Operation Shrink-A-Gut (part 2)

Fresh opened his mouth one too many times this past weekend.

First, he boldly proclaimed his love for his beloved New York Yankees talking trash to fellow Met fans (one in blogland in particular). Yet, they got their ass handed to them Friday and Saturday. FUGG. Glad I didn’t make any wagers but uhh…we still cool right?!?! You wanna put a wager on who’s team goes the furthest?!?!

Second, this gut shrinking thing. So last week I worked out 3 days – 2 days of weights, 1 day of cardio (should’ve been more but I got caught up). Anyway, this weekend, I’m bragging to the fellow boys and girls about how the gut will be gone by my birthday. August. This is what..May. I got this. (I think?)

My boy (who prolly has around 10x the gut I have) and his wife (who is a member of the still carrying baby weight even though my kid is 10 years old) – damn I’m wrong for what I just said. It’s true though. Let me start over.

My boy and his wife start hating on my goal. (Side note: I’ve worked out with this dude before and he’s the type that will do a set of bench presses and then rest for 5 minutes and then hit up Baskin Robbins for ice cream when we leave the gym. ) So I do what any other logical person would do.

Talk trash and initiate the challenge (with an ulterior motive).

That was Saturday. By Sunday evening when my phone rang, word had spread and a total of 5 people are in on it. Every person has a different goal. It’s them vs. me. If they win, I buy them dinner – restaurant of their choice. If I win, each person owes me something…hehehehehe…..boy and the sh*t I’m thinking of will be oh-so-enjoyable……

Fresh don’t back down son!

Oh so what’s the ulterior motive you ask? Easy. I set them up. All 5 of them.

See, I used to always ask if they want to go work out, get them to go to the gym, do something athletic. I always got hit with some excuse. “Nah, my toenail hurt” or some sh*t. But now, put a wager on it and all of a sudden, they’re onboard. Different people have different motivations. I’d be surprised if all 5 actually finish. At least 2 will probably drop off around 3 weeks or something. But 1 will keep going and probably push me 🙂

Mrs. Fresh laughed. She knew what I was up to the whole time.

Anyone else trying to see me in a challenge?!?! We can start Blogger Fit Club up in this piece!!!!!!


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 21, 2007.

12 Responses to “Operation Shrink-A-Gut (part 2)”

  1. Good for you!!!

    lmao@”nah, my toenail hurt”!!! Now that is the craziest excuse I ever heard…right next to my friend saying, “but I just got my hair did.”

  2. Uh yes….we are still friends despite you talking trash on the Best team in NYC. LOL What are the terms, I’ll wager….

    Good for you, you will beat those dudes. Mrs. Fresh will cook good food and keep you on your game. You just have to work out. Mostly cardio if you want to lose the gut. By August…you will be singing “This is why I’m Hot” at the beach.

  3. yeah what are the terms.. I done got the white bikini for the cruise..LOL

    I’m in.. Blogger Fit Club you ain’t said NOTHING.. 🙂

    *Ms Lee is disqualified because she is already fabulous and working on a six pack* LOL

  4. 10 year old baby weight……lol…..i love when people who obviously need to be in the gym start hating on you for having a goal and working to make it happen. i started working out with a trainer and asked about 10 people to join me and after the first session…the excuses…started coming…

    i’m on board with the fit club….

  5. I wanna join…I’m at least 30 pounds overweight and I have no babies to blame it on. My excuse? Too much traffic to the gym, even though I can take metro there. I think I can lose at least 20 pounds by August.

  6. Keep me posted on the fit club…I could handle dropping a few pounds before my birthday…this summer…

  7. Aww, how did I get DQ’d before I even applied for my membership?! LOL.

    Fresh, I feel you on the challenge. I had been procrastinating on the gym for the longest. Dude at work said I couldn’t do it. And here I am. Aiming for a six pack.

    Since I can’t join, I’ll just do some cheers straight off the sidewalks of Brooklyn.
    Ooh, she wally wally, ooh she bang bang. His name is Fresh. Oh yes. He is the best. Oh yes. He loses that guuut. He wins the bet. Oh yes. LOL. Gooooooo Fresh!

  8. lmao@Ms. Lee’s cheers while clapping and doing the footwork right along with it!?!

    Ahhhhhh…cheers from the hood. Those were the days.

  9. I ain’t joining no club….unless its a Swinger’s Club.

    Bwwwwaaahhhh. I will be happy to review the results!

  10. You remind me that I so need to get back to the gym.

  11. LMAO @ Ms. Lee’s cheers!!! hahahahaaaaa remember when you would go to another block and battle the girls on their block?? LMAO oops so totally off topic.. LOL

  12. Yooooo, I see its like a month into it, but the BULLY wants to join in the Challenge. I’m tired of hearing (You would be good if you didn’t have that belly….or all you need to do is lose the gut..”

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