What’s your motivation?

My weekend was good. Good times with friends and family. No cookouts. Just good spirits and good eats with good people.

At one point this weekend, I hit one of my thinking moods. See when my wheels turn, they go full speed until I put them back in gear and have them slow down. Usually nothing or no one can disrupt the mood. I guess that’s called focus.

Everybody gets their motivation from something different. The source will change based on what you’re becoming motivated for.

Maybe it’s a bet that challenged you.

Maybe it’s a person that talked trash about the bet.

Maybe it’s that ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that broke up with you and called you selfish that’s motivating you to become a better person.

Maybe it’s the doctor telling you that you need to lose weight.

Maybe it’s success.

Maybe it’s material. (it’s amazing how focused I can get if I see a new watch ๐Ÿ™‚

5-6-7 years ago, I had a plan. By the time I was 30, I wanted to be at a certain point in my life. I sat down and wrote down what I wanted and how I was going to get there. My motivation back then was weird. It came from the words of an older co-worker at the time. We were talking at lunch one day and I was telling him some of my plan. He said “Shiiiiiiit, you can’t do that in 5 years. You need 10.” He was dead serious. So was I. I did it in 3.

Now my motivation is different again.

Last couple of years I’ve been somewhat stagnant. Comfortable. Sleeping. In a sense going through the motions of every day life. Treadmill style. Running fast but not going anywhere.

This weekend wifey and I had some time to ourselves. With ma dukes in town, kid duties no longer exist for those couple of days. So we decided to be nosy and go look at some new model homes not too far from where we live. These were HOUSES. Off the hook interior decorating. Just crazy. The type of house where my cousins from NYC will come down and go back and tell people on the block in BK that I live in a mansion. HA!

I came back home dazed. That house – that’s what I want. I know wifey wants it too. She has the same look on her face when she wants something. Whether it’s a new house, shoes from Nordstroms, a purse or me ๐Ÿ˜‰ For some reason that whole episode made me realize that I want more. Yup, I’m greedy. Sure I’m thankful for what I have and I thank God everyday. But I’m not the type of person to sit still for long periods of time and I can’t stand being stagnant. That’s the problem with “us”. We get too complacent. We get to a certain point in life and just stop and settle. We accept too easy and say this how things are supposed to be. We hear a couple of “no’s” or “you can’t” and get discouraged and stop.

People start exercising and dieting and don’t see any change after 2 weeks and stop and accept that they’re going to be big their whole life. See. That’s settling.

Some of you are sitting in a job right now unhappy as I don’t know what. But you won’t look for a new job or you won’t take that new opportunity because you’re comfortable. You stay with the same person in your relationship because you’re comfortable. It’s understandable though. Comfort is a part of human nature but can you pick yourself up and do something else, something different if the situation called for it. Are you motivated?

Sure Operation Shrink-A-Gut is about umm…losing my gut but if its going to help add years to my life so I can see my daughter grow into a beautiful woman, that’s all the motivation I need. If seeing that house this past weekend made me realize that I need to get my financial house in order then so be it.

I don’t knock anyone’s motivation. Just do and use whatever it takes to get from one end to the other (and beyond)


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 30, 2007.

11 Responses to “What’s your motivation?”

  1. Fresh, this was something I had to learn as an adult. Everything to me was about being comfortable. Until I found that even though I thought I was, I wasn’t. I was in a constant state of wait and see, as opposed to planting the seeds and/or getting out and making it happen.

    Great post. I guess we’re on the same plane about motivation and goals. :o) Keep striving, BK Homie!

  2. Geat Post. I really needed to hear this today. I’m new to your blog and already a fan.

  3. big ups to di one fresh!!! all a di midwood massive.. big up.. LOL

    Fresh I swear this weekend we were vibing and didn’t even KNOW it.. while I had the best weekend of my life, it also showed me so many more things that made me say.. ok its time to go back to the drawing board and make it happen… and one of the things I did.. I wrote my evaluation for my boss.. she has put it off for 8 weeks.. I wrote it for her.. told her to make corrections where she disagreed and inserted additional responsibilities and justifications as to why I should have them.. one that shocked the shyt outta her.. and two.. I set my path.. she scheduled me on her calendar for friday to discuss.. ๐Ÿ™‚ gotta make it happen baby.. time waits for no man!

  4. My motivation is be sexy for Mr. Magical!

    (Did you think I would say something different? *tisk, tisk)

  5. You ain’t never lied! We do get complacent and settle for the bullshit in life. What comes to mind ofr me is just how women just plain GIVE UP altogether. I have a friend like that…she has three damn kids because after the first one she just went “well my life is already fucked up…might as well keep having kids.”

    Burns my britches to say the least. So many women are like that…just letting shit HAPPEN to them instead of making their own shit happen…

    Good post…got me thinking…

  6. Fresh…great post. It is true, life is about striving for the next step. We bought our house a year and a half ago and we are plotting on our next one in three more years. Gotta have a game plan and gotta revise it and refocus constantly.

  7. This is definitely a good post. I had to think lonnnnnnng and hard about what motivates me career-wise and I’ve concluded that I’m just not motivated…and this is not good.

    I like change…it’s why I move so much and vacation so much, but I think the reason I’ve been pretty stagnant career-wise is mostly because of the money. What I do is not rocket science and yet they pay me nearly six figures. And, I get a significant raise and bonus every year.

    I’m really bored though…sigh.

  8. @Ms. Lee- You keep doin’ your thing homie. It’s all gonna work out. Like BK said, out the back of the truck like it’s a mixtape. We got you!

    @Rebirth – Welcome to the blog. Hope you stay a while.

    @BKDiva – buck buck buck boo-ya-ka shot. lick shot!!!! reeee-wind!!!!!! all flatbush massive..anyway i got caught up. sometimes you have to be the one to take control.

    @Divine – I actually expected to you say something that rhymes with “stick” but hey….

    @Mistress – That’s just sad. I hate when people give up.

    @1969 – Y’all trying to keep up with the Joneses!!!! Do you!!! I hear that. I’ll be at the new housewarming…

    @Opinionated – Tough call. Nice pay and boredom. What do you do? As far as the motivation, you’ll find something if you think about it. What motivated you to exercise? What motivates you to travel? Maybe you can apply those to other areas of your life…

  9. correction….we are trying to be the Joneses….LMAO!

  10. Good post. I often find myself trying to figure out my career motivation. I cant stand the position that I’m currently in, and I chalk it up to gaining industry experience, even though I know I’m experienced and capable in this industry beyond my years. I see now that it is really time to put my skills to the test and go for the position I’ve been dying to get into since I was a little girl.

  11. Great post Fresh. Motivation definitely changes over time (or at least it should). Too many of us do suffer from “inertia” in our lives. I had a bad case of it work-wise but um, ‘they’ corrected my mental state there. The thing is, in all areas of my life, I know that not only do I “WANT” more, I’m “MEANT” for me. Crazy how I stumble across THIS post just after pulling out my 2007 goals for reevaluation….

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