Repeat Offender

You ever notice that some people just don’t get it? What’s “it”? “It” can be anything. Something personal. Something about work. Whatever. And no matter how many times you try to explain, no matter how many times you think you’re getting through, you’re not. Nothing gets accomplished and you’re in the same position you started in. It’s like being on a treadmill. Sure you’re running but you’re not going anywhere. I don’t know about anybody else but as for me, I choose to no longer waste my time with people like this.

I’m the advice person (I think in my other life I had an office with a leather couch) but people call/email/contact me whenever they are going through shit.  They ask me for advice – I give it to them and I absolutely have no problem with it. Raw. Pure. Uncut. Advice.

Why cut corners? Who needs a “yes” man. I don’t take sides.  I’m not biased. I tell you how I see it and you’re not always going to like what I say.

So if you come to me and I put you on blast, it’s for a reason. Suck it up. And if you’re going to catch an attitude with me and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, then why ask me in the first place!

You wanna know what sparked this blog?

I have friends that come to me for “the male point of view”. I love those.  Why is he acting that way type of questions. Again. Raw. Pure. Uncut.

One person called me. About a year ago she met a dude and the more and more she told me about dude, it raised a flag for me. So I told the person to be careful. Sounded like he’s got some issues. Months later she became pregnant by dude. His initial reaction was “I’ll be there for the baby”…not her, the baby. I can’t be mad at that b/c some dudes wouldn’t say that but never in their convo, to my knowledge, did he say he’d be there for “them” or “her”. Just “the baby” which to me said, he had no interest in the relationship with her. So basically he just wanted the ass. During the pregnancy, he re-iterated his position and would disappear, then re-appear.  So Fresh gives her the warning. Look when the baby comes be careful cause as soon as that 6 or 8 weeks is over with he’s gonna come around for some ass. Not a relationship. Ass. Don’t give it up. Play your position.

Do I even need to tell the rest of the story?

All I’m gonna say is, we’re all human right. We make mistakes all the time. Sometimes when we make the mistake, we don’t even know it’s a mistake but when you  keep making mistakes, the same mistake over and over again, it means you’re not listening. You’re blocking me like I’m some type of spam email.

So if you’re asking someone for advice, listen to it. Even though you may not necessarily agree, just fall back and listen to them. Obviously you’re asking for a reason.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 24, 2007.

8 Responses to “Repeat Offender”

  1. I think people ask for advice, but they don’t really want it. Particularly when it involves their mate…they’re going to do what they want to do in the end anyway.

    I made a rule a long time ago…I keep my advice about people and their mates to my damn self!

    As for your friend, I’m just SMH.

  2. Some people don’t want the truth…they just wamt someone to validate their feelings. You did the right thing. Keep being you darlin.

  3. You can’t handle the truth!!!!

    You know folks only want advice that coincides with what THEY want to do. LOL

    I am like you, I am honest to a fault. If you don’t wan’t an honest opinion…..don’t ask me. Ask your other friend…

  4. LMAO.. 1969 took it right out my fingers.. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.. damn well hopefully she smart enough to make him bag up this time.. damn only a year and she breed already??? gal dem slack wit dem cookies boy.. me have mine like a damn concentration camp! no condom no punny.. no test no punny.. u dont want to deal with dat.. den go get somebody else punny!

  5. I’m in total agreement with all that’s been said. I really think that people just like to hear themselves talk sometimes. 🙂 They want to tell you about it and have you pat their heads and say, “You’re right, it’s gonna be fine, etc”. You got the wrong one baby.

    So Fresh is a p/t counselor? *lol* I may hit you up for some advice.

  6. Hope she didn’t get knocked up again.

  7. i’m here by way of diva’s thoughts blog. i love your blog. you are on point 🙂

    p.s. i have a question, what does play your position mean? i’ve heard ppl say this but, i’m not sure what that means. how do you know what your position is? who decides on the positions? if you’ve already discussed this on your blog, please send me the link. as you can tell i’m playing catch up on your blog since its my first time here! thanks 🙂

  8. Tanyetta….play your position is like saying stand firm. Don’t give in to anything the other person is trying to do or persuade you. Express yourself. Tell them how you feel.

    Welcome to the blog…

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