Tag, I’m it….

Single Ma and her fabulous financial self tagged me with this 5 things you obsess about meme. So I play fair. I play along.

So here we go. 5 things I obsess about.

1. Nia Long

2. Gabrielle Union

3. Halle Berry

4. Sanaa Lathan

5. Sex with all of the above. 🙂

See Single Ma, that was easy. Next question please…..

For real though, I actually had to look up the word to make sure I knew what it meant. (Obsess = to dominate or preoccupy the thoughts; to think about something unceasingly or persistently). Well based on that definition alone, I’d say there’s a 3 letter word that begins with “s” and rhymes with “flex”  that occupies a good portion of my thoughts so let’s look at the other 1%…hehehehe…..

#1 Money

Saving it. Spending it. Investing it. Making it. I hate seeing my bank account dwindle after paying bills. I hate when Uncle Sam greases me up and gives it to me raw in April (yes that happened this year) On the flipside, I love when a good investment grows. I love it when my net worth grows. Living paycheck to paycheck is not fresh (get it…not fresh…corny joke…moving on).

#2 Corporate Slave Ship

Hey Fresh, you’re obsessed with Corporate America? Of course I am. What other place can work you for 40+ hours and only get a 1% raise with a pat on your back from your manager saying “Good job Kunta”. Get the f*&^% outta here. The CSS is some institutionalized bullsh*t and I’m obsessed with putting on my life jacket, jumping the hell off and swimming my way back to the land called Freedom.

#3 Blogging

Years ago a friend of mine told me to Blog. So I did it. Then stopped. Then started it up again months ago. It’s therapeutic, not only typing it but also reading others. Bloggers are special people if you think about it. We’re sharing our personal stuff with a bunch of damn strangers over the internet. Try explaining that to someone who doesn’t blog. They’ll look at you like you have 4 nipples. I think we were all dropped on our heads as babies. 🙂

#4 – Watches

I had to put one material item on the list. I like classy *ahem* somewhat expensive watches. I said somewhat. I’m not Jigga man and I don’t like the “iced out” joints that are knockoffs in the back of the Source or Vibe magazine. Watches are one of the few accessories that a man has that can compliment his outfit. Don’t worry I don’t break my pockets (see #1)
#5 – Good conversation

You ever talk to someone and you see their lips moving but nothing but some hot ass air is coming out? Nothing makes sense and you sit there thinking “what the f*ck are they talking about?!?!?”. I hate that. But on the flipside, sometimes you have that good…I mean real good discussion with someone that’s thought-provoking, engaging, you can say what you want, they can do the same, no one gets offended…..Maaaaaan. I love that. It’s mentally orgasmic (and may even lead to physical ones too). Oooooooh baby…..oooh yeah…….don’t stop……debate that topic…..ssssss……..ooooh here it cums…..I a-a-a-agreee……LOL.

There you have it.

Now I’m tagging some folk.


Ms. 1-9-6-9

Ms. L to the EE

TD “Postal Service loving” J

The Diva with Opinions


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 16, 2007.

14 Responses to “Tag, I’m it….”

  1. What is a tag? I don’t get the concept. So someone send you a bunch of random questions and you are suppose to answer them…

    How can I start a blogger game of “Hide N’ Go Get It!” 🙂

  2. Yeah, yeah….I responded.

  3. @Divine – Pretty much and since I didn’t follow the rules and tag 5 people…Guess who is now my 5th!?!?! Yes my dear. YOU. Gets to typing!!!!!

    @1969 – I’ma go check it out now.

  4. First time here (by way of my Big Sis 1969) and I am LMAO @ “don’t stop……debate that topic…..ssssss……..ooooh here it cums” I know what you mean but that shyt was hilarious. I’ll definitely be back *wonder what took me so long to get here*

  5. Hey you…I responded…I’m addicted to Money and Blogging too! It feels nice to know I’m not the only one!

  6. Aw’ Dayum….See what happens with Divine Negress ask questions. I won’t do it again….Aiight…let me pull myself together. (Dang it!)

  7. @Roycee – Welcome. Don’t be a stranger now, ya hear?!?!

    @Opinionated – Stop being a damn nomad ok? Stay in Bklyn!

    @Divine – See what happens when inquiring minds wanna know…Tag homie…

  8. FRESH…
    Have you seen the prices for BK these days? OMG…Bed-stuy is this new urban chic place…it’s unrecognizable. I’m hoping the price of the brownstones drops (SIGNIFICANTLY DAMMIT)…I would move back in a heartbeat if I could buy a brownstone.

  9. *smh* @ the first five. You know you crazy right? LOL

    #1 Once you’re in “the club,” you might as well stay greased up all year long to minimize the pain in April. I hear KY helps. Ha!

    #2 Yo, stop by the gub’ment plantation and pick me up on your escape boat.

    #3 I knew you were spesho.

    #4 This reminds me. I meant to tell you that I discovered the Hermes store yesterday. Although expensive, a nice quality tie makes the world of difference. When I see one, it screams “SWAGGER!”

    #5 Nodding wit ya patna. A good conversation will keep a woman cummin back for more. Trust!

  10. Dammit man! You done got me tagged! I am gonna get you. Right after I get these damn questions answered…

    Hell I should just steal yours since most of them are mine too! Both sets!

  11. You too special for words Fresh. Hell-to-da-naw I didn’t jack your convo obsession. Understand you not the only one you likes good talk.

  12. ok after I read the first list of 5.. I damn near barreled out my chair!!! LOL

    I’m feelin you on da obsessions fresh.. get ya swagger on potna!

  13. Good Material
    LMAO@ The 10 yeah old joint

    Yankees eh? Sorry family

  14. Ah! Tagged by Fresh! I’ll post tonight! 🙂

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