But Eat Right. She’s special. She’s the one you settle down with. With Eat Right, you gotta work hard to get her. You gotta pay attention and stay on your game. She’s no nonsense but once you get her, the rewards are endless.


I spent the last couple of weeks easing into this. I took note of what I was eating so I know what to avoid. I did research on foods. I read articles, books. I read labels now. Who knew my favorite Ice Tea had so much damn sugar?!?!? I’ll share some of this info on future posts. As for working out, again, I’m easing into it. I have realistic expectations this time. You can’t go to the gym one time and do one set of situps and think your gut is gonna disappear!!!!! For the last couple of weeks, I’ve done full-body circuit workouts with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise 3 times a week. All to let my Body know that this shit is real. This week, I turned it up a notch. Next week another notch. On my non-weight lifting days, I’ve started jogging. First of all, let me say this, I used to think running for sport was stupid. Not anymore. I’ve ran on the track at the local community college. I’ve started running in my neighborhood and I judge my progress by how many times I can go around without getting tired. Yep, I started at 1 but I would run 1, then walk 1, then run 1, then walk 1. Interval workouts.

Where I’m at:

Honestly, I’ve already noticed a difference and so have other people. My arms and legs are getting some definition. My energy level is up. I don’t feel as sluggish as I did before and most of all, since I workout first thing in morning, I can deal with all the bullshit at work and not get stressed. You see OSAG saves me from slapping the shit out of the dumb ass co-worker. Can’t beat that…It’s amazing what exercise does for your attitude.

So like I said, now I’m turning it up. Weights increase. Cardio increase. I need to increase my water intake. Fresh and water don’t mix like two chicks and no d*ck (for all my Biggie fans).

65 days left (till Fresh gets wiser by a year and the gut disappears)

A’ight so all of those that signed up to be down….Where you at? Let’s hear the updates. Even if you didn’t do anything, say it. Even if you ate one carrot, say it. Don’t make me call y’all out…..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on June 6, 2007.

9 Responses to “OSAG – Update”

  1. I’m down 8 lbs already and can fit in a smaller dress size. My body and exercise were NOT friends for a while, but they seem to be doing well now.

  2. Last week I did well, I exercised at least 4 days and one day I did it twice, cardio in the morning, weight lifting at night. Then I moved last weekend and it was stressful and I got out of wack and started eating and stopped exercising-haven’t done it at all this week. At my job there is always food around so that doesn’t help

  3. *clapping* good job fresh!!!! So your Birfday is the day Beyonce comes to town.. hahahaaaa

    anywhoo..you are going about this the RIGHT way.. and June 11-17 is Men’s Health Week!!! lots of good stuff with be around..

    I’ll post today about my progress.. on the fitness blog..

  4. You are doing well Fresh. I hate running but you know it REALLY works for me. I do the walk, jog thing too at my track.
    I do two miles every morning at 5am.

    I have also been eating way better. Donuts are the enemy!!!!

  5. Ok…let’s just say working out is the new crack…I’ve only been at it for the last 5 weeks and my energy level is way up. I do circuit workouts 2 days a week 30 minutes, walk/run 1 hour 2 days a week, and get the full beat down with my trainer on Saturdays. I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until she had me jumping rope, boxing, lifting weights, doing situps and then running for a mile. I think she has an insurance policy on me because I felt like she wanted me to die but I made it.

    I’ve only lost 4lbs so far but my arms/legs/back are showing signs progress. She says I have lost inches but I have to be more agressive with my eating habits, cut out that sugar/carb intake a bit more and i’ll be good. But I loves me some potato bread and that’s my down fall and tempation.

    Operation Shrink a Gut is in full affect……thanks for the motivation.

  6. ^^^LOL @ working out is the new crack! Same for me. Fresh, I haaaate running, so I do that start stop junk, too. I found that the elliptical is the easiest w/ the best return.

    LMAO @ 2 chicks/no d*ck! Get that water on, Fresh! The one thing I learned is ANYTHING you like…has a boatload of sugar! It IS the enemy! But you can beat it!

    Go Fresh!

  7. BK Diva just sent me the link to train for my first 5K. I am sooo gonna do this. You guys will be so proud of me 🙂

  8. Y’all are doing the damn thing!

    8lbs for Bella—–woooooooooohooooooooo, work that homie!

    Everythingiseverything is doing it!

    Hey BK – actually my b-day is the day after she comes to town so if you want to arrange a Beyonce lap dance for me as a present, I’ll gladly oblige!!!

    1969 – I thought about the 5K thing. That’s an accomplishment. You do that. I might just be following in your steps.

    Aklah -In full effect is right. You’re welcome for the motivation but really it goes both ways. I gotta get more aggressive with eating as well. It’ll fall into place real soon

    Ms. Lee – Damn homie, can I get some lines in my stomach?!?!?

  9. aight.. 🙂 well Fresh I can’t arrange for the real beyonce to do that.. but I’ll see what I can do that won’t make da wifey cut me!! LOL

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