Randomly speaking for Friday

It’s a damn shame I have to update my blog from a Panera bread store. Work has got me ummm…working. You would think those bastards would at least give people a break since it’s the day leading up to a holiday. But nah, that’s too much to ask for the Captain of the ship.

The funny thing is my boss is on vacation for like 2 weeks and like most people, when I heard that, I said one thing “Ahhh sh*t, Fresh gwon be up out this joint everyday at like 4”

Yeah right.

Not only is he on vacation but so is the next person in line which means I gotta pick up the slack. In case you didn’t know, shit flows downhill especially when the corporate America’s gravity is involved. Fuggas.

Randomly speaking…..

I’m somewhat a fan of reality shows, but did my eyes see Doug E Fresh – The Original Entertainer on American Idol beat boxing with that dude? I don’t even know that dude’s name because I don’t watch the show (wifey does) and the one time I did see the show I though the black girl Melinda was the best singer. Did anybody else catch that Seacrest dude call this guy “original”? How many people in audience do you think actually KNEW who Doug E Fresh was? American Idol is so wack…..

It’s amazing how many people are down with Operation Shrink-A-Gut. Y’all make me proud. Bringing tears to me eyes. Seriously though there are like 15 people now (on and off line) who want to lose weight, get back in shape, etc. Now all I gotta do is figure out a way to make you accountable. How about everytime I post an update, you do the same in your comments? Give me some ideas. There’s no way in hell I’m taking all y’all out to dinner!

How come ghetto girls always smack their lips when they talk? I’m listening to a convo right now. Guurrrlll *smack* cause I was like you can’t be just sleeping here *smack* I ain’t yours *smack* (rolls her eyes)

When you’re in an outdoor shopping center, how come people pull up and park right in front of the store when there are parking spots available? And then get mad when they get a ticket….

There are some very attractive MILFs at my daughter’s day care…LAAAWWWDDD….

Ladies…y’all just keep on looking good. The weather is nice and you’re showing legs, breaking out the dresses and sunglasses and wait hold up….here come one right now…..hold please………………………………………………………………..yeah, y’all just keep on looking good! That’s all I have to say about that.

BKDiva….Happy Birthday!

Getting laid vs. Krispy Kreme donuts – What’s better?

Speaking of birthdays, how come it seems like people know different versions of the song “Happy Birthday”? Is there a correct version? When I was growing up, it was Happy Birthday first, then How oooold are you and that’s it. Now you got the “May God bless you” in there. When did that sneak in there? And why is the Martin Luther King Jr Birthday song a staple in our community for our  birthdays? “Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday”……Now we sing 50 cent….Man, leave it my peoples to always add some shit….

I’m raiding somebody’s cookout this weekend. Just don’t know who yet….

All this time preparing for a damn meeting and it’s cancelled. Dumb ass. It should have never been scheduled in the first place! It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend….

Speaking of which….y’all enjoy. Be safe.  I’ll holla………..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 25, 2007.

10 Responses to “Randomly speaking for Friday”

  1. LOL…LOL…AND AGAIN…LOL. dag, I don’t really know what to say first, but I loved it all and I LOVE to do my ghetto girl talk…lol. donuts…and I wish I knew a cookout I could crash.

  2. LMAO @ the ghetto girl speak. That’s real talk right there, Fresh!

    Umm, make that 16 for the Operation Shrink A Gut. I’ve been MIA, so I didn’t really get to jump on board properly. But lemme get these BBQs outta the way first, cuz I’m not trying to think about calories and exercise this weekend.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. LMAO.. operation shrink a gut begins May 29th for me but June 1st for everybody.. GOTTA GET FOLKS THE OPPORTUNITY TO EAT ALL DAT BBQ THIS WEEKEND AND THEN SHYT IT OUT!!! LOL

    LMAO @ the donuts vs. getting laid.. GETTING LAID ALL DAY BABY!!! lol

    AND THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!I’ll tell you how many versions I hear tonight! LOL

  4. lol…..loves panera bread wifi….hate the ghetto convo…still trying to figure out how panera was discovered…anywho….another weekend of bootcamp and 3 people have already come up with “I can’t make it…i’m ok with my weight” excuses not to join me at the fitness bootcamp..bodyworksbyrobin.com……

    stay motivating the blog world…have a safe weekend…

  5. Yep, Idol is only less wack than Survivor.

    I wonder about that lip smacking thing too!

    Of course they are attractive. That is how they became MILFs in the first place!

    LMAO @ “hold please…”. I do that too. They just know they come outside walking straight down Foine Street.

    Getting laid is definitely better. But Krispy Kreme is a good second…

    Around here it was “May the Good Lord bless you” But that was after the “How old…” part. We been doing that since creation. Now folk tell you the Stevie Wonder version IS the correct version (if ya black).

    I already raided me a cookout. It was good too. Good thing too. It is raining now.

    LOL @ bad meeting schedule. Been there…
    Been there on the shit roll too.

  6. I’m so mad I typed a whole response and got an error. 😐

    Hold please…be back in a minute.

  7. LOL @ the happy birthday song. I heard a new version yesterday. Not sure when it all changed.
    Someone at your office scheduled that meeting out of spite. LOL

  8. I love donuts and sweets in general but I’d take some dick over them ANY DAY OF THE WEEK BUDDY.

    ROFL at you scoping chicks at your daughter’s day care! 🙂

  9. I think I am one of those MILF’s at daycare (or at least I strive to be)…LOL
    I raided a cookout….not so good. See today’s blog.

    I ran everyday this weekend. I am gonna win this thing!

    And yes, d*ck always beats donuts.

  10. Man….getting booty is always better than donuts. Did you smack your head on da pavement?

    Aiight, I was on the train….Ghetto Girl was yelling at her “dude” for NOT buying her those gold earring with her name on the inside of them! Now, I about fainted when I couldn’t imagine earring with your name in the middle. DEN at the next stop…GhetOE Sista number two gets on the train and sits down in front me.

    First I notice the french wrap with red and black checkered weave pattern up the back….then her name was Keisa. Why did I know that? Glad you asked. That BIOTCH had Keisa inside of loop gold earring.

    *Fainting and denouncing my sistahs and declaring my Irish heritage. For tonight ONLY!*

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